Pacific Fog SW 9627 Paint Color by Sherwin-Williams

When one explores the myriad hues available in color palettes today, certain shades stand out for their distinct appeal and versatility.

When one explores the myriad hues available in color palettes today, certain shades stand out for their distinct appeal and versatility. One such color is Sherwin Williams 9627, known as Pacific Fog. It’s a color that echoes the soft, mystical appearance of coastal fog, enveloping spaces in a serene atmosphere.

This article will delve into the essence of Pacific Fog, discerning its warmth or coolness, its intrinsic color properties, and the undertones that define its character.

SW 9627 Pacific Fog by Sherwin Williams

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What Color Is SW 9627 Pacific Fog?

SW 9627 Pacific Fog is a refined, sophisticated shade, embodying the subtle nuances of grey blended with soft blue. It conveys a feeling of tranquility and stillness, reminiscent of the gentle fog that often hugs the Pacific coastline. Its muted tone makes it a versatile choice, allowing it to harmoniously blend with a variety of color schemes and styles.

SW 9627 Pacific Fog Paint Color by Sherwin Williams

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Is it Warm or a Cool Color?

Determining whether a color is warm or cool can profoundly impact the ambiance it creates within a space. Pacific Fog leans towards the cool side of the spectrum due to its subdued blue and grey constituents. This cool essence makes it a calming presence, ideal for creating a relaxing environment in homes and offices alike.

The color’s coolness can accentuate a room’s spaciousness and bring a breath of fresh air to interiors, making it particularly suitable for spaces aimed at relaxation and contemplation.

Undertones of SW 9627 Pacific Fog

The undertones of a color are subtle hues that are embedded within the main shade, influencing how it interacts with light and surrounding colors. Here are the three predominant undertones of SW Pacific Fog:

Blue Undertone:

The blue undertone in SW Pacific Fog is reminiscent of the serene, expansive ocean, imbuing spaces with a sense of calm and tranquility. It’s this undertone that largely contributes to the color’s classification as cool. The blue imparts a sense of depth and sophistication, making the color suitable for a diverse range of spaces.

Grey Undertone:

The grey undertone adds a neutral, balanced aspect to Pacific Fog. It acts as a stabilizing agent, allowing the color to maintain its subtlety and versatility. This undertone enables Pacific Fog to harmonize well with a multitude of colors and materials, making it a preferred choice for interior designers aiming for a refined, neutral backdrop.

Subtle Lavender Undertone:

A nuanced lavender undertone can be perceived in Pacific Fog, adding a touch of softness and warmth to its overall cool demeanor. This subtle hint of lavender enhances the color’s adaptability, allowing it to transition smoothly between different lighting conditions and decorative settings. It is this undertone that enriches the color’s personality, elevating it beyond a mere blend of blue and grey.

SW 9627 Pacific Fog by Sherwin Williams Color Undertone

Coordinating Colors of SW 9627 Pacific Fog

Coordinating colors are strategically chosen colors that harmonize with a main color, creating a balanced and cohesive look within a space. They are typically chosen based on color theory principles, where colors that sit harmoniously together on the color wheel or share similar undertones are considered good coordinating colors.

These colors can be contrasting or analogous, but they all serve to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the environment.

The primary role of coordinating colors is to highlight and complement the main color of the walls. By doing so, they enhance the visual appeal of the space, drawing attention to the main color and making it stand out. For instance, a well-chosen coordinating color can accentuate the undertones of the main wall color, adding depth and complexity to the overall color scheme.

For SW Pacific Fog, we recommend you the following coordinating colors.

SW 7006 Extra White:

This crisp, clean shade of white complements Pacific Fog by enhancing its cool and serene vibes, providing a refreshing contrast and making spaces appear more expansive and airy.

SW 6217 Topsail:

Topsail is a soft aqua that harmoniously blends with Pacific Fog, adding a hint of coastal breeze and creating an inviting, relaxing environment.

SW 7029 Agreeable Gray:

Agreeable Gray is a neutral, warm gray that balances out the cool undertones of Pacific Fog, allowing for a cohesive and versatile color palette.

