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Camouflage 2143-40 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

In the vibrant world of interior design, colors play a pivotal role in setting the tone and mood of a space.

In the vibrant world of interior design, colors play a pivotal role in setting the tone and mood of a space. One such color that has gained popularity for its versatility and soothing appeal is Benjamin Moore’s Camouflage 2143-40.

This article explores the various aspects of this unique hue, including its nature, undertones, and coordinating colors, and how it can be used to transform living spaces.

Camouflage 2143-40 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

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What Color Is BM Camouflage 2143-40?

BM Camouflage 2143-40 is a rich and earthy hue that embodies a sense of tranquility and natural elegance. This color is a subtle blend of green and gray, evoking the serenity of a dense forest at dusk. It is not overly bold but carries enough depth to make a statement in any room.

Camouflage 2143-40 is particularly well-suited for interior styles that emphasize a connection with nature, such as rustic, Scandinavian, and modern farmhouse. Its organic essence makes it a perfect match for natural materials like unfinished wood, stone, and linen.

Textures like jute, wool, and clay also complement this color beautifully, enhancing its earthy and grounded feel.

What Color Is BM Camouflage 2143-40?

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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

Camouflage 2143-40 straddles the line between warm and cool, making it a remarkably versatile color. Its green base gives it a cool undertone, while the gray mingles to add a touch of warmth. This duality allows it to adapt to various settings and lighting conditions in homes.

In spaces with ample natural light, Camouflage 2143-40 can appear more vibrant and lively, leaning towards its green side. In rooms with less light or during evening hours, it can feel more subdued and cozy, showcasing its warmer, grayer aspects.

This chameleon-like quality makes it suitable for various rooms and styles, providing a comforting presence that can either energize or soothe the space.

Undertones of BM Camouflage 2143-40

The beauty of BM Camouflage 2143-40 lies in its complex undertones. At its core, it carries a blend of green and gray, but depending on the light and surrounding colors, hints of olive, taupe, or even a soft, earthy brown can emerge. These undertones add depth and richness to the color, making it more than just a simple green.

In general, undertones can significantly influence our perception of color. They can alter the hue’s temperature, depth, and how it interacts with other colors in a space. On interior walls, the undertones of Camouflage 2143-40 can create a sense of warmth and earthiness, making rooms feel more inviting and grounded.

It’s a color that changes subtly throughout the day, responding to the shifting light with a quiet elegance.

Undertones of BM Camouflage 2143-40

Coordinating Colors of BM Camouflage 2143-40

Coordinating colors are hues that harmonize and enhance the primary color, adding depth and complexity to a color scheme. For Camouflage 2143-40, several Benjamin Moore colors serve as excellent companions.

  • AF-15 Steam: A clean, almost ethereal white, offers a stark but harmonious contrast, highlighting Camouflage’s depth.
  • OC-117 Simply White: A warm, soft white, brings out the cozy undertones of Camouflage, ideal for a soothing palette.
  • BM 2133-30 Day’s End: A deep, dusky blue, complements Camouflage by adding a touch of sophistication and mystery.
  • OC-41 French Canvas: An off-white with a subtle beige undertone, provides a gentle, neutral backdrop that lets Camouflage take center stage.

Additional coordinating colors include:

  • Gray Owl 2137-60: A light gray with green undertones that mirrors the subtlety of Camouflage.
  • Palladian Blue HC-144: A soft, airy blue that brings a fresh, contrasting element.
  • Revere Pewter HC-172: A popular gray-beige that offers a warmer, inviting contrast.
Coordinating Colors of BM Camouflage 2143-40

How Does Lighting Affect BM Camouflage 2143-40?

Lighting plays a critical role in how we perceive colors, and BM Camouflage 2143-40 is a prime example of this interaction. In natural light, Camouflage 2143-40 displays its true character, with its rich green-gray hues coming to life, especially in well-lit environments. The color takes on a more vibrant and lively appearance under bright natural light, revealing its green undertones more prominently.

In artificial light, the perception of Camouflage 2143-40 can vary significantly depending on the type of light. Warmer lights tend to enhance its green undertones, giving the color a cozier and more inviting feel. Cooler lights, on the other hand, may bring out more of its gray aspects, lending it a more neutral and subdued appearance.

