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Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams

Embracing the Elegance of Grey Mist, A Tranquil Touch for Your Space

Sherwin Williams SW 9625 Grey Mist is a paint color that effortlessly embodies a sense of serenity and flexibility, making it a top choice for homeowners and interior designers alike. This particular shade of grey stands out for its unique ability to blend seamlessly into a variety of decor styles, from modern minimalism to cozy traditional.

Its versatility is unmatched, offering a neutral canvas that can either serve as a sophisticated backdrop for bold color schemes or act as the primary color in a more subdued, monochromatic palette.

Grey Mist’s understated elegance is complemented by an adaptability that allows it to respond wonderfully to different lighting conditions, subtly shifting in hue to capture the essence of the natural light available, from the soft glow of dawn to the dim ambiance of dusk.

This quality not only makes Grey Mist an ideal choice for any room in the house but also enhances its appeal for use in spaces with varying light exposures, ensuring a harmonious look throughout.

In addition to its aesthetic flexibility, SW 9625 Grey Mist benefits from Sherwin Williams’ reputation for quality and durability. The brand is known for producing paint that withstands the test of time, maintaining its vibrancy and resist wear, making Grey Mist not just a visually appealing choice, but a practical one as well.

Whether you’re embarking on a full home renovation or a simple refresh, Sherwin Williams SW 9625 Grey Mist offers a timeless elegance that can elevate any space.

Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams


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What Color Is Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams?

Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin-Williams is a captivating color that embodies a harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication. This unique shade of grey whispers of morning fog hovering over a serene lake, bringing with it a sense of calm and understated elegance. Grey Mist is not just any grey; its subtle hints of blue and green underlights give it a cool, ethereal quality, making it a versatile choice for those looking to imbue their spaces with a tranquil yet modern vibe.

In terms of interior design, Grey Mist excels in a variety of styles, finding its place among the minimalist, Scandinavian, contemporary, and coastal interiors with ease. Its muted coolness acts as a perfect backdrop, allowing room for design elements to stand out.

In minimalist settings, it complements the open, uncluttered spaces, adding depth without overwhelming the senses. In Scandinavian and coastal-themed rooms, it mirrors the natural hues of sky and water, enhancing the light and airy feel these styles are known for.

Grey Mist pairs wonderfully with a range of materials and textures, enhancing its versatility. Natural wood, whether pale Scandi-inspired or rich and dark, contrasts beautifully against its cool tones, creating a warm, inviting ambiance.

Metallics like brushed silver or chrome add a sleek, modern touch, while textiles in soft linen or plush velvet introduce texture and warmth, providing a tactile richness to the room. Glass and mirror accents can amplify the light, accentuating Grey Mist’s airy quality, making spaces feel more open and luminous.

Whether used as a primary color scheme or a complementary tone, Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin-Williams offers endless possibilities for creating serene, sophisticated, and inviting spaces.


Is Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams Warm or Cool color?

Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams is a captivating paint color that subtly transforms spaces with its understated beauty. This color finds its strength in its serene and versatile grey tone, infused with a whisper of mist, offering a soothing backdrop for any room in the home.

It acts as a chameleon, adapting fluidly to a wide range of decor styles, from modern minimalism to cozy farmhouse, and everything in between. The unique quality of Grey Mist lies in its ability to balance warmth and coolness, creating a harmonious environment that invites relaxation and contemplation.

In homes, Grey Mist works wonders by enhancing natural light, making spaces appear larger and more inviting. It pairs exquisitely with crisp whites for a fresh, contemporary look, or with rich woods and soft textures for a more traditional feel. Its subtle elegance encourages creativity in decor, allowing for bold colors and patterns to pop, or for more muted tones to blend harmoniously. Grey Mist’s versatility and timeless appeal make it an excellent choice for homeowners looking to create a tranquil and adaptable space that feels both modern and welcoming.


What is the Masstone of the Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams?

Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams encapsulates the essence of understated elegance with its masstone of Light Gray (#D5D5D5), offering a versatile backdrop that harmonizes with a wide spectrum of design choices. This hue stands out as a quintessential selection for interior spaces, primarily due to its inherent ability to adapt and amplify the natural light within a room.

Its light gray masstone acts as a subtle canvas, setting a serene and calming atmosphere that can make spaces feel larger and more open. The neutrality of Grey Mist ensures that it works seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional dรฉcor, allowing for endless possibilities in color combinations and design aesthetics.