SW 7674 Peppercorn:

This deep, sophisticated gray with subtle blue undertones acts as a stunning accent to Pacific Fog, creating a dynamic and elegant look in any room.

SW 6204 Sea Salt:

Sea Salt, with its green and gray undertones, adds an organic, earthy feel when paired with Pacific Fog, creating a serene and balanced atmosphere.

SW 7661 Reflection:

Reflection, a soft muted gray with a whisper of blue, mirrors the calming and neutral characteristics of Pacific Fog, enhancing the tranquil ambiance of a space.

When coordinating colors are used effectively, they create a harmonious and balanced color palette that accentuates the main color of the walls.

They can emphasize the subtleties and nuances of the main color, allowing its unique characteristics and undertones to shine through.

Coordinating Colors for SW 9627 Pacific Fog by Sherwin Williams

How Does Lighting Affect SW 9627 Pacific Fog?

Lighting has a profound impact on how we perceive colors, and SW Pacific Fog is no exception.
Under natural daylight, its cool, muted tones are more pronounced, allowing the blue and lavender undertones to shine, enhancing the serene and tranquil vibe of the space.

Conversely, under artificial lighting, especially warm-toned lights, SW Pacific Fog may appear more neutral, with its gray undertone becoming more dominant, which can make the space feel cozier and more intimate.

How does lighting affect SW 9627 Pacific Fog

LRV of SW 9627 Pacific Fog

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of a color indicates how much light it reflects, which in turn impacts our perception of the color. SW 9627 Pacific Fog has an LRV of 62, positioning it in the higher mid-range of the LRV scale. This means it has the ability to reflect a substantial amount of light, making spaces appear brighter and more open.

A color with a higher LRV such as Pacific Fog is particularly beneficial in smaller or darker spaces, as it can make them appear larger and more inviting. The reflective nature of this shade allows it to interact dynamically with both natural and artificial light, subtly changing its appearance based on the lighting conditions.

In conclusion, the LRV of Pacific Fog contributes to its versatility and adaptability, allowing it to be a suitable choice for a variety of spaces and lighting conditions. Its ability to reflect light enhances its tranquil and balanced characteristics, making it a popular choice for those looking to create a serene and harmonious atmosphere.

SW 9627 Pacific Fog by Sherwin Williams. LRV 62

What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

Trim Colors of SW 9627 Pacific Fog

When utilizing SW 9627 Pacific Fog, choosing the right trim colors is crucial to achieving a balanced and harmonious look. Here are three Sherwin-Williams shades of white that can serve as excellent trim colors:

SW 7005 Pure White:

SW Pure White is a crisp, neutral white that can frame SW Pacific Fog beautifully, adding brightness and freshness to the space without overpowering it.

SW 7008 Alabaster:

Alabaster is a warm, creamy white that can add a touch of softness and elegance to Pacific Fog, creating a soothing and cohesive atmosphere.

SW 7011 Natural Choice:

Natural Choice is a soft, muted white with warm undertones, providing a subtle contrast to Pacific Fog’s cool tones, enhancing its calming effect.

Trim Colors of SW 9627 Pacific Fog by Sherwin Williams

Colors Similar to SW 9627 Pacific Fog

In the Sherwin-Williams palette, several colors share similarities with Pacific Fog, offering slight variations in tone, shade, or intensity. Here are six such colors:

SW 6218 Tradewind:

Tradewind is a subtle, cooler gray with hints of blue, creating a serene and refreshing atmosphere akin to Pacific Fog.

SW 7641 Collonade Gray:

Collonade Gray offers a warmer, more neutral gray that shares the versatile and sophisticated essence of Pacific Fog.

SW 6205 Comfort Gray:

Comfort Gray has a greenish undertone, presenting a harmonious blend of cool and warm, reminiscent of the balanced nature of Pacific Fog.

SW 7662 Evening Shadow:

Evening Shadow offers a softer, more muted presence, with subtle blue undertones enhancing its tranquil and soothing demeanor.

SW 6235 Foggy Day:

Foggy Day shares the soft, ethereal qualities of Pacific Fog but leans slightly more towards the blue spectrum, evoking a sense of calm and serenity.

