New Age 1444 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

Exploring color in interior design opens a myriad of opportunities to imbue spaces with unique character and vibe.

Exploring color in interior design opens a myriad of opportunities to imbue spaces with unique character and vibe. A captivating hue making its mark is “New Age 1444,” a color known for its versatility and alluring impact.

This article will delve into the subtleties of New Age 1444, exploring its characteristics, undertones, and the impact of lighting, while also highlighting coordinating and trim colors, as well as similar hues, to craft aesthetically pleasing and harmonious interiors.

New Age 1444 by Benjamin Moore

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What Color Is New Age 1444?

New Age 1444 is a distinctive color that blends subtlety with allure. This shade is versatile, lending itself well to a range of interior styles, notably minimalist, contemporary, and transitional. It serves as a sophisticated backdrop in spaces, complimenting various materials and textures such as polished wood, metallic accents, and plush fabrics.

Its neutral tones make it a harmonious choice for a multitude of designs, allowing diverse aesthetic elements to shine.

New Age 1444 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

New Age 1444 walks the line between warm and cool spectrums, possessing a balanced temperature that caters to diverse aesthetic preferences. Its neutral nature enables it to adapt to varied interior settings, creating a harmonious ambiance.

This balanced temperature can affect the mood and perception of space, instilling a serene and inviting vibe within homes, enhancing the overall aesthetic and emotional resonance of a room.

Undertones of New Age 1444

The undertones of New Age 1444 are subtle gray with a very slight hint or purple, influencing the perception of this color in nuanced ways. Undertones can alter the visual experience of a color, affecting how it interacts with other hues and the surrounding environment.

The undertones of New Age 1444 add a layer of depth to walls, affecting the overall ambiance and aesthetic cohesion of interior spaces. It’s the interplay of these undertones that make it a versatile choice, allowing it to be paired with various color schemes and styles.

Coordinating Colors of New Age 1444

Coordinating colors are hues that harmonize well with a main color, enhancing the overall design composition. For New Age 1444, coordinating colors include muted greys and gentle creamy whites. Each color complements New Age 1444, creating balanced and appealing interiors:

Adding to these, Slate Blue, Dusty Rose, and Pale Olive are also wonderful coordinating colors, each bringing a distinctive charm and character to the design palette.

Coordinating Colors for New Age 1444 by Benjamin Moore

How Does Lighting Affect New Age 1444?

Lighting is pivotal in influencing the perception of color, affecting its intensity, shade, and overall appearance. New Age 1444, under artificial light, can appear more subdued and controlled, highlighting its neutral qualities. In contrast, under natural light, it can reveal its more vibrant and dynamic aspects, especially in south-facing rooms where it can exhibit a warmer glow.

In north-faced rooms, New Age 1444 may lean towards cooler tones due to the quality of light, while in east and west-faced rooms, the color can experience shifts throughout the day, from warmer tones in the morning and evening to cooler tones in the afternoon. Understanding these shifts is crucial for leveraging the full potential of New Age 1444 in interior spaces.

How does lighting affect New Age 1444

LRV of New Age 1444

LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, quantifies the amount of light a color reflects. A color with an LRV of 62, like New Age 1444, is considered to be in the mid-range, reflecting a substantial amount of light. It means that it can make spaces feel more open and airy, and is versatile enough to be used in various design contexts.

The LRV of New Age 1444 affects how this color appears on walls, enabling it to adapt and blend seamlessly with various design elements, enhancing the overall visual appeal and spatial experience.

New Age 1444 by Benjamin Moore. LRV – 62

What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

Trim Colors of New Age 1444

Trim colors are essential as they frame and accentuate spaces, contributing to the overall design narrative. For New Age 1444, shades of white, such as BM 925 Ivory White, OC-122 Cotton Balls, and BM 2108-70 Lacey Pearl are excellent trim colors, each adding a crisp and refined edge to spaces.

Choosing the right trim color is crucial as it can either elevate or diminish the overall aesthetic of a room, impacting the perception of space and color. The mentioned shades of white, being of the same brand, ensure cohesive and harmonious integration with New Age 1444.

Trim Colors for New Age 1444 by Benjamin Moore

Colors Similar to New Age 1444

Knowing similar colors is crucial for exploring design alternatives and possibilities. Colors such as BM 1451 Violet Pearl, BM 2113-60 Porcelain, BM 2109-60 Portland Gray, and BM 2112-60 Cement Gray bear resemblance to New Age 1444, offering varied options for design exploration.

