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Mild Blue SW-6533 Paint Color by Sherwin-Williams

Learn what kind of color it is, how it works in different spaces, and how to use it with other colors correctly

People use blue moderately in their homes. This color is believed to be hard to use in living spaces. We often see it as cold and unwelcoming, thus preferring warmer beiges, greiges, or neutrals. This is why you can typically meet blue on an accent wall or drawers, cabinets, etc.

But today, we want to introduce a lovely shade of this color called Mild Blue by the Sherwin-Williams brand. We will give you a detailed and full description of this shade of blue. Also, you will learn how it may read in your home and with what colors you should pair it.

After you read this article, you will surely fall in love with this delicate blue color that will never make your home read cold!

Mild Blue SW 6533 Paint Color by Sherwin Williams

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What Kind of Color Is SW Mild Blue?

Officially, the Mild Blue paint color belongs to the blue color family that the Sherwin-Williams brand has. However, you will be surprised to learn that, technically, this paint color is part of the brand’s Purple color family!

SW Mild Blue is a bright color, with a percentage of its lightness is 82.7. As Encycolorpedia says, you can use it in spaces and rooms that need to be visually enlarged. Also, since this color has a cool tone, it will add that somewhat “icy” and refreshing vibe to a room where you use it.

This is why SW Mild Blue can be an excellent color choice for rooms and spaces in your home that requires more space and airiness. Also, use it if you want to make a room read fresher and a bit cooler.

Mild Blue SW 6533 by Sherwin Williams

What Undertones Does SW Mild Blue Have?

Any interior designer will tell you that undertones play an important role in your home interior! Many paint colors come with rather complex undertones, and some can be seen only under specific lighting conditions or when surrounded by specific colors only.

However, undertones can make your home read dramatically different from what you expected! This is why you should consider checking the color’s undertones in advance before you start applying the paint to the surface.

Speaking of SW Mild Blue paint color, this color reads a light shade of blue in a room, but if you take a closer look, you can see a very slight and hard-to-notice purple deep inside of it. Also, in different lighting, this color may show a barely seen gray hue. But this usually depends on other colors that surround it.

Mild Blue SW 6533 by Sherwin Williams Color Undertones

What LRV Does SW Mild Blue Color Have?

First, let us remind you of the meaning of LRV. LRV (Light Reflectance Value) shows how light or dark a color will look on a wall. In particular, this measurement indicates the amount of light the color can reflect when applied to the wall. The LRV value ranges from zero, which is black, to 100, which is pure white. The higher the LRV value, the lighter the color will read, and vice versa.

How does lighting affect Mild Blue SW 6533

The Mild Blue paint color has an LRV of nearly 65. With this LRV value, it is considered a light color, and this lightness can be perfectly seen when this color is used on the walls. You should not be afraid that SW Mild Blue will read too bright. However, it will add space and airiness to any room.

Mild Blue SW 6533 by Sherwin Williams. LRV – 65

What Is the Best Trim Color to Use With SW Mild Blue?

When it comes to choosing the most suitable trim color, white is traditionally the best color option for trim. This color will also work if you have interior walls painted with SW Mild Blue. You just need to ensure you use the right shade of white. Since this blue has a cool tone, consider using cooler whites as well. For example, you might want to use SW High Reflective White . This way, you will help the space look more balanced and eye-pleasing in tone. But if you want to add a note of warmth to your space, stick to warmer whites, such as SW Extra White

Trim Colors for Mild Blue SW 6533 by Sherwin Williams

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Mild Blue SW-6533 Coordinating Colors

SW Mild Blue is rather tricky to use on the walls and pair with other colors due to its complex purple and gray undertones. This feature turns this blue paint color into a chameleon a bit, making it read differently in a different light.

However, tricky undertones can prevent you from using this color in your home successfully! This is why you should choose coordinating colors very carefully. We recommend you choose the following paint colors to coordinate with SW Mild Blue:

  1. SW Rarified Air
  2. SW Greek Villa
  3. SW Stone Lion

With these paint colors, you will achieve a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere in your home that will look adequately coordinated at the same time.

Coordinating Colors for Mild Blue SW 6533 by Sherwin Williams

Colors That Go With Mild Blue SW-6533

Homeowners tend to believe that blue colors go well only with whites and other shades of blue, either lighter or darker. This is why, depending on the shade of blue we have on the walls, they choose other colors for their home respectively.

But if you want a varied color palette in your home that doesn’t look pale or boring, we recommend you consider the colors we have listed below. They will help you make your living space attractive and lively if you have your interior walls painted with SW Mild Blue.

  1. SW Agreeable Gray
  2. SW Functional Gray
  3. SW Incredible White
  4. SW Retreat
  5. SW Oyster Bay
  6. SW Aloe
  7. SW Special Gray
  8. SW Cloak Gray
Colors that goes with Mild Blue SW 6533 by Sherwin Williams

Similar Colors That Can Be Used Instead of SW Mild Blue

Interior designers often recommend homeowners have at least a couple of alternative colors at hand when they start painting their interior walls. Have you ever wondered why they do that? The answer is simple. When you are testing different colors with the samples, you may find that the color you were initially going to use on your walls doesn’t match the rest of the palette well enough.

Perhaps, you realize that the color reads much lighter or darker than you need. Or you may see this color doesn’t work well with other colors in a room (e.g., the color you want to use on the walls doesn’t read well with the color of the upholstery).