In homes, Grey Mist’s light gray tone provides a soft, muted base that complements vibrant accents and textures without overwhelming them, making it an ideal choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms alike. Additionally, its ability to blend with natural materials, such as wood and stone, enhances the overall warmth and inviting nature of a space.

By reflecting natural light, Grey Mist can also contribute to a sense of well-being, making it a thoughtful choice for creating peaceful and restorative home environments.



Undertones of Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams

The color Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams possesses a subtle complexity that belies its seemingly straightforward appearance. At its core, Grey Mist encapsulates a serene neutral tone, yet it’s the understated undertones of pale yellow (#D5D580) and light purple (#D580D5) that imbue this shade with a distinctive character, adding layers of warmth and depth that might not be immediately apparent. These undertones play a crucial role in the perception of the color, influencing both its mood and adaptability within an interior space.

In general, undertones affect our perception of color by adding a hidden dimension that can shift dramatically under different lighting conditions. A color might appear simply grey in one light, but as the quality of light changes, its underlying tones emerge, altering its appearance and the ambiance it creates.

This phenomenon ensures that a color remains dynamic and versatile, continually adapting to its surroundings.

In the case of Grey Mist SW 9625, the pale yellow undertone introduces a subtle warmth, making the paint more inviting and less austere than a pure grey might be. This warmth allows the color to flourish in spaces with natural light, softening and enriching the ambiance.

Conversely, the light purple undertone adds a touch of sophistication and depth, providing a quiet elegance that elevates the space. When applied to interior walls, Grey Mist SW 9625 offers a multifaceted backdrop that complements a wide range of decor styles, from modern minimalism to rustic charm.

Its capacity to reflect and morph under varied lighting conditions ensures that it remains a dynamic and engaging choice, capable of supporting a tranquil and harmonious interior atmosphere.


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How Does Lighting Affect Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams?

Lighting plays a pivotal role in the perception of colors. It can intensify or mute colors, and even alter the hues we perceive. Different sources of light, whether artificial or natural, interact uniquely with colors, affecting how they are showcased within a space.

The color Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams provides a compelling example of how lighting influences color appearance. This particular shade, a soothing, soft grey with subtle blue undertones, can transform dramatically depending on the light it’s exposed to.

In artificial light, the type of bulb matters. Incandescent bulbs, with their warm, yellowish glow, can make Grey Mist appear warmer, softening its cool undertones and presenting it as more of a warm, neutral grey. LED or fluorescent lighting, which ranges from cool to stark blue tones, can enhance its cool blue undertones, making the color appear more crisp and vibrant.

Natural lighting brings its nuances based on the direction of the room. In north-facing rooms, which receive less direct sunlight and have a cooler light, Grey Mist may lean more towards its blue undertones, creating a serene and calming effect. This cool illumination emphasizes the paint’s depth, rendering the space more inviting.

South-facing rooms bask in warm, abundant sunlight throughout the day, which can neutralize the cool undertones of Grey Mist, making it appear as a more neutral, softer grey. The warmth of the light can make the room feel more airy and open, highlighting the versatility of Grey Mist.

East-facing rooms enjoy bright morning light, which can make Grey Mist look more lively and vibrant in the morning, gently shifting towards a cooler, more subtle hue as the day progresses. This dynamic interplay offers a naturally evolving ambiance.

West-facing rooms, flooded with intense evening light, can bring out the warmth in Grey Mist, mildly reducing its cool undertones during sunset. This creates a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, perfect for relaxing evenings.

Thus, the appearance of Grey Mist SW 9625 under various lighting conditions exemplifies the transformative power of light on color perception. It shifts from a serene, cool grey to a more neutral, soft hue, adapting to its surroundings and changing throughout the day.


What is the LRV of Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams?

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is a crucial metric in the world of paint and interior design, quantifying the amount of visible and usable light a paint color reflects within a space. Ranging from 0 to 100, LRV helps in determining how light or dark a color will appear once applied to the walls of a room.

A higher LRV means the color reflects more light, making it appear lighter and potentially making the space feel more open and airy. Conversely, a lower LRV indicates that the color absorbs more light, resulting in a darker appearance that can make a room feel smaller or cozier.

Understanding LRV is essential when choosing paint colors, as it directly impacts the atmosphere and visual dimensions of the room being painted.

