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Steam AF-15 by Benjamin Moore

A complete guide on this color and its specifics

White paint color has always been and it still is one of the most trendy and popular colors to use in our homes. It is universal and versatile due to its ability to work great with almost any other color. And since white comes in a variety of shades from cold to warm, from soft to pretty crisp, you can always find at least one hue that will fit your home perfectly well.

However, since it is pretty hard for a newbie to figure out what shade of white exactly a person is dealing with, in this article, we would like to introduce you to one of them called Steam by Benjamin Moore brand. Like this, you will see how it works to characterize a color.

From this article, you will learn what kind of white this paint color is, how it works in different rooms of your home, and also, we will share certain specifics of it. In particular, we will explain what undertones it has, how it reacts to light, what colors coordinate it, and more.

Steam AF 15 by Benjamin Moore

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What Kind of Color Is Stead AF-15 by Benjamin Moore?

As we have already said above, today we are talking about whites, so Benjamin Moore’s Steam is also a white color. As Encycolorpedia says, it is pleasantly soft and at the same time refreshing and clean white paint. Steam paint color works really well as a base color and it will do its best in your kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

Due to its soft nature and versatility, BM Steam paint color is very popular in the United States among homeowners. People use it for quite many purposes and on different surfaces.

For example, this is one of their favorite neutral go-to colors for walls, trim, and cabinetry. This is why we are going to tell you more about this color so that you can see what exactly makes it so popular.

Steam AF 15 by Benjamin Moore

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Is BM Steam a Warm or a Cool Color?

When choosing a white color for your home, it is important to know whether it is a warm-toned or a cool-toned one. Depending on this feature, your entire space may look rather different! Cold whites add a room noticeable crispness and chilly vibe, which not all of us may appreciate.

Speaking of BM Steam paint, this white belongs to warm white colors. Thanks to this feature, it will add an earthy and tranquil vibe to any space where you decide to use it.

Nevertheless, this white can also read cooler in certain types of light! This is why you should keep in mind that picking the right warm white for your home is often more challenging than choosing a pure white!

Warm whites tend to have varying undertones, which can make the color change depending on the lighting (natural or artificial), as well as the furniture and finishes used in a room.

Now that you know the very basic information about this white color, let’s move on and learn more about its specific features and unique nuances. With all this in mind, you will be able to use this wonderful and beautiful white not only correctly but also with great success.

Undertone Of BM Steam Paint Color

Being aware of a paint color’s undertones is a must if you want to use the color successfully. See, undertones are often not seen clearly at the first sight, besides, sometimes, you can only notice them under a certain type of light!

Speaking of Steam AF-15, this white is rather tricky in terms of undertones. It contains strong gray undertones, which is why its cooler nature contrasts well with gray walls without reading too bright.

However, you should note that this white can also switch between the different undertones in different spaces! In particular, BM Steam paint color can either read a warm or cool tone.

For sure, this specific feature makes it uneasy for a homeowner to use this color correctly. This is why due to this paint color’s specific feature and tricky undertones, we recommend you read on carefully to find out how BM Steam paint may react to different types of lighting and, accordingly, how it may read in different rooms.

Steam AF 15 by Benjamin Moore Main Undertone

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How Does Lighting Affect BM Steam Paint Color?

BM Steam paint color is a very versatile white color, thanks to which you can use it in many rooms and on different surfaces in your home. However, note that this white can also take on different undertones depending on the specific space you are using it in! In particular, as you already know, this white can either read warmer or cooler.

How does lighting affect Steam AF 15

For example, in rooms with a warm-toned light (both natural and artificial), this white paint color will read warmer. On the other hand, if you paint your walls with BM Steam in a north-facing room, you should expect this white to show its cold side more significantly. Sometimes, it may even read rather crisp!

Also, note that the LRV (light reflectance value) of this color is 85.91 which makes it rather light. In addition, such a high LRV means that this color is able to reflect quite a lot of light when it is on the wall already.

So you can use it in rooms that you want to make visually larger and add more space to them. And no worries: this white will definitely not make a room look smaller!