The orientation of the room also impacts how BM Camouflage 2143-40 is perceived:

  • North-Faced Rooms: Tend to have cooler, indirect light, which may make Camouflage appear more muted and serene, emphasizing its gray undertones.
  • South-Faced Rooms: Receive more direct sunlight, which can bring out the warmth and vibrancy of the color, enhancing its green undertones.
  • East-Faced Rooms: Enjoy the warmth of the morning sun, making Camouflage feel brighter and fresher in the morning, gradually shifting towards a softer tone as the day progresses.
  • West-Faced Rooms: Are exposed to the intense afternoon light, which can make the color appear warmer and more dynamic towards the evening.
How Does Lighting Affect BM Camouflage 2143-40?

LRV of BM Camouflage 2143-40

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures the amount of light a color reflects, and BM Camouflage 2143-40 has an LRV of 55. This places it in the mid-range of light reflectance, indicating that it’s neither too dark nor too light. This LRV level means that Camouflage can add depth and character to a room without overwhelming it with darkness or appearing too stark.

For Camouflage 2143-40, this LRV allows it to be versatile in various lighting conditions. In well-lit rooms, it can create a lively and inviting atmosphere, while in dimmer spaces, it maintains a cozy and comforting feel.

The LRV of 55 makes Camouflage a great choice for rooms where you want a balance between a pronounced color presence and maintaining an open, airy feel.

LRV of BM Camouflage 2143-40

What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

Trim Colors of BM Camouflage 2143-40

Trim colors, the hues used for molding, door frames, and window frames, are essential in interior design as they frame and accentuate the walls, enhancing the overall aesthetic. For BM Camouflage 2143-40, selecting the right trim color can significantly impact the room’s look and feel.

Ideal trim colors for Camouflage 2143-40 include shades of white, which provide a crisp, clean contrast. For instance,

  • OC-151 White: a pure, bright white, offers a stark contrast that makes Camouflage stand out.
  • OC-17 White Dove: a soft, warm white, complements Camouflage by adding a cozy, inviting feel
  • OC-130 Cloud White: with a neutral undertone, provides a subtle contrast, allowing Camouflage to be the focal point.
Trim Colors of BM Camouflage 2143-40

Colors Similar to BM Camouflage 2143-40

Knowing colors similar to BM Camouflage 2143-40 is important for alternatives due to availability, personal preference, or coordinating with existing elements in a space.

  • BM 1516 Moon Shadow: A slightly darker shade, Moon Shadow has a similar blend of green and gray but with a deeper, more pronounced presence.
  • BM 2142-50 Gray Mirage: This color is a lighter variant, offering a softer take on the green-gray theme, perfect for spaces that require a gentler touch.
  • BM 976 Coastal Fog: Coastal Fog presents a more neutral take, leaning towards the gray side while retaining subtle green undertones.
  • BM 1509 Spanish Olive: This color is closer to the green spectrum, offering a richer and more verdant look while maintaining the earthy, muted feel.

Each of these colors shares a relation with BM Camouflage 2143-40 but brings its unique character, providing a range of options for those seeking similar hues.

Colors Similar to BM Camouflage 2143-40

Colors That Go With BM Camouflage 2143-40

Choosing colors that harmonize well within a room is crucial for creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing environment. Complementary colors enhance the overall design and help in setting the desired mood and atmosphere. When colors are well-coordinated, they can make a space feel more cohesive, intentional, and welcoming.

For BM Camouflage 2143-40, a range of Benjamin Moore colors complement its earthy and natural tone:

  1. HC-98 Providence Olive: A deeper, olive green that enhances the richness of Camouflage, ideal for an accent wall or decorative elements.
  2. HC-30 Philadelphia Cream: A soft, warm cream that offers a gentle contrast, perfect for creating a light and balanced feel.
  3. CW-685 Ambler Slate: A sophisticated slate blue, adding a touch of elegance and depth, great for trims or accents.
  4. BM 691 Dartsmouth Green: A dark, forest green that pairs well for a nature-inspired palette.
  5. BM 2114-40 Wet Concrete: A cool, urban gray that provides a modern contrast to the natural tones of Camouflage.
  6. CSP-305 Crisp Linen: A light, airy linen white, excellent for trims and ceilings, enhancing the room’s brightness.
Colors That Go With BM Camouflage 2143-40

How to Use BM Camouflage 2143-40 In Your Home?

