Dark Brown SW 7520 Paint Color by Sherwin-Williams

An In-depth Exploration of the Color

Every color speaks a language of its own. It carries a particular mood, story, and emotion. Among these colors, SW 7520 Dark Brown stands out as a versatile shade that can be used in myriad ways. In this article, we dive deep into the specifics, undertones, and complementary colors that make this shade truly unique.

SW 7520 Dark Brown by Sherwin Williams
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What Color Is SW 7520 Dark Brown?

SW 7520 Dark Brown is a rich, deep brown that evokes the feel of aged leather, dark chocolate, and the calm shadows of a late evening forest. This color is deep and enveloping, providing a cozy ambiance that wraps around a room. With its earthy and natural undertones, it’s ideal for rustic, traditional, and even contemporary interior styles.

Pair it with materials like dark woods, brick, or natural stone, and you’ll amplify its inherent beauty. Textures like velvets or rugged textiles contrast and complement the smooth appearance of this paint.

SW 7520 Dark Brown Paint Color by Sherwin Williams

Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

SW 7520 Dark Brown leans towards the warm spectrum. Its earthy undertones give it a comforting warmth that makes spaces feel cozy and inviting. This warm nature enables it to create a snug environment, especially in homes seeking a peaceful sanctuary from the bustling outside world.

Undertones of SW 7520 Dark Brown

Every color has undertones—subtle shades that emerge under specific lighting or when placed next to other colors. SW 7520 Dark Brown possesses undertones of deep mahogany and cocoa. In interior spaces, these undertones can either be highlighted or muted based on the surrounding décor.

On walls, these undertones can subtly shift depending on the time of day and accompanying furnishings, creating dynamic spaces full of character.

SW 7520 Dark Brown by Sherwin Williams Color Undertone

Coordinating Colors of SW 7520 Dark Brown

Coordinating colors help accentuate and enhance the primary color. For SW 7520 Dark Brown, such colors are:

  • SW 6105 Divine White: A soft, ethereal white with a hint of creaminess.
  • SW 9092 Iced Mocha: A balanced beige with a hint of coffee richness.

Additionally, three similar tones are:

  • SW 7043 Worldly Gray: A sophisticated gray with a global appeal.
  • SW 7012 Creamy: A luscious off-white that is both warm and inviting.
  • SW 7029 Agreeable Gray: A neutral gray with earthy undertones.
Coordinating Colors for SW 7520 Dark Brown by Sherwin Williams

How Does Lighting Affect SW 7520 Dark Brown?

Lighting can dramatically change the way colors are perceived. In artificial light, SW 7520 Dark Brown can seem more intense, drawing out its deeper undertones. Under natural light, it exhibits a more vibrant and lively shade, especially during golden hours.

The direction your room faces also plays a part. In north-faced rooms, where light is cooler, the color takes on a slightly more muted, sophisticated shade. South-faced rooms, bathed in warm light, can amplify its cozy, warm undertones.

In east-facing rooms, morning light can make the paint appear brighter and fresher. Conversely, in west-facing rooms, evening light accentuates its depth and richness.

How does lighting affect SW 7520 Dark Brown

LRV of SW 7520 Dark Brown

LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, indicates the amount of light a paint color reflects. With an LRV of 9, SW 7520 Dark Brown absorbs a significant portion of light, rendering a darker appearance. This low LRV makes it ideal for creating intimate, cozy spaces, especially when one desires a room with a more enveloping feel.

SW 7520 Dark Brown by Sherwin Williams. LRV 9

What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

Trim Colors of SW 7520 Dark Brown

Trim colors serve as a frame, enhancing the main wall color. For SW 7520 Dark Brown, the following shades of white from Sherwin-Williams will work best:

They provide crisp contrasts, highlighting the depth and beauty of the primary color.

Trim Colors of SW 7520 Dark Brown by Sherwin Williams

Colors Similar to SW 7520 Dark Brown:

Understanding similar shades assists in subtle variations for design projects. SW 7520 is close to:

  • SW 2807 Rookwood Medium Brown: A balanced brown with a touch of earthiness.
  • SW 6068 Brevity Brown: Lighter, with hints of sienna.
  • SW 6104 Kaffee: Rich and deep, reminiscent of roasted coffee beans.
  • SW 2856 Fairfax Brown: A sophisticated shade with a touch of elegance
  • SW 6090 Java: A lively brown with energizing undertones.
Paint Color Similar to SW 7520 Dark Brown by Sherwin Williams

Colors That Go With SW 7520 Dark Brown:

Pairing the right colors enhances overall aesthetics. Colors like SW 7504 Keystone Gray, SW 7015 Repose Gray, and SW 2739 Charcoal Blue provide serene contrasts. SW 9111 Antler Velvet brings out earthy undertones, SW 7555 Patience adds softness, and SW 6102 Portabello mirrors its depth.