SW 7639 Ethereal Mood:

Ethereal Mood is a sophisticated, muted lavender-gray, providing a warmer, more whimsical alternative to the cool tranquility of Pacific Fog.

Paint Color Similar to SW 9627 Pacific Fog by Sherwin Williams

Colors That Go With SW 9627 Pacific Fog

When selecting colors to accompany SW 9627 Pacific Fog, a range of harmonious hues can be chosen to create a balanced and cohesive palette. Here are six Sherwin-Williams colors that pair well with Pacific Fog:

SW 6204 Sea Salt:

Sea Salt’s blend of green and gray undertones create a natural, earthy atmosphere that complements the tranquil vibes of Pacific Fog beautifully.

SW 7015 Repose Gray:

Repose Gray is a versatile, light gray shade that pairs harmoniously with Pacific Fog, enhancing its sophisticated and balanced appeal.

SW 7036 Accessible Beige:

Accessible Beige is a warm, neutral beige that provides a pleasing contrast to Pacific Fog’s cool undertones, adding warmth and dimension to the space.

SW 6207 Retreat:

Retreat’s rich, deep green-gray tones create a bold and grounding contrast to Pacific Fog, adding depth and a touch of nature to the palette.

SW 7666 Fleur de Sel:

Fleur de Sel is a crisp, clean white that enhances the cool, serene essence of Pacific Fog, creating a refreshing and airy aesthetic.

SW 6244 Naval:

Naval, with its deep, bold navy tones, can act as a dramatic accent to Pacific Fog, contributing a sense of elegance and sophistication to the overall design.

Colors that goes with SW 9627 Pacific Fog by Sherwin Williams

How to Use SW 9627 Pacific Fog In Your Home?

Understanding how colors work in your home is crucial as color significantly influences the overall ambiance and feel of a space. The right color can transform a room, creating a desired mood, enhancing features, and often affecting our perceptions of space and light. Color choices can either harmonize the elements of a room, creating a cohesive and inviting environment, or they can clash and create a discordant and uncomfortable space.

Additionally, the color in our living environment can impact our emotions and well-being, making color knowledge essential in crafting interiors that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also conducive to mental and emotional health.

Pacific Fog SW 9627 In the Bedroom

SW Pacific Fog’s serene and tranquil essence makes it an ideal choice for bedrooms, where relaxation and rejuvenation are key. Its cool undertones create a calming atmosphere, conducive to rest and reflection, making it a suitable backdrop for a range of bedroom styles, from modern minimalist to cozy and traditional. Pair it with soft linens and textured fabrics to enhance the comfort and warmth of the space, creating a harmonious balance.

To accentuate the soothing nature of SW Pacific Fog in the bedroom, consider incorporating coordinating colors like soft whites or subtle grays for trim and accent pieces, such as SW 7005 Pure White or SW 7015 Repose Gray. Adding warm wood tones through furniture or flooring can also bring a sense of balance and richness to the bedroom, creating a space that feels both cozy and refined.

Sherwin Williams. SW 9627 Pacific Fog For the bedroom

Pacific Fog SW 9627 In the Bathroom

SW Pacific Fog can transform a bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary, where its cool and balanced tones evoke a sense of cleanliness and calm. Its versatile nature allows it to pair well with a variety of materials and finishes, from sleek chrome fixtures to organic stone textures, offering a plethora of design possibilities. Incorporate elements like white towels and clear glass to maintain a fresh and airy feel, allowing the tranquil essence of Pacific Fog to shine.

For a cohesive and polished look, consider combining Pacific Fog with complementing shades like SW 6204 Sea Salt or SW 7011 Natural Choice for cabinetry or accent walls. This combination will enhance the soothing and refreshing ambiance of the bathroom, creating a space that feels inviting and rejuvenating, ideal for unwinding after a long day.

Sherwin Williams. SW 9627 Pacific Fog For the Bathroom

Pacific Fog SW 9627 In the Living Room

In living spaces, SW Pacific Fog’s subdued elegance provides a sophisticated canvas that allows decorative elements to shine. It effortlessly harmonizes with a myriad of color schemes and decor styles, from contemporary to rustic, making it a versatile choice for the living room. Complement it with soft, plush textiles, and eclectic accessories to create a living space that feels welcoming and aesthetically pleasing.