BM Camouflage 2143-40 is a versatile color that can be used in various rooms and interior design styles. Its natural and calming tone makes it ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms, creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere. In living rooms, it offers a sophisticated backdrop that complements both contemporary and traditional furnishings.

For exteriors, Camouflage provides an elegant and timeless appeal. In kitchens, it works beautifully on walls or as cabinetry color, particularly in designs that favor a natural or rustic aesthetic.

How to Use BM Camouflage 2143-40 in the Bedroom?

In the bedroom, BM Camouflage 2143-40 can create a tranquil and restful sanctuary. Its soothing green-gray tones evoke a sense of calm and connection to nature, ideal for a space meant for relaxation. Pair it with soft, neutral bedding and natural wood furniture to enhance its earthy qualities. Accent with plants or botanical prints to reinforce the natural theme.

How to Use BM Camouflage 2143-40 in the Bedroom?

How to Use BM Camouflage 2143-40 in the Bathroom?

BM Camouflage 2143-40 in the bathroom can transform the space into a spa-like retreat. Its muted green tones work well with natural elements like wood and stone, adding to the calming ambiance. Pair with crisp white towels and fixtures to create a clean and refreshing look. For a more luxurious feel, add gold or brass accents.

How to Use BM Camouflage 2143-40 in the Bathroom?

How to Use BM Camouflage 2143-40 in the Living Room?

In the living room, BM Camouflage 2143-40 sets a warm and inviting tone. It pairs well with a variety of textures and materials, making it suitable for different decor styles. Use it as a base to layer different patterns and colors for a vibrant look, or keep the palette muted for a more tranquil and cohesive feel.

How to Use BM Camouflage 2143-40 in the Living Room?

How to Use BM Camouflage 2143-40 for an Exterior?

For exteriors, BM Camouflage 2143-40 offers a sophisticated and organic look. It’s especially striking when paired with natural stone or wood details. Complement it with white trim for a crisp contrast or darker hues for a more dramatic effect. This color works well on a variety of architectural styles, from modern to traditional.

How to Use BM Camouflage 2143-40 for an Exterior?

How to Use BM Camouflage 2143-40 in the Kitchen?

In the kitchen, BM Camouflage 2143-40 brings warmth and depth. It can be used on walls to create a cozy and inviting backdrop or as an accent color in a neutral-themed kitchen. Pair with wooden countertops and open shelving to enhance its natural appeal. For a modern twist, incorporate stainless steel appliances and fixtures.

How to Use BM Camouflage 2143-40 in the Kitchen?

How to Use BM Camouflage 2143-40 on Kitchen Cabinets?

Using BM Camouflage 2143-40 on kitchen cabinets can create a unique and stylish look. This color is perfect for a kitchen that aims for a natural, earthy vibe. It pairs beautifully with lighter countertops and backsplashes, creating a balanced and harmonious look. For a contemporary twist, add hardware in matte black or brushed nickel.

How to Use BM Camouflage 2143-40 on Kitchen Cabinets?

Comparing BM Camouflage 2143-40 With Different Colors

Comparing different colors is essential in interior design for understanding how they interact with each other and influence the mood of a space. It helps in making informed decisions about color schemes, ensuring that the selected colors complement each other and the room’s overall aesthetic.

Comparing colors also reveals their individual characteristics, such as undertones and intensity, which can greatly affect their appearance in various lighting conditions and in combination with different textures and materials.

BM Camouflage 2143-40 vs. AF-690 Metropolitan

BM Camouflage 2143-40 and AF-690 Metropolitan offer contrasting approaches to neutral tones. While Camouflage is a rich blend of green and gray, creating a natural and calming ambiance, Metropolitan is a sophisticated gray that leans towards a more urban and contemporary aesthetic.

Metropolitan’s cooler, more neutral character makes it a great choice for modern and minimalist spaces, while Camouflage’s earthy undertones are ideal for creating a cozy, nature-inspired environment.

BM Camouflage 2143-40 vs. AF-690 Metropolitan

BM Camouflage 2143-40 vs. CSP 1030 Hidden Cove

CSP 1030 Hidden Cove and BM Camouflage 2143-40 are both inspired by nature but in different ways. Hidden Cove is a soft, muted blue that evokes the tranquility of a secluded beach, offering a sense of serenity and openness. In contrast, Camouflage brings the lushness of a forest with its green-gray hues. Hidden Cove is ideal for creating a light, airy space, while Camouflage is perfect for a grounded, soothing environment.