The LRV of ‘Grey Mist’ (SW 9625) by Sherwin Williams, at 75.061, places it in the higher range of the LRV scale, suggesting it is a color that will reflect a significant amount of light. This high LRV indicates that ‘Grey Mist’ will have a light, calming presence on walls, potentially enhancing natural light within a space and making it feel more expansive and welcoming.

This quality makes it an excellent choice for smaller spaces or rooms with limited natural light, as it can help counteract the shadows and give the illusion of a brighter, larger area. The inherent lightness and reflectivity of ‘Grey Mist’ mean it will shift in appearance based on the amount and type of light it receives, showcasing varying shades and depths throughout the day, thus adding a dynamic character to any space it adorns.


What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

What are the Trim colors of Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams?

Trim colors, such as Sherwin Williams’ Westhighland White (SW 7566) and Ceiling Bright White (SW 7007), play a crucial role in the overall aesthetics of a room, particularly when used in conjunction with a main color like Grey Mist (SW 9625) by Sherwin Williams.

These trim colors serve as a framing device, highlighting and accentuating the architectural details and boundaries of a space. They create a visual contrast that can make the main wall color pop, add depth and dimension to a room, and enhance its architectural features.

This contrast is especially important with a subtle and sophisticated color like Grey Mist, as it ensures that the walls stand on their own, lending an air of elegance and cohesion to the space.

Westhighland White (SW 7566) is a warm and inviting shade of white that brings a soft and creamy undertone to the trim, offering a smooth transition from the more pronounced hue of Grey Mist. Its warm undertones complement the coolness of Grey Mist, creating a harmonious balance that is calming and welcoming.

On the other hand, Ceiling Bright White (SW 7007) is a crisp and clean shade, delivering a sharp contrast that can make the colors in the room appear more vibrant and the space feel open and airy. This starkness translates to a more defined boundary between the wall and ceiling, potentially raising the perceived ceiling height and enhancing the room’s overall sense of space.

Together, these trim colors provide options for either a soft or crisp delineation against Grey Mist, allowing for a tailored approach to shaping the room’s character and mood.

You can see recommended paint colors below:


Colors Similar to Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams

Similar colors, such as those akin to Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams, play a pivotal role in design for several reasons. They create a cohesive look and feel in any space, allowing for a seamless transition from one area to another. The harmony that similar shades bring to a design scheme can be both visually appealing and psychologically comforting.

These variations of calm neutrals provide a versatile backdrop that can adapt to various decor styles, from minimalist to rustic. Their subtlety can make small spaces appear larger and give rooms a more open, airy feel. Moreover, similar colors can highlight architectural features or pieces of furniture, drawing attention without overwhelming the senses.

For instance, Heron Plume SW 6070 whispers a soft, almost ethereal presence, casting a serene ambiance that mimics a peaceful morning sky. Pearly White SW 7009, as its name suggests, introduces a delicate luster to walls, offering a gentle radiance to any interior.

Natural Choice SW 7011, on the other hand, brings an earthy, grounded tone that speaks of simplicity and sophistication. Mortar SW 9584, a deeper tone, anchors spaces with its solid, reassuring presence.

Nuance SW 7049 adds a hint of complexity with its subtle undertones, embodying a refined elegance. Origami White SW 7636 delivers a crisp brightness, reflecting light beautifully to invigorate spaces. Moderne White SW 6168 leans towards the contemporary spectrum, offering a fresh perspective on neutrals.

Oyster White SW 7637, with its soft warmth, creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Ethereal White SW 6182 is light and airy, virtually lifting the weight off a room’s shoulders. Finally, Sanctuary SW 9583 reminds one of a tranquil retreat, a safe haven away from the tumult of the outside world.

Each of these colors, in their unique way, contributes to a harmonious palette inspired by Grey Mist, making them indispensable tools in the art of subtle, sophisticated interior design.
You can see recommended paint colors below:


How to Use Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams In Your Home?

Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams is a subtle, understated paint color that offers a serene and sophisticated backdrop for any room in your home. It’s a part of the Sherwin Williams Timeless White collection, which celebrates the beauty and versatility of white and near-white hues.

Grey Mist, however, brings its unique charm with a blend that leans towards a very soft, whispery grey with hints of warmth, making it adaptable to various lighting conditions and design aesthetics.