  1. BM 1451 Violet Pearl: This color infuses spaces with a delicate and ethereal vibe, emanating a subtle purple hue.
  2. BM 2113-60 Porcelain: A soft and versatile shade, it imbues spaces with a serene and timeless elegance.
  3. BM 2109-60 Portland Gray: A refined and sophisticated color, Portland Gray offers a balanced and modern aesthetic.
  4. BM 2112-60 Cement Gray: This color provides a solid and grounded feel, reflecting reliability and contemporary charm.
Paint Colors Similar to New Age 1444 by Benjamin Moore

Colors That Go With New Age 1444

Creating a coherent color palette is vital for achieving balanced and aesthetically pleasing interiors. Colors such as:

  • BM 2108-60 Abalone
  • BM 2133-60 Sidewalk Gray
  • BM 2121-60 White Diamond

from Benjamin Moore coordinate beautifully with New Age 1444. Additionally, consider these hues:

Each of them complements BM New Age 1444 excellently, enriching the palette with varied nuances and tones, contributing to versatile and harmonious interior designs.

Colors that goes with New Age 1444 by Benjamin Moore

How to Use New Age 1444 In Your Home?

New Age 1444 can be seamlessly incorporated into various rooms, offering versatility and aesthetic appeal. It’s well-suited for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, accentuating contemporary, minimalist, and transitional design styles.

Its balanced and neutral nature makes it a harmonious choice for bathrooms and exteriors as well, providing a sophisticated and cohesive look throughout the home. Whether you’re looking to create a serene bedroom ambiance or a sleek kitchen design, New Age 1444 can adapt and enhance diverse spaces and styles.

How to Use New Age 1444 in the Bedroom?

In bedrooms, New Age 1444 can create a tranquil and soothing atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and rest. Its neutral undertones allow for versatile décor choices, from bold, vibrant accessories to muted, subtle textiles. Whether paired with contemporary furnishings or classic pieces, it can enhance the aesthetic coherence and balance of the bedroom, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Benjamin Moore. New Age 1444 for the Bedroom

How to Use New Age 1444 in the Bathroom?

In bathrooms, New Age 1444 can instill a sense of calm and purity. Its balanced tones pair well with various materials such as marble, ceramic, and metal, creating a cohesive and elegant look. Whether you are aiming for a spa-like ambiance or a sleek, modern vibe, this color can adapt and accentuate the design elements, providing a refreshing and revitalizing environment.

Benjamin Moore. New Age 1444 for the Bathroom

How to Use New Age 1444 in the Living Room?

New Age 1444 is a splendid choice for living rooms, where it can serve as a sophisticated backdrop for varied design elements. Its neutral character allows it to harmonize with diverse color palettes, textures, and materials. From modern, minimalist designs to more elaborate, classic styles, New Age 1444 can enhance the living room’s aesthetic appeal, creating a welcoming and balanced space for relaxation and socializing.

Benjamin Moore. New Age 1444 in the Living Room

How to Use New Age 1444 for an Exterior?

For exteriors, New Age 1444 can offer a timeless and elegant appeal. Its versatility enables it to complement various architectural styles and landscape designs. Whether applied to modern, minimalist facades or more traditional, elaborate structures, it can enhance the building’s overall appearance, providing a subtle and refined aesthetic that stands the test of time.

Benjamin Moore. New Age 1444 for the Exterior Use

How to Use New Age 1444 in the Kitchen?

In kitchens, New Age 1444 can create a sleek and harmonious ambiance. Its neutral and balanced tones allow it to blend seamlessly with different finishes and materials, from stainless steel appliances to wooden countertops. Whether aiming for a modern, streamlined look or a cozy, rustic vibe, New Age 1444 can accentuate the kitchen’s aesthetic elements, offering a stylish and functional space for culinary endeavors.

Benjamin Moore. New Age 1444 for the Kitchen

How to Use New Age 1444 for the Kitchen Cabinets?

Using New Age 1444 on kitchen cabinets can instill a sense of sophistication and cleanliness. It’s a versatile choice, harmonizing well with various countertop materials and wall colors. Whether juxtaposed with bold, vibrant hues or paired with subtle, muted tones, New Age 1444 can enhance the cabinets’ aesthetic appeal, contributing to a kitchen space that is both stylish and inviting.

Comparing New Age 1444 With Other Colors

Comparing different colors is vital in inteior design as it enables the designer to understand the subtle nuances, undertones, and complements between shades, helping in creating aesthetically pleasing and harmonious interiors. It aids in making informed decisions on color palettes that enhance the spatial experience and evoke desired emotions.