Steam AF 15 by Benjamin Moore. LRV – 85.91

What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

BM Steam AF-15 Coordinating Colors

Choosing suitable coordinating colors is often a stumbling stone for every person who is not knowledgeable in color theory and color specifics like shades, undertones, etc. However, it is essential to be able to coordinate your wall color correctly, otherwise, you are taking a big risk of ending up with a space that doesn’t look harmonious and causes annoyance rather than the homey feeling it should evoke.

So what colors can be used to coordinate with the Steam paint color by Benjamin Moore? For the most successful results, we recommend you pay close attention to the following paint colors:

  • BM October Mist
  • BM Morning Dew
  • BM Collector’s Item
  • BM Natural Linen
  • BM Wild Flower
Coordinating Colors for Steam AF 15 by Benjamin Moore

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What’s the Best Trim Color For BM Steam Paint?

For those who don’t know, trim color is a color that you use in your living space to accent and highlight the color on the walls. By mistake, people tend to believe that trim color must always be contrasting with the color used on the walls.

However, it’s not true! You can use complementary and/or similar colors to paint your trim. The color selection totally depends on the effect you want to get. And of course, if you like contrasting color pairs, feel free to use them!

Traditionally, white is believed to be the ideal trim color selection due to its versatility and the ability to work well with the majority of other colors. And you will be surprised, but this rule also works for other whites!

Yes, if you want to paint your walls BM Steam color, you can use another shade of white on the trims. For example, Cloud White by the same brand.

  1. Cloud White OC-130 
  2. White Dove OC-17  
  3. Simply White OC-117
  4. Classic Gray OC-23
  5. Revere Pewter HC-172
  6. Kendall Charcoal HC-166
  7. Hale Navy  HC-154
What’s the Best Trim Color For BM Steam Paint

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Similar Colors of Steam AF-15

Having at least a couple of similar paint colors in mind is always handy when you are going to start a home painting project. Like that, you can always find a better and more suitable substitute for the existing wall color should anything not satisfy your needs.

Regarding BM Steam paint color, you may use the following similar colors instead of it:

Similar Colors of Steam AF 15

Where to Use Steam AF-15In Your Home?

When it comes to choosing the room or rooms you will use the selected paint color, people often become uncertain and even frustrated! See, different colors may not work the same way in different rooms.

Besides, some paint colors should not be used in certain rooms under any conditions (like you’d not paint your nursery walls black or crimson, right?). At the same time, there are quite many paint colors that are considered versatile and can be used literally anywhere from your staircases to closets and laundry rooms!

What about BM Steam paint color, you may be wondering now. Well, surprisingly, this warm white is pretty multipurpose even taking its tricky undertones into account! You will just need to be cautious and careful with this paint color should you decide to use it in your home.

To not mess up and avoid unnecessary (and costly!) repainting, we recommend you always sample it first before you buy the paint. And to make the task a bit easier for you, we have prepared several descriptions of how this white may read in different rooms in a house.

BM Steam In a Living Room

This white is a good option for a living room since it gives a lot of space to the area. Also, since this white is warm yet not too much, you should not be afraid of ending up with yellowish (some call it “butter-like”) walls which often happens with warmer whites.

However, you should keep an eye on the type of lighting in your living room! See, if the room has plenty of cold light, either artificial or natural, this paint color will also read rather cool-toned on the walls.

And vice versa: if your living room is mostly lit with warm light (daylight or bulbs), BM Steam will read warmer. And don’t forget about the surrounding colors like the color of your furniture, curtains, etc! They may also affect the way this white reads!

Benjamin Moore. Steam AF 15 in the Living Room

How Does BM Steam Work In Bedrooms?

This is a great color choice for your bedroom if you don’t like it too warm or too cold! Due to its versatility and somewhat mixed nature, BM Steam color will play really well in any light. You just need to keep its “shapeshifting” nature in mind and take the lighting into consideration.

But except for this nuance, this warm white reads nicely with wooden surfaces and natural textures like wool, cotton, linen, etc. Also, it will look harmonious with both muted and brighter colors.

Should you use patterned fabrics in your bedroom, don’t be afraid to mix them with this white! You will surely like the effect.

Benjamin Moore. Steam AF 15 for the Bedroom

BM Steam On Kitchen Cabinets

This white color looks really nice on kitchen cabinets! No matter whether the walls of your kitchen are also white or they are painted another color, BM Steam will incorporate into the interior harmoniously. Besides, since it works well with metal, wood, and brass, you will be able to use it in a kitchen of almost any design!

