Vintage Taupe 2110-70 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

The Delicate Hue of Modern Homes

In the dynamic world of interior design, colors play an essential role in crafting the ambience and feel of a space. Among the myriad of shades available, Vintage Taupe 2110-70 by Benjamin Moore stands out as a versatile and stylish choice for many homeowners.

Let’s delve into this shade’s essence and understand why it’s garnered admiration.

Vintage Taupe 2110 70 by Benjamin Moore
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What Color Is Vintage Taupe 2110-70?

Vintage Taupe 2110-70 is a muted, sophisticated blend of grey and beige, often referred to as “greige”. The hue exudes a neutral tone, making it perfect for interiors that strive for a calm, cohesive feel. It’s ideally suited for minimalist, Scandinavian, and even bohemian design themes.

This color pairs exceptionally well with natural materials like wood, stone, and linen, accentuating their innate textures and characteristics.

Vintage Taupe 2110 70 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

Vintage Taupe 2110-70 leans towards the warmer spectrum of colors. Its beige undertones give it a cozy feel, making spaces feel welcoming and intimate. Its warm nature allows it to serve as a backdrop in homes, making rooms feel more spacious and seamlessly blending with a variety of design elements.

Undertones of Vintage Taupe 2110-70

This color features subtle undertones of soft brown and grey. Undertones play a crucial role in dictating how a color interacts with other shades and lighting. The undertones in Vintage Taupe ensure that it remains neutral without becoming too cold or overly warm, granting it flexibility in diverse interior settings.

Vintage Taupe 2110 70 by Benjamin Moore Undertones

Coordinating Colors of Vintage Taupe 2110-70

Coordinating colors are hues that harmonize and complement the primary color. For Vintage Taupe 2110-70, the following Benjamin Moore colors synchronize beautifully:

  • BM Stone Harbor (2111-50): A gentle grey that brings out a sophisticated contrast.
  • BM Pale Oak (OC-20): A light neutral tan, emphasizing the beige tones in Vintage Taupe.
  • BM Ballet White (OC-9): A creamy off-white, offering a soft juxtaposition.
Coordinating Colors for Vintage Taupe 2110 70 by Benjamin Moore

How Does Lighting Affect Vintage Taupe 2110-70?

Lighting significantly impacts the way colors are perceived. BM Vintage Taupe, under artificial lighting, may seem slightly more beige, highlighting its warmer tones. In natural daylight, its grey undertones become more pronounced.

In north-facing rooms, where light is cooler, BM Vintage Taupe may appear more muted and subdued. Conversely, in south-faced rooms, it can feel warmer and more inviting.

East and west-facing rooms bring variable lighting throughout the day, with Vintage Taupe reflecting both its grey and beige characteristics.

How does lighting affect Vintage Taupe 2110 70

LRV of Vintage Taupe 2110-70

LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, indicates the amount of light a color reflects. With an LRV of 82, Vintage Taupe is on the higher end, meaning it reflects a significant amount of light. High LRV shades make rooms feel brighter and more open. Vintage Taupe 2110-70, with its considerable LRV, ensures that spaces remain light and airy.

Vintage Taupe 2110 70 by Benjamin Moore. LRV – 82

What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

Trim Colors of Vintage Taupe 2110-70

Trim colors highlight architectural details and create visual interest. Given BM Vintage Taupe’s neutrality, white shades are a stellar choice for trim. Consider using:

Trim Colors for Vintage Taupe 2110 70 by Benjamin Moore

Colors Similar to Vintage Taupe 2110-70

Knowing analogous colors aids in creating cohesive design schemes. Some similar colors for BM Vintage Taupe include:

  • BM White Zinfandel 880: A soft, muted rose that resonates warmth.
  • BM Pink Damask 890: A delicate blush pink that’s understated yet charming.

Both will work well as the initial color substitutes.

Paint Colors Similar to Vintage Taupe 2110 70 by Benjamin Moore

Colors That Go With Vintage Taupe 2110-70

Pairing harmonious shades can turn a space into a design masterpiece. Along with BM Vintage Taupe, consider the following:

  1. BM Oxford White 869: A pure, timeless white.
  2. BM Black Pepper 2130-40: A rich, deep gray with cool undertones.
  3. BM Cream Soda 1082: A warm, creamy beige that adds depth and dimension.

Incorporating colors that beautifully coalesce ensures a cohesive, stylish, and inviting ambiance. With Vintage Taupe 2110-70 at its core, your interior is poised for elegance and charm.

Colors that goes with Vintage Taupe 2110 70 by Benjamin Moore

How to Use Vintage Taupe 2110-70 In Your Home?

Vintage Taupe 2110-70, with its warm and neutral undertones, is versatile for almost any room in the home. From living rooms to bathrooms, it provides a calming backdrop.

Given its chameleon-like ability to blend with various design elements, it’s ideal for modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, and even traditional interiors. Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary aesthetic or a classic feel, this shade promises flexibility and elegance.