BM Camouflage 2143-40 vs. CSP 1030 Hidden Cove

BM Camouflage 2143-40 vs. BM 1464 Light Pewter

BM 1464 Light Pewter presents a lighter, more neutral gray compared to the deeper, nature-inspired Camouflage. Light Pewter is versatile and understated, easily adaptable to various decor styles, and serves as a perfect backdrop for bolder colors and textures. In contrast, Camouflage makes a statement on its own and is better suited for spaces where you want to bring the outdoors in.

BM Camouflage 2143-40 vs. BM 1464 Light Pewter

BM Camouflage 2143-40 vs. BM 2112-50 Stormy Monday

BM Camouflage 2143-40 and BM 2112-50 Stormy Monday are both complex colors, but they convey different moods. Stormy Monday is a moody, more intense gray with a hint of blue, ideal for creating a sophisticated, dramatic look. Camouflage, with its softer green-gray tone, is more about creating a calm, nurturing environment. Stormy Monday works well in modern, sleek settings, while Camouflage suits spaces aiming for a natural, relaxed feel.

BM Camouflage 2143-40 vs. BM 2112-50 Stormy Monday

BM Camouflage 2143-40 vs. HC-81 Manchester Tan

HC-81 Manchester Tan contrasts with BM Camouflage 2143-40 by offering a warmer, more traditional beige. Manchester Tan brings a classic, understated elegance to spaces, making it ideal for traditional and transitional interiors. In contrast, Camouflage’s green-gray hue provides a more contemporary and nature-inspired vibe, suitable for modern and rustic settings.

BM Camouflage 2143-40 vs. HC-81 Manchester Tan

BM Camouflage 2143-40 vs. HC-93 Carrington Beige

HC-93 Carrington Beige and BM Camouflage 2143-40 showcase the versatility of earth tones. Carrington Beige is a warm, inviting beige that exudes a classic, cozy charm, perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere. Camouflage, on the other hand, leans towards a cooler, more muted green-gray, offering a serene and grounding presence.

While Carrington Beige is great for a traditional, warm setting, Camouflage is ideal for a space that seeks a connection with nature.

BM Camouflage 2143-40 vs. HC-93 Carrington Beige


Comparing BM Camouflage 2143-40 with other colors from Benjamin Moore’s palette underscores its unique place as a versatile and nature-inspired hue. Each comparison highlights different aspects of Camouflage, from its ability to create a soothing and earthy environment to its versatility in pairing with both warm and cool tones.

Understanding these nuances in color relationships is key to creating harmonious and appealing interior spaces.

Whether used as a primary color or an accent, BM Camouflage 2143-40 offers a range of possibilities for enriching the aesthetic and mood of a room, making it a valuable choice for various design projects.

Guide of Camouflage 2143-40 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Is BM Camouflage 2143-40 suitable for small rooms?

Yes, BM Camouflage 2143-40 can work well in small rooms. Its earthy tones can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making the space feel warm and comfortable. Using lighter-colored furniture and decor can help balance the room and prevent it from feeling too enclosed.

⭐Can BM Camouflage 2143-40 be used in exterior applications?

Absolutely. BM Camouflage 2143-40 is an excellent choice for exteriors due to its natural and versatile hue. It complements natural outdoor elements beautifully and can add sophistication to your home's exterior.

⭐What are the best trim colors to pair with BM Camouflage 2143-40?

Neutral or soft white trim colors work best with BM Camouflage 2143-40. Shades like BM OC-117 Simply White or BM OC-130 Cloud White provide a crisp contrast, highlighting the rich depth of Camouflage.

⭐What lighting conditions are best for BM Camouflage 2143-40?

BM Camouflage 2143-40 thrives in natural light, where its green-gray tones are most vibrant. However, it also looks appealing in artificial lighting, especially warm tones that highlight its earthy qualities.

⭐What interior design styles does BM Camouflage 2143-40 complement?

BM Camouflage 2143-40 is versatile and complements various design styles, particularly rustic, modern farmhouse, Scandinavian, and even contemporary interiors. Its natural tone works well with organic materials and neutral palettes.

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