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Juneau Spring 2041-40 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

Juneau Spring 2041-40 is not just another color; it's an experience.

Juneau Spring 2041-40 is not just another color; it’s an experience. A symphony of muted vibrancy that graces interiors with a unique blend of depth and freshness. But what makes this color truly unique? Let’s dive deep into the world of Juneau Spring 2041-40.

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What Color Is Juneau Spring 2041-40?

Capturing the essence of the tranquil Alaskan landscape, Juneau Spring is a harmonious blend of soft blue with subtle hints of gray. This shade echoes the serenity of the Alaskan skies during spring. Perfect for minimalist and Scandinavian interiors, it complements natural wood textures, linens, and stone finishes seamlessly, promising a room that feels both airy and grounded.


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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

Juneau Spring 2041-40 leans towards the cooler spectrum. Cool colors, by nature, evoke feelings of calm, tranquility, and spaciousness. This attribute makes the color an ideal choice for homes aiming to achieve a soothing and relaxed ambience, especially in bedrooms or bathrooms.

Undertones of Juneau Spring 2041-40

Every color has its secrets, and for Juneau Spring, it’s the undertones. Delicate undertones of soft lavender are nestled within this shade, lending it a unique, ethereal quality. Undertones can subtly change how a color appears, especially under different lighting. For Juneau Spring, its undertones give the walls an almost fluid quality, allowing it to transition beautifully from dawn to dusk.


Coordinating Colors of Juneau Spring 2041-40

Coordinating colors are those that harmonize and elevate the primary color. For Juneau Spring, its coordinating colors are:

  • OC-67 Ice Mist : An airy, near-transparent white.
  • OC-54 White Wisp : A whisper of gray in a sea of white.
  • BM 2123-10 Mediterranean Teal (CHECK A SAMPLE): A rich, deep blue with a touch of green.

Three additional coordinating colors include:


How Does Lighting Affect Juneau Spring 2041-40?

Lighting is the magician that can transform colors. Under artificial light, Juneau Spring exudes warmth, but under natural light, it blooms into its cool essence. In north-faced rooms, it adopts a deeper, more mysterious hue.

South-faced rooms highlight its vibrant undertones. In east-faced rooms, it gleams with morning freshness, while in west-facing rooms, it settles into a matured elegance by evening.


LRV of Juneau Spring 2041-40

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures how much light a color reflects. With an LRV of 39, Juneau Spring is in the middle spectrum. It neither absorbs too much light nor reflects excessively. This balanced LRV ensures that the color maintains its integrity in various lighting conditions, never appearing too dark or too washed out.


What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

Trim Colors of Juneau Spring 2041-40

Trim colors are essential to frame and accentuate your primary color. For Juneau Spring, consider shades of white like OC-65 Chantilly Lace, CC-20 Decorator’s White, and OC-117 Simply White. These crisp whites can provide a clean break, enhancing the beauty of Juneau Spring on your walls.


Colors Similar to Juneau Spring 2041-40

Understanding similar shades can offer alternate options or complementary pairings. Shades similar to Abbey Brown 1225 include:


Colors That Go With Juneau Spring 2041-40

Harmonious interiors often blend colors that resonate well together. With Juneau Spring 2041-40, consider the gentle BM 2137-60 Gray Owl, the refreshing BM 1625 Blue Lace, the deep HC-156 Van Deusen Blue, the subtle BM 2122-40 Smoke, and the warm OC-11 Clay Beige. These shades, in tandem with Juneau Spring, promise interiors that are both cohesive and vibrant.

In the end, Juneau Spring 2041-40 isn’t just about painting walls; it’s about crafting experiences. Whether you’re enveloped in its cool embrace or exploring its many complementary shades, it promises a journey of discovery and delight.


How to Use Juneau Spring 2041-40 In Your Home?

Juneau Spring 2041-40 is a versatile shade that can breathe life into various rooms. Its soothing hue makes it ideal for bedrooms, offering a tranquil retreat. In living spaces, it adds a touch of sophistication, perfect for contemporary and minimalist designs. Bathrooms adorned with this color become spa-like havens. Its versatility extends to kitchens, where it can brighten spaces and on cabinets for a chic finish. Even exteriors can benefit, giving homes a fresh, inviting facade. The color aligns well with modern, Scandinavian, and coastal interior styles.

How to Use Juneau Spring 2041-40 in the Bedroom?

Juneau Spring, with its calming and serene essence, is perfect for the bedroom. It evokes feelings of tranquility, promoting restful sleep. Paired with soft linens, plush rugs, and warm wooden accents, it creates a cocooning environment, making the bedroom a rejuvenating sanctuary.


How to Use Juneau Spring 2041-40 in the Bathroom?

For bathrooms aiming for a spa-like ambiance, Juneau Spring is the go-to choice. The shade complements marbled surfaces, matte black fixtures, and glass enclosures effortlessly. Add in white towels, bamboo accessories, and some indoor plants, and you’ll have a refreshing space that invigorates the senses.


How to Use Juneau Spring 2041-40 in the Living Room?

In the living room, Juneau Spring adds a touch of sophisticated elegance. It works as a subtle backdrop, allowing bold accents and furnishings to shine. Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist aesthetic with sleek furniture or a cozy setup with textured cushions and throws, this shade binds the decor elements harmoniously.


How to Use Juneau Spring 2041-40 for an Exterior?