To enrich the living room’s ambiance, pair Pacific Fog with deeper, bold colors like SW 6207 Retreat or SW 6244 Naval for accent walls or furniture pieces. This will create a dynamic visual interest, adding depth and contrast to the overall design, while maintaining the harmonious and balanced appeal of Pacific Fog.

Sherwin Williams. SW 9627 Pacific Fog In the Living Room

Pacific Fog SW 9627 For an Exterior

Utilizing SW 9627 Pacific Fog for exteriors can give a home a timeless and elegant appeal. Its sophisticated and neutral demeanor adapts beautifully to various architectural styles, harmonizing well with natural surroundings. Pairing it with crisp whites or deep, rich tones for trim and accents can create a striking contrast, highlighting the home’s architectural features and landscape.

For a harmonious exterior color scheme, consider coordinating Pacific Fog with shades like SW 7008 Alabaster for trim and SW 6244 Naval for doors or shutters. This combination can enhance the home’s curb appeal, creating a welcoming and stylish facade that stands out while seamlessly blending with its environment.

Sherwin Williams. SW 9627 Pacific Fog For the exterior

Comparing SW Pacific Fog With Other Colors

It’s crucial to compare paint colors like SW 9627 Pacific Fog with other colors before using them in home settings as it ensures the chosen hue complements the aesthetic and function of the space, existing furnishings, and light conditions. A harmonious color palette enhances mood and ambiance, emphasizing architectural details and impacting the perceived space size and illumination. Each color interaction shapes the overall visual experience and feel of the home, contributing to a cohesive and balanced atmosphere.

SW 9627 Pacific Fog vs. SW 9131 Cornwall Slate

Pacific Fog is a versatile hue with subtle gray undertones, likely to present a calming and neutral backdrop, contrasting the deeper, more robust tones of Cornwall Slate. Cornwall Slate might provide a more dramatic and grounding effect, making it a suitable choice for accentuating architectural elements or focal points within a room. The comparison allows for balancing warm and cool tones to create a sophisticated and harmonious ambiance in the living space.

Pacific Fog’s lighter, airy quality is perfect for spaces needing openness and light, while Cornwall Slate’s richer tones might bring a sense of coziness and enclosure to larger, well-lit areas, serving to delineate spaces effectively in open-plan designs.

SW 9627 Pacific Fog vs. SW 9131 Cornwall Slate

SW 9627 Pacific Fog vs. SW 6201 Thunderous

Pacific Fog’s subtle, soothing nature contrasts with the more bold and impactful presence of Thunderous. Thunderous, with its stronger undertones, might establish a striking, more defined ambiance, acting as a dramatic backdrop to lighter furnishings or artwork, while Pacific Fog maintains a serene and balanced atmosphere.

Analyzing Pacific Fog against Thunderous also reveals how these colors manipulate the perception of space; Pacific Fog may expand and brighten areas, while Thunderous could create a more intimate, focused environment, ideal for spaces designed for concentration or relaxation.

SW 9627 Pacific Fog vs. SW 6201 Thunderous

SW 9627 Pacific Fog vs. SW Olympus White 6253

Pacific Fog, with its gentle gray undertones, contrasts pleasantly with the crisp and clean nature of Olympus White. Olympus White can illuminate and freshen a space, providing a neutral base for any color palette, while Pacific Fog offers a more muted, calming environment, softening the overall aesthetic of the room.

In spaces where a balanced, tranquil atmosphere is desired, the subtle nuances between Pacific Fog and Olympus White play a pivotal role, as one offers a whisper of color and the other a blank, pure canvas, allowing for personalization and adaptability to different styles and preferences.

SW 9627 Pacific Fog vs. SW Olympus White 6253

SW 9627 Pacific Fog vs. SW Ice Cube 6252

When compared, Pacific Fog and Ice Cube display subtle differences in tone and mood. Pacific Fog tends to imbue spaces with a warm, cozy feel due to its soft gray undertones, while Ice Cube, with its cooler, almost icy undertones, creates a more sleek, modern atmosphere.