Benjamin Moore. Steam AF 15 On Kitchen Cabinets

BM Steam In a Bathroom

Are you not sure how this white color will work in your bathroom? Well, first of all, it will work, that’s what you should know! You can paint your vanity with it or use it on the bathroom walls. In any case, BM Steam paint color will be a win-win option.

Thanks to its lightness, this white can be used in small bathrooms to add the feeling of space. But even in a big room, it will look really great, warm enough but without cold notes.

Benjamin Moore. Steam AF 15 for the Bathroom

Exterior Use Of BM Steam

This warm white is one of those colors that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Yes, it means you can paint your exterior walls this white and succeed! However, you always need to keep one thing in mind (you know what we mean); its undertones!

If your house is situated in an area with a lot of warm daylight, this white will read somewhat warmer on the walls. On the contrary, if you live in a place with mostly cloudy weather (which means cooler lighting during the day), be ready that BM Steam will also read more cool-toned.

Well, now you know more about the basic features and specifics of this white paint color by the Benjamin Moore brand. Hopefully, this information will help you use it smartly and with great success, enjoying the effect.

Benjamin Moore. Steam AF 15 for the Exterior Use

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Сolors That Go With BM Steam AF-15

To make your home color palette even more balanced and perfect, you should know what colors may go well with the color used on the walls. However, the problem is that it is often rather difficult for homeowners to pick the best matching colors due to the lack of knowledge! Besides, there are many complicated colors with complex undertones that may read differently.

And since BM Steam is one of those “tricky guys”, we recommend you check out what colors it may go well with:

Colors that goes with Steam AF 15 by Benjamin Moore

Comparing BM Steam Paint Color With Other Whites

This is the final thing we would like you to know. See, there are so many interior paint colors out there of different brands that you may easily get lost and frustrated when trying to figure out which one suits your needs better.

With the whites, it can be even more complicated. So here is a helpful hint for you: grab a comparison of BM Steam color with a few similar whites to see what makes them distinct.

Steam vs.Swiss Coffee

These colors are both from the Benjamin Moore brand. Both are white but the Swiss Coffee  color is warmer due to the prevailing beige undertones. Because of this prominent beige side, it may sometimes read slightly yellowish, by the way. However, if you are looking for a warmer alternative to BM Steam, opt for the Swiss Coffee color!

Steam vs.Swiss Coffee

Steam vs. White Dove

The White Dove color reads somewhat warmer than BM Steam, but not too warm. It also has gray undertones like Steam paint, and they help the White Dove color to stay balanced and not get way too warm and yellow. Besides, both colors have the same LRV of 85 which makes them great substitutions for each other!

Steam vs. White Dove

Steam vs. Cloud White

These colors may seem almost the same but if you take a closer look, you will see that BM Steam color reads noticeably grayer thanks to its gray undertones. As for the Cloud White paint color, it has very subtle yellow undertones.

Also, BM Cloud White is a bit lighter than its counterpart because the LRV of Cloud White is 87 whilst the Steam color has an LRV of 85.

Steam vs. Cloud White

Steam vs Icicle

In this pair of colors, both are tricky enough! BM Steam can shift from being warm-toned to a cooler side whilst SW Icicle is considered either pastel white or gray with a very slight bluish hue. Anyway, SW Icicle is definitely cooler than BM Steam, showing that blue side of it quite noticeably.

Steam vs Icicle

Well, now you know all about the Steam paint color by Benjamin Moore brand. We told you what kind of color it is, what LRV it has, and how it may react to light. Also, you learned how tricky this white can be due to its specific undertones.

Luckily, you have also received some handy tips on how to use this paint in your home and how it may read in different rooms and with different colors.

Steam AF 15 by Benjamin Moore Ultimate Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Will BM Steam work with gray furniture in the living room?

Yes, this white will read nicely with gray furniture because it has gray undertones.

⭐ Can I use BM Steam with black paint color?

Definitely! Black and white is one of the most popular win-win color pairs ever known!

⭐WIll BM Steam color read with a coral red color?

It can, e.g with BM Wild Flower. Just make sure the red you use is muted.

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