Juneau Spring isn’t just for interiors. Applied to home exteriors, it offers a modern, yet timeless appeal. The shade captures the beauty of the skies, making homes feel welcoming. It pairs beautifully with white trims, natural stone pathways, and wooden accents, ensuring a harmonious and chic curb appeal.


How to Use Juneau Spring 2041-40 in the Kitchen?

Kitchens dressed in Juneau Spring exude freshness. The soft hue provides a delightful contrast to stainless steel appliances and wooden countertops. Whether it’s a morning coffee ritual or an evening cookout, this color transforms the kitchen into a cheerful and invigorating space.


How to Use Juneau Spring 2041-40 on the Kitchen Cabinets?

Elevate your kitchen aesthetics by painting cabinets in Juneau Spring. This shade on cabinets acts as a contemporary twist, making them stand out yet blend seamlessly with various kitchen styles. Paired with brass or matte black hardware, the cabinets become a statement of elegance and style.


Comparing Juneau Spring 2041-40 With Other Colors

Understanding the nuances between various colors is crucial, especially when making design choices. A shade may look distinct on a swatch but can evoke entirely different feelings when applied to large spaces. Comparing colors allows designers and homeowners to grasp undertones, depth, and mood variations.

When deliberating on Juneau Spring 2041-40, understanding its relationship with other hues will help create harmonious interiors.

Juneau Spring 2041-40 vs. BM 2041-70 Irish Mint

Irish Mint (CHECK A SAMPLE) is a gentle whisper of green, almost ethereal in its presentation. While Juneau Spring carries a subtle depth, Irish Mint leans towards a more airy quality. It’s like comparing a clear sky with a dense, calming forest. Both have their own beauty, but the choice depends on whether you want depth or lightness.


Juneau Spring 2041-40 vs. BM 2041-60 Soft Mint

Soft Mint (CHECK A SAMPLE) is aptly named, evoking the gentle coolness of a fresh mint leaf. It’s brighter and more vibrant, whereas Juneau Spring brings in a serene, muted elegance. In spaces where lively freshness is desired, Soft Mint shines, while Juneau Spring offers a more relaxed atmosphere.


Juneau Spring 2041-40 vs. BM 2041-50 Sea Mist Green

Sea Mist Green (CHECK A SAMPLE), reminiscent of coastal mornings, offers a slightly more aquatic touch. The comparison here is between the earthy undertones of Juneau Spring and the aquatic breeziness of Sea Mist Green. The latter is perfect for spaces inspired by oceanic vibes.


Juneau Spring 2041-40 vs. BM 2041-30 Green Gables

Green Gables (CHECK A SAMPLE) is deeper, drawing from the verdant shades of countryside landscapes. In contrast, Juneau Spring has a more subdued hue. For those aiming for richness and depth, Green Gables is the choice, while Juneau Spring brings in a sophisticated subtlety.


Juneau Spring 2041-40 vs. BM 2041-10 Hunter Green

Hunter Green (CHECK A SAMPLE) is the epitome of depth, evoking images of dense forests. It’s bold and demands attention. Juneau Spring, on the other hand, is more nuanced and gentle. Hunter Green would be a statement choice, while Juneau Spring gracefully blends, creating harmony.


Juneau Spring 2041-40 vs. BM 2041-20 Fiddlehead Green

Fiddlehead Green (CHECK A SAMPLE) draws from the fresh shoots of ferns. It’s youthful and has a sprightly energy. Juneau Spring, meanwhile, exudes maturity and calm. For spaces needing a hint of playful vigor, Fiddlehead Green is ideal, while Juneau Spring offers a calming embrace.



Juneau Spring 2041-40 is a testament to the beauty of subtlety. Its versatility is evident when compared with other hues, each bringing out a distinct aspect of its character. Choosing the right shade isn’t just about color; it’s about the mood, the atmosphere, and the story one wants to tell. With this comparison, homeowners and designers can navigate their choices with clarity, ensuring that spaces not only look good but feel right.


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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What type of rooms is Juneau Spring 2041-40 best suited for?

Juneau Spring 2041-40 is a versatile color that works beautifully in a range of rooms. Its calming hue makes it perfect for bedrooms, offering a tranquil retreat, but it's also suitable for living spaces, kitchens, and bathrooms where a refreshing and serene atmosphere is desired.

⭐How does Juneau Spring 2041-40 compare to other shades of green?

Juneau Spring 2041-40 is a muted, sophisticated green. While it carries a depth of color, it remains subtle, making it more adaptable and less bold than some other green shades. Its versatility allows it to blend harmoniously in various design settings.

⭐Does this color require multiple coats when painting?

The coverage of Juneau Spring 2041-40, like any paint color, will depend on the quality of the paint, the surface being painted, and the color from which you are transitioning. It's always recommended to start with a primer if covering a dark color or raw surfaces, then proceed with 2 coats for optimal results.

⭐What trim colors pair well with Juneau Spring 2041-40?

Shades of white, especially those with subtle cool undertones, pair beautifully with Juneau Spring 2041-40. Consider using crisp whites or slightly off-white shades from the same brand to create a harmonious contrast.

⭐Is Juneau Spring 2041-40 a warm or cool shade of green?

Juneau Spring 2041-40 leans towards the cooler side, evoking feelings of tranquility and calm. Its cool undertones make it an excellent choice for creating serene and refreshing interiors.


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