When comparing New Age 1444 with other colors, its versatility and balanced nature become even more evident, showcasing its ability to adapt and elevate varied design contexts.

New Age 1444 vs. CC-20 Decorator’s White

CC-20 Decorator’s White is a clean and crisp white, exuding simplicity and brightness. In comparison, New Age 1444, with its subtle and balanced undertones, offers more depth and warmth, adding a layer of sophistication to spaces.

While Decorator’s White is ideal for creating sharp contrasts and a minimalist aesthetic, New Age 1444 provides a more nuanced and versatile backdrop, allowing for a wider range of decorative elements and styles.

New Age 1444 vs. BM 1380 Peace and Happiness

BM 1380 Peace and Happiness is a soft, uplifting color that radiates positivity and light. Compared to New Age 1444, it has a more playful and vibrant character. New Age 1444, with its neutral tones and subtle charm, can create more refined and tranquil spaces.

While Peace and Happiness is suited to lively and energetic environments, New Age 1444 is versatile, fitting well in both serene and dynamic settings.

New Age 1444 vs. BM 2095-50 Just Beige

BM 2095-50 Just Beige emanates a warm, inviting ambiance with its earthy tones. In contrast, New Age 1444’s balanced and neutral character makes it a more adaptable and subtle choice for varied interiors. Just Beige is excellent for creating cozy, comfortable spaces, while New Age 1444 can achieve a wide range of moods and aesthetics, from sophisticated elegance to understated simplicity.

New Age 1444 vs. BM 2100-50 Pebble Stone

BM 2100-50 Pebble Stone, with its grounded and solid presence, brings a sense of stability to spaces. New Age 1444, on the other hand, is more airy and versatile, providing a harmonious backdrop for diverse design elements. While Pebble Stone is suited to more rustic and natural settings, New Age 1444 can enhance both contemporary and traditional interiors with its balanced and refined appeal.

New Age 1444 vs. HC-60 Queen Anne Pink

HC-60 Queen Anne Pink is a delicate and feminine color, adding a touch of romance and softness to interiors. Compared to New Age 1444, it has a more specific and pronounced character. New Age 1444’s neutral and adaptable nature allows it to blend seamlessly with various styles and palettes, making it a more versatile choice for those looking to achieve a wide range of design outcomes.

New Age 1444 vs. BM 1445 Piano Concerto

BM 1445 Piano Concerto is a sophisticated and harmonious color that resonates with musical elegance. In contrast, New Age 1444, with its subtle neutrality and balanced undertones, is like a blank canvas, ready to be imbued with diverse aesthetic expressions.

While Piano Concerto can create atmospheres of refined harmony, New Age 1444 offers endless possibilities in crafting spaces that reflect individual tastes and preferences.


New Age 1444 is a multifaceted color, offering extensive possibilities in the realm of interior design. Its balanced nature, subtle undertones, and versatility make it a sought-after choice for those looking to create spaces that resonate with elegance, balance, and sophistication.

By understanding its characteristics and interplay with lighting, coordinating colors, trim colors, and similar hues, one can leverage the full potential of New Age 1444, crafting interiors that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply resonant and harmonious.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Is New Age 1444 suitable for small spaces?

Absolutely! New Age 1444 is a versatile color that can make small spaces appear more open and airy due to its balanced and neutral tones. It pairs well with a variety of accents and furniture styles, allowing for the creation of a cohesive and harmonious look in compact spaces.

⭐Can New Age 1444 be used as an exterior paint color?

Yes, New Age 1444 is a great option for exterior applications. Its timeless appeal and adaptable nature enable it to complement a variety of architectural styles and exterior materials, adding a refined and sophisticated touch to the building's overall appearance.

⭐Does New Age 1444 pair well with wood textures and finishes?

Indeed, New Age 1444 harmonizes exceptionally well with various wood textures and finishes, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. Its neutral and balanced character allows it to adapt to different wood tones, making it a versatile choice for rooms with wooden elements.

⭐Is New Age 1444 easy to maintain and clean?

New Age 1444, when finished with a high-quality paint, is generally easy to maintain and clean. The neutral tone helps in concealing minor stains and marks, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas and spaces prone to wear and tear

⭐Can New Age 1444 work in a room with low natural light?

Certainly! New Age 1444’s balanced undertones allow it to work well in rooms with varying light conditions, including those with low natural light. It can help in maintaining a light and airy feel in such spaces, maximizing the impact of available light.

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