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Paint Smart and Save Money
Home Hues - Shows You How
From Novice to Pro with Home Hues
A detailed 180+ page guide complete with bonus printables for all your DIY painting needs!
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What’s Inside?

A Detailed Paint Guide for You and a Cheat Sheet to Check Your Contractors!

Table of contents

10 Sections

Preparing Your Workspace

Clearing and Protecting the Area
Gathering the Essential Tools and Materials
Preparing the Surfaces for Painting

Choosing the Right Paint

Understanding Paint Types
Types of Paint Finishes/Sheen Guide
Color Matching Techniques
Guidance for Pairing Colors to Create a Harmonious Scheme
Learning to Measure and Calculate the Amount of Paint Needed
Choosing Proper Trim and Finishes

Choosing Right Instruments

How to choose the right Paintbrush?
How to choose the right Rollers?
Understanding Sandpaper

Mastering the Basics of Painting

Brush Techniques for a Smooth Finish
Roller Techniques for Efficient Coverage
Cutting in and Edging with Precision
Perfect Edging
Proper Paint Mixing and Consistency - Mastering the Art

Step-by-Step Painting Process

Understanding the Importance of Priming
Applying the Base Coat of Paint
Painting Techniques for Different Surfaces
Dealing with Common Painting Challenges
Creating Clean Lines and Sharp Corners
Achieving an Even and Consistent Coverage

Enhancing Your Space with Decorative Techniques

Creating Stripes, Patterns, & Textures
Applying Faux Finishes for Visual Interest
Stenciling and Stamping Techniques
Designing Accent Walls and Feature Elements

Cabinet and Furniture Painting

Preparing and Repairing Surfaces
Sanding and Priming Techniques for Cabinet and Furniture Painting
Painting and Finishing Methods for Cabinet and Furniture
Techniques for Applying Paint

Exterior Painting Projects

Exterior Surface Preparation
Exterior Paints and Finishes
Protecting and Maintaining Exterior Paint
Prompt Repairs

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Fixing Paint Imperfections
Addressing the Issues
Fixing Cracks and Flaking
Cleaning and Maintaining Painted Surfaces
Inspecting and Repairing
Regular Maintenance
Touch-ups and Repairs
Special Techniques for Different Finishes

Money-Saving Tips for Home Painting Projects

Detailed Planning
Choosing Quality Materials
DIY Approach
Be a Savvy Shopper
Minimize Waste

“Painting the hallway myself? A challenge I thought! But with the Home Hues guide, it was smooth and affordable. The results? Absolutely love them!”

Emily Chan,

Atlanta, GA. Nurse, RN

How to choose the
Right Instruments?

Learn to choose brushes and rollers that make your work shine, and master sandpaper for flawless finishes.
Transform your DIY projects with expert tips, and feel the joy of painting like a pro.


Step by Step
Painting Process

Learn simple steps for excellent priming and smooth base coats. Get tips for painting all kinds of surfaces, fixing common problems, and creating neat lines with even coverage. Get ready to paint like a star

Bonus Money Saving
tips + Printables

Learn savvy shopping tricks and eco-friendly ways to reduce waste. Get ready to feel proud and accomplished with every brushstroke. Start your painting journey with us and watch your spaces transform!



Buy Home Hues DIY Painting Guide

Buy Home Hues for a simple way to learn home painting.  One purchase provides a full guide, ongoing tips, and community support.

Great for anyone who wants to paint their home or check on painters’ work.

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What People Are Saying

Subject: Our Family's Weekend Project Success!

From: Jane L.

To: HousekeepingBay

Hi there,Just wanted to share a quick thanks for your DIY paint guide. I took on our guest room as my first-ever painting project, and your guide made it all less intimidating. I figured out how to do a proper edge (no more blue tape!) and picked a color that even my picky teen loves.

I was pretty proud to tally up the costs and see that we came out way ahead compared to the quotes we got. Plus, the room looks great – it’s my new favorite spot in the house.

Appreciate the help,

P.S. We used the extra cash to get a new rug that my daughter’s been eyeing for weeks. Win-win!

Subject: No More Boring Bedrooms!

From: Sarah T.

To: HousekeepingBay

Hi there,
Thought you’d enjoy knowing that thanks to your guide, I turned a bland bedroom into a serene retreat. And I did it on a shoestring budget! My husband was skeptical at first, but now he’s totally on board. He’s even picked out the next project!


Subject: Home Hues


To: HousekeepingBay

Hi !
This book is a great find for anyone wanting to spruce up their space without breaking the bank. The tips on choosing economical options and the DIY techniques are easy to follow and actually work. I was able to transform my apartment with just a few tools and tricks from this guide. Highly recommend, especially with the affordable price.

Best regards,


Subject: My Personal Journey of DIY House Painting


To: HousekeepingBay

I wasn’t sure how to kick off painting the outside of the house, like what paint to pick. As I moved along, new questions and curveballs came up. I didn’t know what stuff to use or what steps to take next. Since my budget was kinda tight, I decided to take on the job myself. This book turned into my trusty sidekick throughout the whole house painting journey.

Subject: My Experience with "Home Hues: A DIY Guide to Wall Painting"

From: Michael H.

To: HousekeepingBay


I hope this email finds you well. I recently came across Home Hues, and I want to say that this guide not only simplifies all the technical aspects of painting but also provides a plethora of tips that could save me money.

Thanks to this book, I was able to give my place a much-needed facelift without exceeding my budget.

Best regards,

Michael Hill

Subject: My DIY Experience with HH - A Game Changer!

From: Maria G.

To: HousekeepingBay


I just had to tell you about my experience with HH.

Honestly, this book was a huge help for my latest DIY project at home. Flying solo on this one, I found the book super useful when I got to the wall painting part. It had easy-to-follow instructions, handy tips, and tons of creative ideas, which helped me jazz up my space without breaking a sweat.

Kudos to the people who put this guide together. I just wanted to say thanks because it really made a big difference in my project.



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