Incorporating Grey Mist into your home can open a myriad of design possibilities. It’s an exceptional choice for living rooms, providing a calm and inviting atmosphere that enhances relaxation and conversation. Its neutral yet warm tones make it ideal for bedrooms as well, where it can create a tranquil sanctuary that’s conducive to rest. Grey Mist pairs beautifully with crisp whites for a modern, minimalist look, or it can be complemented with earthy textures and soft pastels for a cozy, rustic vibe.

Moreover, Grey Mist’s adaptability extends to furniture and accessories, allowing you to mix and match pieces from different styles and periods without clashing. Whether your home boasts contemporary lines, traditional accents, or eclectic flair, Grey Mist SW 9625 serves as a versatile backdrop that ties various elements together harmoniously.

Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams vs Pearly White SW 7009 by Sherwin Williams

Grey Mist SW 9625 and Pearly White SW 7009 by Sherwin Williams are two colors that embody elegance with a soft touch, offering a serene and sophisticated palette to any space. Grey Mist stands out as a gentle gray with subtle blue undertones, presenting a cool, airy, and neutral backdrop that is both timeless and versatile.

This color can beautifully complement a wide range of decor styles, from modern to classic, creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. On the other hand, Pearly White leans towards a warm and inviting off-white with a delicate hint of soft beige, emitting a cozy, light, and luminous feel.

It is perfect for spaces that seek to enhance natural light while maintaining a warm, understated elegance. When comparing Grey Mist and Pearly White, it is evident that while both promote a sense of calm and sophistication, Grey Mist offers a cooler, more subdued option, whereas Pearly White provides a warmer, brighter ambiance.

Together, they can create a harmonious balance, perfect for a cohesive look throughout the home.

You can see recommended paint color below:


Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams vs Natural Choice SW 7011 by Sherwin Williams

Grey Mist SW 9625 and Natural Choice SW 7011 by Sherwin Williams are two neutral hues that embody a serene and understated elegance, suitable for a diverse range of interior spaces. Grey Mist, a soft, muted grey exhibits a cool undertone, reminiscent of early morning fog. This color is versatile, providing a tranquil backdrop that complements both vivid and subdued color palettes, making it ideal for contemporary living spaces, bedrooms, or offices seeking a hint of sophistication.

On the other hand, Natural Choice SW 7011 leans towards the warmer spectrum of neutrals. It is a light, creamy beige that invokes a sense of warmth and comfort, ideal for creating cozy and inviting atmospheres. Its earthy undertones make it particularly well-suited for spaces aiming for a natural, minimalist aesthetic, harmonizing effortlessly with wood finishes and other natural materials.

While both colors champion neutrality and flexibility in design, Grey Mist SW 9625 offers a cooler, more refined ambiance, whereas Natural Choice SW 7011 envelops spaces in warmth and softness.

Choosing between them depends on the desired mood and temperature of the space, with Grey Mist bringing an airy, sophisticated coolness, and Natural Choice a gentle, comforting warmth.
You can see recommended paint color below:


Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams vs Sanctuary SW 9583 by Sherwin Williams

Grey Mist SW 9625 and Sanctuary SW 9583 by Sherwin-Williams are both sophisticated colors, yet they serve different moods and atmospheres in interior and exterior spaces. Grey Mist can be considered a soft, neutral, and versatile color with a cool undertone that offers a calm and soothing vibe, making it perfect for spaces where a light, airy feel is desired. It reflects a minimalist aesthetic, easily blending with various decor elements and color schemes, enhancing a sense of spaciousness.

On the other hand, Sanctuary, living up to its name, introduces a deeper, warmer tone that embodies coziness and comfort. This color has an earthy, more organic feel, suggesting a retreat and connection to nature. It’s ideal for creating a focal point in a room or warming up a space while maintaining an elegant, grounded atmosphere.

While Grey Mist leans towards a modern, sleek look with its cool, understated elegance, Sanctuary invites a more intimate, enveloping feel with its warm, nurturing embrace. Both colors have their unique appeal, depending on the ambiance one is looking to achieve.

You can see recommended paint color below:


Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams vs Origami White SW 7636 by Sherwin Williams

Grey Mist SW 9625 and Origami White SW 7636 by Sherwin Williams are two distinct colors that offer unique aesthetic options for interior spaces. Grey Mist is a subtle, soft grey with cool undertones, providing a serene and tranquil vibe to any room. Its gentle hue is versatile, making it suitable for spaces that aim for a calm and sophisticated atmosphere. It pairs well with both bright colors for a contrasting look and with neutrals for a more harmonious feel.