Exploring the interplay between these two colors reveals opportunities for layering and contrast, with Pacific Fog offering a subdued, enveloping warmth and Ice Cube reflecting light, enhancing spatial clarity and sharpness in contemporary settings.

SW 9627 Pacific Fog vs. SW Ice Cube 6252

SW 9627 Pacific Fog vs. SW North Star 6246

Pacific Fog and North Star, both with their subtle and versatile tones, can create distinct moods within a space. North Star’s lighter, silvery tones can project a sense of spaciousness and modern elegance, while Pacific Fog’s understated gray nuances induce a sense of comfort and tranquility.

The juxtaposition of these two colors can bring out the best in each, with North Star acting as a refreshing and illuminating counterpart to the soft, grounding presence of Pacific Fog, enabling the creation of harmonious and aesthetically pleasing interiors.

SW 9627 Pacific Fog vs. SW North Star 6246

SW 9627 Pacific Fog vs. SW Simplify Beige 6085

Pacific Fog’s cool, neutral undertones are in delightful contrast to the warm, earthy essence of Simplify Beige. Simplify Beige can introduce a welcoming, homely atmosphere to a space, complementing natural materials and textures, while Pacific Fog maintains a refined, modern vibe, enhancing metallic and glass accents.

Evaluating Pacific Fog against Simplify Beige facilitates a balanced integration of warm and cool elements within a space, with each color accentuating the other’s attributes, crafting interiors that are both inviting and sophisticated.

SW 9627 Pacific Fog vs. SW Simplify Beige 6085


SW 9627 Pacific Fog is more than just a color; it’s a portrayal of sophistication, tranquility, and balance. Its cool essence, rooted in its delicate blend of blue and grey, makes it a haven of calm in a chaotic world. The subtlety of SW Pacific Fog is heightened by its complex undertones—blue offering depth and serenity, grey bringing neutrality and versatility, and lavender providing a whisper of warmth and softness. These undertones work in symphony to render SW Pacific Fog a versatile and refined choice for those looking to bring a touch of the serene and the sophisticated into their spaces.

Whether it’s used in residential or commercial environments, SW Pacific Fog has the potential to transform spaces, enveloping them in an ambiance reminiscent of the serene, mystical fog of the Pacific coast.

SW Pacific Fog’s multifaceted nature makes it a timeless choice, capable of evolving with changing design trends and preferences, and proving that, like the fog it’s named after, it can seamlessly blend and adapt to its surroundings, making it a perennial favorite among design connoisseurs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Is SW 9627 Pacific Fog a suitable color for all rooms in a house?

Yes, the versatility and neutral tone of Pacific Fog make it suitable for any room, adapting well to different styles and lighting conditions. Whether in a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom, Pacific Fog can create a serene and balanced atmosphere.

⭐Can I use SW 9627 Pacific Fog in a house with a lot of natural light?

Absolutely. In spaces with ample natural light, Pacific Fog’s cool and tranquil tones are enhanced, creating a fresh and airy environment. The ample light allows the subtle undertones of the color to become more pronounced, contributing to a dynamic and soothing aesthetic.

⭐How does SW 9627 Pacific Fog compare to other gray shades in terms of versatility?

SW 9627 Pacific Fog is highly versatile due to its balanced blend of gray with soft blue and lavender undertones. It pairs harmoniously with a broad spectrum of colors and accommodates various decor styles, making it a more adaptable choice compared to grays with more pronounced or dominant undertones.

⭐Is SW 9627 Pacific Fog a good option for homes with open floor plans?

Yes, the neutral and harmonious nature of Pacific Fog makes it an excellent choice for homes with open floor plans. It provides a consistent and unifying backdrop that allows for smooth transitions between different areas and can complement a variety of accent colors and decor elements.

⭐Does SW 9627 Pacific Fog require a specific type of primer?

No specific primer is required exclusively for Pacific Fog, but using a quality primer is recommended to achieve the best finish. A primer will enhance paint adhesion, increase paint durability, and provide additional protection for the painted surface, ensuring the true beauty of Pacific Fog is realized.

Pacific Fog color #dcdcd5 hex color - Grey color - Cool color dcdcd5Pacific Fog color #dcdcd5 hex color - Grey color - Cool color dcdcd5

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