Steamed Milk SW 7554 Paint Color by Sherwin-Williams

Discover this versatile off-white and learn where to use it in your home

Paint colors set the ambiance of a room, influencing our perceptions and mood. With a multitude of hues available, choosing the perfect one can be overwhelming. However, you can never go wrong with neutral shades, particularly the serene and versatile Sherwin-Williams SW 7554 Steamed Milk.

This color embodies a unique balance that not only brightens a space but also instills a warm, soothing feel.

SW 7554 Steamed Milk Paint Color by Sherwin Williams


What Color Is SW 7554 Steamed Milk?

As Encycolorpedia says, SW Steamed Milk is a soft, off-white color that perfectly encapsulates the creamy richness of its namesake. It isn’t stark like pure white but instead possesses an inviting warmth that’s ideal for creating an inviting, serene atmosphere. It’s a beautifully versatile color that can act as a main hue or a supporting player in a broader palette, equally at home in a range of decorating styles.

SW 7554 Steamed Milk by Sherwin Williams

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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

SW Steamed Milk leans towards the warm end of the color spectrum. Its inherent warmth is subtly present, providing the color with its comforting nature. Despite this warmth, SW Steamed Milk retains a certain lightness and neutrality, enabling it to blend effortlessly with both cool and warm palettes.

What Undertones Does SW 7554 Steamed Milk Have?

The nuanced beauty of Steamed Milk stems from its undertones. The most apparent undertone is beige, bestowing a soft, creamy quality. There’s also a subtle hint of yellow, which imbues Steamed Milk with its warm, sunny disposition. Lastly, a whisper of gray gives the color a contemporary edge, preventing it from appearing overly yellow or creamy.

SW Steamed Milk by Sherwin Williams Main Color Undertone

Coordinating Colors of SW 7554 Steamed Milk

Typically, picking coordinating colors is challenging for non-professionals. But SW Steamed Milk is such a harmonious color that it works well with a wide array of shades! The best-coordinating paint colors will be the following:

  1. SW 7001 Marshmallow
  2. SW 9084 Cocoa Whip
  3. SW 9052 Blithe Blue
Coordinating Colors for SW Steamed Milk by Sherwin Williams

How Does Lighting Affect SW 7554 Steamed Milk?

The perception of SW Steamed Milk can significantly change depending on lighting conditions. In rooms with ample natural light, SW Steamed Milk may appear lighter and slightly cooler, with its beige undertones becoming more prominent.

In contrast, in spaces with less natural light, the color can take on a creamier, warmer hue as its yellow and gray undertones come into play. It’s always recommended to paint a small swatch on the wall to see how the color behaves in different lighting conditions.

How does lighting affect SW Steamed Milk

LRV of SW 7554 Steamed Milk

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures the amount of light a color reflects from the wall. The higher the LRV value above zero, the lighter the color, and vice versa. SW Steamed Milk has an LRV of 76, making it a relatively light color that can make a room feel open and airy. Despite this high LRV, its warm undertones prevent it from being overly bright or stark, ensuring the space remains welcoming and cozy.

SW Steamed Milk by Sherwin Williams. LRV – 76

What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

Trim Colors of SW Steamed Milk

Choosing the right trim color can accentuate SW Steamed Milk beautifully. You may either stick with a brighter white to create a sharper contrast or opt for a smoother and softer color option. For a seamless, monochromatic look, consider SW 7008 Alabaster as a trim color. Also, BM White Dove OC-17 might work well. For a crisper and brighter look, try SW White Snow on the trim. This means you can use one of the following trim colors with SW Steamed Milk:

Trim Color for SW Steamed Milk by Sherwin Williams

Colors Similar to SW Steamed Milk

Several colors are similar to SW Steamed Milk and can sometimes be mistaken for it. However, these hues can also work as substitute colors if you are not satisfied with how SW Steamed Milk works in your space! These colors include:

  1. SW 6140 Moderate White
  2. SW 9180 Aged White
  3. SW 6119 Antique White
  4. SW 6105 Divine White
  5. BM First Crush CSP-310
  6. Behr White Mocha OR-W11
  7. Valspar Cream in My Coffee
Paint Colors Similar to SW Steamed Milk by Sherwin Williams

Colors That Go With SW Steamed Milk

SW Steamed Milk’s versatile nature allows it to harmonize with a wide array of colors. Deep, rich colors like SW 6244 Naval and SW 6050 Abigail Wisteria can bring out Steamed Milk’s light, creamy attributes.