How to Use Vintage Taupe 2110-70 in the Bedroom?

In bedrooms, Vintage Taupe 2110-70 offers a serene and inviting atmosphere. Its soothing tones make it perfect for walls, accentuating the coziness of the room. Pair it with soft linens, light wood furniture, and subtle lighting to cultivate a tranquil retreat.

Benjamin Moore. Vintage Taupe 2110 70 for the Bedroom

How to Use Vintage Taupe 2110-70 in the Bathroom?

Bathrooms can feel spa-like with Vintage Taupe. The color adds depth without overwhelming the space. Complement it with marble countertops, brushed nickel fixtures, and white towels for an elegant sanctuary.

Benjamin Moore. Vintage Taupe 2110 70 for the Bathroom

How to Use Vintage Taupe 2110-70 in the Living Room?

For living rooms, Vintage Taupe offers a sophisticated canvas. It bridges the gap between modernity and tradition, fitting with sleek furniture as well as vintage pieces. The shade aids in highlighting decor, art, and architectural features.

Benjamin Moore. Vintage Taupe 2110 70 in the Living Room

How to Use Vintage Taupe 2110-70 for an Exterior?

Vintage Taupe as an exterior color emanates a chic and timeless appeal. It’s neutral enough to blend with natural surroundings yet distinct enough to make a home stand out. Pair it with white trims and dark-toned doors for a balanced look.

Benjamin Moore. Vintage Taupe 2110 70 for the Exterior Use

How to Use Vintage Taupe 2110-70 in the Kitchen?

In kitchens, Vintage Taupe provides warmth and modernity. The color’s neutral palette allows for colorful kitchenware to shine, making the space lively yet harmonious.

Benjamin Moore. Vintage Taupe 2110 70 for the Kitchen

Comparing Vintage Taupe 2110-70 With Other Colors

Understanding how colors compare ensures that the chosen hue fits your design vision. Comparing Vintage Taupe 2110-70 with other colors provides insight into its undertones, versatility, and unique characteristics.

Vintage Taupe 2110-70 vs. BM A La Mode 2109-70

BM A La Mode leans more towards a light gray with subtle cool undertones, whereas Vintage Taupe has a warm, beige hint.

Vintage Taupe 2110 70 vs. BM A La Mode 2109 70

Vintage Taupe 2110-70 vs. AF-50 Etiquette

BM Etiquette is a cooler gray, offering a more crisp feel compared to the cozy warmth of Vintage Taupe.

Vintage Taupe 2110 70 vs. AF 50 Etiquette

Vintage Taupe 2110-70 vs. BM 1637 Blue Spruce

BM Blue Spruce introduces a soft bluish tint, contrasting with Vintage Taupe’s neutral beige-gray blend.

Vintage Taupe 2110 70 vs. BM 1637 Blue Spruce

Vintage Taupe 2110-70 vs. BM Soft Sand 2106-60

BM Soft Sand is a gentle beige with yellow undertones, making it warmer than Vintage Taupe.

Vintage Taupe 2110 70 vs. BM Soft Sand 2106 60

Vintage Taupe 2110-70 vs. BM Barren Plain 2111-60

BM Barren Plain, while still in the neutral family, has cooler undertones, providing a more muted backdrop than Vintage Taupe.

Vintage Taupe 2110 70 vs. BM Barren Plain 2111 60

Vintage Taupe 2110-70 vs. BM Collingwood 859

BM Collingwood is a soft gray with lavender undertones, offering a different depth compared to Vintage Taupe’s earthy essence.

Vintage Taupe 2110 70 vs. BM Collingwood 859


Vintage Taupe 2110-70, with its unique blend of gray and beige, stands out as a versatile color for various applications, both interior and exterior. When choosing the right shade for your space, understanding its undertones, comparisons, and optimal use cases is crucial.

Vintage Taupe proves time and again its adaptability and timeless charm, making it a favorite among homeowners and designers alike.

Vintage Taupe 2110 70 by Benjamin Moore Ultimate Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What kind of undertones does Vintage Taupe 2110-70 have?

Vintage Taupe 2110-70 boasts a delicate balance of soft brown and gray undertones, offering a sophisticated neutral "greige" shade.

⭐Is Vintage Taupe 2110-70 a warm or cool shade?

While Vintage Taupe 2110-70 sits on the neutral spectrum, it leans slightly towards the warmer side due to its beige undertones.

⭐In what rooms does Vintage Taupe 2110-70 work best?

Vintage Taupe 2110-70 is versatile and works beautifully in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and even on kitchen cabinets. Its neutral tone makes it adaptable to various spaces.

⭐How does lighting affect the appearance of Vintage Taupe 2110-70?

Lighting can influence how this color is perceived. In artificial lighting, it may seem more beige, while natural daylight can bring out its gray undertones.

⭐What are the coordinating colors for Vintage Taupe 2110-70 from the Benjamin Moore palette?

Coordinating shades include BM Stone Harbor, BM Pale Oak, and BM Ballet White, among others.

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