On the other hand, Origami White SW 7636 is a warm, soft white with beige undertones, radiating a cozy and inviting ambiance. This color is excellent for creating an illusion of space and light in smaller or darker rooms.

Origami White stands out for its ability to bring warmth to a space without the starkness often associated with pure whites, making it ideal for living areas, bedrooms, and kitchens aiming for a gentle uplift.

While Grey Mist leans towards a cooler, more reserved palette ideal for modern and minimalist designs, Origami White offers warmth and versatility, fitting well in a variety of decor styles from rustic to contemporary. Both colors embody sophistication and can dramatically transform a space depending on the desired aesthetic and mood

You can see recommended paint color below:


Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams vs Moderne White SW 6168 by Sherwin Williams

Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams and Moderne White SW 6168 by Sherwin-Williams are two nuanced hues that present a gentle divergence in the realm of neutrals. Grey Mist is a soft, soothing grey that evokes a sense of calm and serenity. It’s a versatile color that can either make a subtle statement on its own or work harmoniously with brighter shades, providing a balanced backdrop. Its understated elegance is reminiscent of early morning mists, offering a breath of tranquility to any space.

In contrast, Moderne White SW 6168 leans towards a warmer spectrum, embodying a sophisticated and contemporary take on white. Rather than a stark or cold white, Moderne White is inviting, with a subtle hint of beige that adds depth and warmth. This color serves as an impeccable canvas, brightening spaces while maintaining a cozy ambiance.

Both colors share an inherent versatility but cater to different aesthetic preferences and functionalities. While Grey Mist offers a cool, serene feel, Moderne White bestows a warm, welcoming touch. Together, they epitomize the modern versatility of neutrals, capable of adapting to a wide range of designs and decors.

You can see recommended paint color below:


Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams vs Heron Plume SW 6070 by Sherwin Williams

Grey Mist (SW 9625) and Heron Plume (SW 6070) by Sherwin Williams are both neutral colors, yet they carry distinct undertones and atmospheres. Grey Mist can be described as a soft, light gray with a balanced, cool undertone, providing a serene and versatile backdrop. This color reflects a calm, understated elegance and is highly adaptable, easily fitting into a variety of decor styles and spaces.

Heron Plume, on the other hand, leans more towards the warmer spectrum of neutrals, with a subtle, soft beige hue that carries a hint of warmth. This color exudes a cozy, welcoming vibe, making spaces feel more intimate and homely. Despite its warmth, Heron Plume retains a significant degree of neutrality, making it as versatile as Grey Mist, but offering a warmer ambiance.

When comparing the two, the choice between Grey Mist and Heron Plume often comes down to the desired atmosphere. Grey Mist offers a cooler, more tranquil environment, ideal for creating a modern, minimalist look. Heron Plume, with its warmer tones, is perfect for those seeking a softer, more comforting space, evoking a sense of warmth and inclusion.

Both colors serve well as bases, allowing for a wide range of accent colors to complement them.

You can see recommended paint color below:


Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams vs Nuance SW 7049 by Sherwin Williams

Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams and Nuance SW 7049 by Sherwin Williams are two shades that speak volumes about subtlety and sophistication in the realm of neutral paints. Grey Mist can be likened to a gentle early morning fog over a serene landscape, embodying a light, airy quality that brings a refreshing calmness to spaces. It has a subtle coolness to it, making it an excellent choice for creating a soothing and open atmosphere in any room.

On the other hand, Nuance is a deeper, warmer grey that suggests a sense of grounding and stability. It leans towards the earthier side of the grey spectrum, offering a robust foundation that feels more anchored and enveloping.

Despite its warmer tones, Nuance maintains a certain lightness, enabling it to serve as a versatile backdrop that complements a wide range of decor styles and color schemes.

Together, Grey Mist and Nuance showcase the versatility of grey, each providing a unique ambience โ€“ from the ethereal and uplifting qualities of Grey Mist to the comforting, grounded presence of Nuance. These colors demonstrate how varying shades of grey can evoke different emotions and set distinct moods in interior spaces.

You can see recommended paint color below:


Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams vs Oyster White SW 7637 by Sherwin Williams

Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams is a nuanced color that balances between a light, airy grey and a soft, subtle blue. It evokes a serene and tranquil environment, making it perfect for creating a peaceful and reflective space. This color reflects a good amount of natural light, enhancing spaces to appear more open and spacious. It’s versatile, fitting beautifully in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas, often complemented by crisp whites or deeper blues and greys for contrast.