In this case, alternative colors will become handy. With their help, you will always find the color shade that works best of all for your home. For SW Mild Blue, the following paint colors can work as substitutes:

  1. Watery SW 6478
  2. Celestial SW 6808
  3. Quietude SW 6212
  4. Rainwashed SW 6211
  5. Sea Salt SW 6204
  6. Window Pane SW 6210
Similar Colors That Can Be Used Instead of SW Mild Blue

Comparing Mild Blue SW-6533 With Other Colors

Color comparison is another helpful practice for a better color selection process. We all know that each color has plenty of shades, but some of those shades may look very similar! This is why you should be able to see the distinctions in tone to decide which color will work best for your home.

If you want to use SW Mild Blue on your walls, you should definitely read how it compares with other blues. Below, you can find several pairs of colors compared.

Mild Blue vs. Upward

Both colors share purple undertones, which is why they look pretty similar. But there is a distinction: SW Upward reads a bit darker in tone than SW Mild Blue. So, if you are looking for a slightly more intense version of SW Mild Blue, or you need a blue color that is less cool-toned than SW Mild Blue, you should definitely consider the Upward paint color.

Mild Blue vs. Upward

Mild Blue vs. Rarified Air

SW Rarified Air is not an easy color at all. Sometimes this blue is considered a soft misty blue, and other times, it is characterized as a light violet pastel with a touch of blue undertones. Either way, it is nearly as bright as SW Mild Blue. The only noticeable distinction is that SW Rarified Air reads lighter than SW Mild Blue due to the lower blue hue content.

Mild Blue vs. Rarified Air

Mild Blue vs. Greek Villa

SW Greek Villa has mild yellowish-beige undertones, whilst SW Mild Blue is blue with a very slight touch of purple. These features make the colors rather distinct, but since both are light, they can work well as coordinating colors for each other. They won’t create a sharp contrast but will support each other harmoniously.

Mild Blue vs. Greek Villa

Mild Blue vs. Blue Heron

Although BM Blue Heron is much darker than SW Mild Blue, it also has purplish undertones. This feature helps this gorgeous color read nicely next to its much lighter counterpart. However, you might want to use a clearer blue with the Blue Heron color to highlight its deep-blue hue.

Mild Blue vs. Blue Heron

Where to Use SW Mild Blue Paint Color In Your Home?

Before you start painting your interior walls, It is a good idea to try to imagine how the color will read in different spaces of your home. This way, you can decide in what rooms it will work better and what rooms might win from using another color on their walls. Also, it is essential to keep in mind that not all colors can be used in any room of your home equally successfully! This is why we recommend you read about how SW Mild Blue may look in different spaces.

SW Mild Blue In a Living Room

For your living room, this light and cool-toned blue is a lovely color choice. It will make the space read airy and large. However, it will work much better if you use it in living rooms that have cooler natural lighting. This kind of light will make the color read slightly crisper and fresher. If you use SW Mild Blue paint in a living room with warmer lighting, note that the color may read dull a bit!

Sherwin Williams. Mild Blue SW 6533 In the Living Room

How SW Mild Blue Works In a Bedroom?

SW Mild Blue is an excellent color for bedrooms! This shade of blue looks fresh and, at the same time, relaxed, creating a calm and tranquil atmosphere in the room. If you pair it with white trims and textiles (e.g., with white bedding or curtains), it will make the space read airier.

Sherwin Williams. Mild Blue SW 6533 For the bedroom

Is This a Good Color For Your Kitchen?

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can use this color on all the walls or only paint an accent wall. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it in smaller kitchens! With the lack of space, you can still use SW Mild Blue on cabinets! Also, this blue color pairs nicely with kitchen hardware, especially of the cooler metal colors.

Sherwin Williams. Mild Blue SW 6533 For the Kitchen

How SW Mild Blue Works In a Bathroom?

If your bathroom has plenty of light and is spacious enough, this blue will look great on the walls for sure! Thanks to its cooler tone, SW Mild Blue will create a refreshed atmosphere in your bathroom. Besides, if you pair it with cool-toned or neutral whites, you will add more space and airiness to the bathroom.

Sherwin Williams.Mild Blue SW 6533 For the Bathroom

Is It a Good Exterior Color?

Not all colors work well on exterior walls. But SW Mild Blue paint color is not one of them. The great thing about this blue color is that it can be used indoors and outdoors! Besides, it will be a good color choice for areas with a lot of sunshine and also for areas with cloudy weather. This shade of blue will read in any climate and weather!

Now you know more about this beautiful blue color. We hope you realize that blues can work in your home the same well as other colors. On the one hand, blues might be tricky to pair with other colors due to their undertones. And SW Mild Blue is an excellent example of such a color. But if you know their undertones, you will be able to coordinate the colors correctly.

Sherwin Williams.Mild Blue SW 6533 For the exterior

From this article, you learned all you need about the SW Mild Blue color to use it successfully in your home! You know its LRV, undertones, coordinating colors, and colors it goes well with. Also, you know how this color may react to light and read in your home. All this information will help you use it correctly and make your house or apartment look cozy and inviting.

Mild Blue SW 6533 by Sherwin Williams Ultimate Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Does SW Mild Blue read gray?

No, this color won’t read pure gray, but it may reveal grayish undertones sometimes.

⭐Can SW Mild Blue look purple?

You won’t see this color looking purple, but it does have purple undertones. However, they’re barely seen.

⭐Is SW Mild Blue a neutral color?

No, it’s not. This shade of blue is considered a cool-toned blue with purple and gray undertones.

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