On the other hand, lighter neutrals like SW 6148 Wool Skein and SW 6106 Kilim Beige can create a tranquil, monochromatic space. You can also pair it with earthy greens like SW 7747 Recycled Glass for an organic, grounded feel.

For a calm, organic vibe, SW Steamed Milk can be beautifully paired with earthy neutrals like SW 6108 Latte or SW 6156 Ramie. For a more contemporary look, match SW Steamed Milk with cooler grays such as SW 7067 Cityscape or SW 7658 Gray Clouds. If you are looking to add a pop of color, consider rich blues like SW 6244 Naval or deep reds such as SW 7581 Red Barn.

The overall list of colors SW Steamed Milk goes with looks like this:

  1. SW 6244 Naval
  2. SW 6050 Abigail Wisteria
  3. SW 6148 Wool Skein
  4. SW 6106 Kilim Beige
  5. SW 7747 Recycled Glass
  6. SW 6108 Latte
  7. SW 6156 Ramie
  8. SW 7067 Cityscape
  9. SW 7658 Gray Clouds
  10. SW 7581 Red Barn
Colors that goes with SW Steamed Milk by Sherwin Williams

How to Use This Color In Your Home?

SW Steamed Milk is surprisingly versatile and can work in many rooms of your home. Below, we describe how exactly this soft hue may read in different spaces and what effect it will create there.

How to Use SW Steamed Milk in the Bedroom?

SW Steamed Milk can create a soothing and tranquil environment in a bedroom. Its soft, warm nature exudes a comforting feel that’s ideal for a restful space. You can pair it with dark wood furniture to enhance the room’s warmth or with light, natural wood for a more contemporary feel. Complement it with linens in shades of soft gray, beige, or even muted blues for a cohesive look.

In a child’s bedroom, SW Steamed Milk can serve as a neutral backdrop against which colorful accents can pop. Pair it with vibrant hues on toys, bookshelves, and artwork. Its softness can tone down brighter colors while still allowing them to shine, making it an excellent choice for a playful yet balanced design.

Sherwin Williams. SW Steamed Milk For the bedroom

How to Use SW Steamed Milk in the Bathroom?

SW Steamed Milk can turn a bathroom into a serene, spa-like retreat. Pair it with natural materials like stone or wood for a calming, earthy ambiance. For a more modern look, consider matching SW Steamed Milk with sleek metals and clean lines. The warm nature of SW Steamed Milk can also counteract the coldness of bathroom fixtures, creating a balanced atmosphere.

In a small bathroom, SW Steamed Milk’s high LRV can make the space appear larger and brighter. Pair it with a crisp white trim for a clean, fresh look. You can also add plants for a pop of color and to enhance the tranquil, nature-inspired vibe that Steamed Milk creates.

Sherwin Williams. SW Steamed Milk in the Bathroom

How to Use SW Steamed Milk in the Living room?

The living room is another space where SW Steamed Milk can shine. Its warm undertones create a welcoming environment that’s perfect for relaxing or entertaining.

Pair it with deep, rich colors like navy blue or burgundy in furniture or accents for a sophisticated look. Alternatively, use lighter hues in upholstery and curtains for a tranquil, monochromatic scheme.

SW Steamed Milk’s ability to adapt to different styles makes it an excellent choice for a living room. Whether you’re aiming for a modern, traditional, or transitional style, Steamed Milk can provide the perfect canvas on which to build your design.

Sherwin Williams. SW Steamed Milk In the Living Room

How to Use SW Steamed Milk for an Exterior?

SW Steamed Milk is not just for interiors; it’s also an excellent choice for exteriors. It can give your home a warm, welcoming curb appeal. This color looks beautiful when paired with natural elements like stone or wood. Use it on your siding with a crisp white trim for a classic look, or pair it with darker colors like gray or black for a more modern vibe.

Remember that outside, SW Steamed Milk may appear lighter due to the abundance of natural light. Therefore, it’s always recommended to paint a small area and observe it at different times of the day and in different weather conditions before painting your entire exterior.

Sherwin Williams. SW Steamed Milk For the exterior

Comparing SW Steamed Milk With Other Colors

In this section, we compare SW Steamed Milk with several paint colors that have very similar appearances. This will help you better see the smallest distinctions and teach you what to pay attention to when you are choosing between two colors.