On the other hand, Oyster White SW 7637 by Sherwin Williams leans towards a warm, inviting neutral that combines the simplicity of white with the complexity of a beige undertone. This color brings a cozy warmth to rooms, promoting a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

It’s exceptionally adaptable, easily paired with a wide range of colors, from bold and vibrant to soft and subdued. Oyster White works well in spaces that aim for a classic, understated elegance, perfect for living rooms, kitchens, and entryways, where it can serve as a soothing backdrop or a complementary accent.

Both colors offer unique attributes; Grey Mist introduces a calming, reflective quality, while Oyster White provides a warm and inviting foundation. The choice between them depends on the desired mood and atmosphere of the space.

You can see recommended paint color below:


Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams vs Mortar SW 9584 by Sherwin Williams

Grey Mist SW 9625 and Mortar SW 9584 by Sherwin Williams are two nuanced paint colors that subtly enhance spaces with their distinctive tones, yet both harbor a serene, grounded presence. Grey Mist leans into a lighter, airier quality, embodying a soft, almost ethereal gray with a hint of warmth. This makes it an excellent choice for creating an open, tranquil space, where light plays a crucial role in enhancing its delicate balance of gray and warmth, allowing for a versatile backdrop that complements various decor styles and colors.

On the other hand, Mortar SW 9584 has a deeper, more anchored appearance. This color exhibits a stronger, earthier tone, borrowing from the palette of natural stones and wet cement. Its robust presence makes it ideally suited for adding depth and sophistication to a room.

Mortar’s richer hue can serve as a stunning neutral or a captivating statement, depending on its application, offering a more defined character to spaces without overwhelming them.

Both Grey Mist and Mortar offer unique possibilities for interior spaces, with Grey Mist infusing a light, airy quality, and Mortar providing a bold, yet grounded sophistication. Their versatility allows them to be used in various combinations to achieve different aesthetics, from calm and serene to bold and stately.

You can see recommended paint color below:


Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams vs Ethereal White SW 6182 by Sherwin Williams

Grey Mist SW 9625 and Ethereal White SW 6182, both by Sherwin Williams, are refined colors that offer subtle distinctions, suitable for creating serene and welcoming environments. Grey Mist presents as a soft, gentle grey with blue undertones, encapsulating a sense of calm and sophistication. This color can bring a tranquil atmosphere to any space, making it feel both comfortable and contemporary. It’s versatile, blending beautifully with a wide range of dรฉcor styles, from modern minimalism to cozy traditional.

In contrast, Ethereal White SW 6182 leans towards a very pale, almost imperceptible, shade of grey, exuding purity and clarity. It’s brighter and lighter than Grey Mist, offering an air of freshness and openness. Ethereal White succeeds in making spaces appear more expansive and illuminated, working impeccably in areas where natural light is cherished.

It provides a neutral backdrop that enhances other colors and materials, granting them the spotlight.

While Grey Mist adds depth and character to spaces with its muted sophistication, Ethereal White offers a crisp and airy quality, perfect for creating a subtle, nuanced palette. Each color, embodying its own unique qualities, can either stand independently or combine harmoniously for a layered aesthetic of quiet elegance and understated luxury.

You can see recommended paint color below:



Sherwin Williams’ Grey Mist SW 9625 emerges as a nuanced color option for those seeking a blend of sophistication and tranquility in their living spaces. A versatile shade, it embodies the balance between a light, airy feel and the depth characteristic of grey tones.

Its appeal lies in its ability to complement various decor styles, from modern and minimalist to traditional and cozy, showcasing its adaptability to different settings and lighting conditions. The color encourages creativity in design, acting as a canvas that welcomes bold accents or harmonizes with muted hues, depending on the designer’s vision.

In essence, Grey Mist SW 9625 by Sherwin Williams represents more than just a color choice for interiors and exteriors; it signifies a lifestyle choice that champions subtlety and elegance. Suitable for those aiming to inject a serene yet chic vibe into their space, this color has the unique ability to elevate a room’s aesthetic while fostering a calming atmosphere.

As a testament to its versatility, Grey Mist can effortlessly bridge the gap between contemporary flair and timeless elegance, making it a wise and popular choice for homeowners and designers alike.


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