SW 7554 Steamed Milk vs BM OC-45 Swiss Coffee

BM Swiss Coffee is a bit lighter and cooler than SW Steamed Milk. While both are off-white with warm undertones, BM Swiss Coffee leans more towards a pure white, making it appear slightly brighter. On the other hand, SW Steamed Milk has a creamy, beige quality that gives it a warmer, more welcoming vibe.

BM Swiss Coffee works well in spaces that get a lot of natural light, where its crispness can truly shine. In contrast, SW Steamed Milk is more versatile, working well in well-lit and lower-light spaces due to its perfect balance between brightness and warmth.

SW Steamed Milk vs Swiss Coffee

SW 7554 Steamed Milk vs SW 7012 Creamy  

Sherwin-Williams Creamy is a warm off-white color, much like SW Steamed Milk. However, the Creamy color has stronger yellow undertones, giving it a deeper, more buttery quality. This makes it a bit warmer and less neutral than SW Steamed Milk.

While both colors create a welcoming environment, SW Creamy might be a better choice for those who prefer a distinctly warm, rich off-white. On the other hand, SW Steamed Milk is an excellent choice for those who want an off-white that straddles the line between warm and cool.

SW Steamed Milk vs Creamy

SW 7554 Steamed Milk vs SW 6119 Antique White

SW Antique White by Sherwin Williams is a deeper, warmer off-white than SW Steamed Milk. It has stronger beige and yellow undertones, giving it an antiqued, traditional feel. The Steamed Milk color, with its balanced undertones, can feel more contemporary and versatile.

For a space with a vintage or rustic aesthetic, SW Antique White could be an excellent choice. In contrast, SW Steamed Milk can adapt to a variety of styles, from modern to transitional to traditional.

SW Steamed Milk vs Antique White

SW 7554 Steamed Milk vs BM OC-29 Alabaster

SW Alabaster by Benjamin Moore is a pure, bright white with only a touch of warmth, making it cooler than SW Steamed Milk. It’s a crisp, clean color that can make a space feel open and airy. SW Steamed Milk, with its creamy, beige undertones, has a warmer, softer feel. If you’re looking for a white that’s not stark or clinical, SW Alabaster is a great choice.

However, if you prefer an off-white with a touch of warmth and a softer vibe, Steamed Milk is the better option.

SW Steamed Milk vs Alabaster

SW 7554 Steamed Milk vs SW 7566 Westhighland White

SW Westhighland White by Sherwin-Williams is a light gray-white color with subtle beige undertones. It’s cooler and lighter than SW Steamed Milk, giving it a slightly more modern feel. The Steamed Milk’s beige and yellow undertones lend it a warmer, more traditional quality.

If you’re aiming for a light, neutral palette with a hint of modernity, SW Westhighland White is a great choice. However, for a warm, welcoming ambiance, SW Steamed Milk is the way to go.

SW Steamed Milk vs Westhighland White

SW 7554 Steamed Milk vs BM 2141-70 Vanilla Milkshake

SW Vanilla Milkshake by Benjamin Moore is a bright, creamy white that’s a touch lighter than Steamed Milk. Its yellow undertones are quite pronounced, making it warmer and less neutral than SW Steamed Milk.

BM Vanilla Milkshake can brighten up a room and works well in spaces with plenty of natural light. However, if you prefer an off-white that’s a bit more balanced and versatile, Steamed Milk is an excellent choice.

SW Steamed Milk vs Vanilla Milkshake


Sherwin-Williams SW 7554 Steamed Milk is a versatile, warm off-white that can adapt to a variety of styles and settings. Its soft, creamy quality creates a soothing, welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for creating a serene, cozy home. By understanding its properties and how it compares to other similar colors, you can utilize SW Steamed Milk to its full potential, whether you’re painting an interior, exterior, or a specific room in your home.

SW 7554 Steamed Milk by Sherwin Williams Ultimate Guide

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This would help potential customers visualize how this color might fit into different areas of their home, such as a dining room, living room, kitchen, or bathroom.

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⭐What colors complement Steamed Milk SW 7554 well?

Customers might be interested in what colors coordinate well with Steamed Milk for accent walls, trim, or other design elements.

⭐Is Steamed Milk SW 7554 available across all Sherwin-Williams paint types?

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