Complementing these are SW 7024 Functional Gray, SW 9166 Drift of Mist, and SW 7022 Alpaca, all of which contribute to a harmonious palette.

Colors that goes with SW 7520 Dark Brown by Sherwin Williams

How to Use SW 7520 Dark Brown In Your Home?

SW 7520 Dark Brown is an evocative and versatile shade perfect for a variety of rooms in your home, from cozy bedrooms to welcoming living areas. Its deep earthy undertones make it an ideal choice for traditional, rustic, and even some modern design styles.

This color finds its place seamlessly in a study, evoking focus and serenity, or a dining room where its warmth enhances the ambiance. Its richness pairs well with minimalist, boho, or farmhouse styles, adding depth and warmth to neutral palettes.

How to Use SW 7520 Dark Brown in the Bedroom?

In bedrooms, SW 7520 Dark Brown creates a cocoon-like environment, promoting restfulness. Complement it with soft linens, distressed wooden furniture, and warm metallic accents. This shade pairs excellently with soft, muted pastels or creamy whites, creating a tranquil oasis perfect for relaxation and sleep.

Sherwin Williams. SW 7520 Dark Brown For the bedroom

How to Use SW 7520 Dark Brown in the Bathroom?

For bathrooms, this shade can introduce a spa-like calm. Imagine soaking in a tub surrounded by this rich hue. Use it as an accent wall or for cabinetry, and pair it with lighter tiles and fixtures. Bronze or gold hardware adds a touch of luxury, enhancing the bathroom’s overall aesthetic.

Sherwin Williams. SW 7520 Dark Brown For the Bathroom

How to Use SW 7520 Dark Brown in the Living Room?

In the living room, SW 7520 fosters intimacy and conversation. Use it for a feature wall behind a fireplace or a cozy reading nook. When balanced with lighter furnishings, rugs, and drapery, it provides depth without overpowering the space. Add earth-toned accessories and green plants to complete the inviting atmosphere.

Sherwin Williams. SW 7520 Dark Brown In the Living Room

How to Use SW 7520 Dark Brown for an Exterior?

Externally, SW 7520 Dark Brown offers a stately and timeless look. It’s a bold choice for the main house color or can be used for trim, shutters, or doors for a contrasted appearance. Complement it with stone paths or wooden accents for a harmonious blend with nature.

Sherwin Williams. SW 7520 Dark Brown For the exterior

How to Use SW 7520 Dark Brown in the Kitchen?

Kitchens adorned in SW 7520 exude warmth and sophistication. It can serve as a backdrop, accentuating lighter-colored countertops and kitchen islands. Think of copper pots, warm wooden countertops, and terracotta tiles blending seamlessly with this deep hue, creating a kitchen that’s both functional and visually stunning.

Sherwin Williams. SW 7520 Dark Brown For the Kitchens

How to Use SW 7520 Dark Brown for the Kitchen Cabinets?

Using SW 7520 for kitchen cabinets is a bold move that pays off. It offers a contrast to light-colored walls or backsplashes, making the cabinets pop. Paired with gold or brass handles, the cabinets become a statement piece. To balance its intensity, consider marble or wooden countertops, ensuring the kitchen feels grounded and inviting.

Sherwin Williams. SW 7520 Dark Brown For the Kitchen Cabinets

Comparing SW 7520 Dark Brown With Other Colors

Comparing different paint colors is an essential step in the design and decoration process. Colors, even if they seem similar, have distinct undertones and characteristics that can dramatically alter the ambiance of a space. Comparing allows us to understand these nuances, ensuring that the chosen shade aligns perfectly with the desired mood and style. Especially with browns, which can vary from warm to cool, reddish to neutral, understanding these differences becomes crucial.

SW 7520 Dark Brown vs. SW 6082 Cobble Brown

SW 6082 Cobble Brown is reminiscent of ancient cobblestone streets—a touch lighter than SW 7520. While both evoke a sense of history and nostalgia, Cobble Brown has a slightly more weathered appearance, whereas SW 7520 remains profoundly deep and enveloping.

SW 7520 Dark Brown vs. SW 6082 Cobble Brown

SW 7520 Dark Brown vs. SW 2838 Polished Mahogany

SW 2838 Polished Mahogany exudes an elegance associated with classic wooden furniture. It has richer reddish undertones compared to SW 7520. While both are sophisticated, Polished Mahogany feels more regal and vintage, whereas Dark Brown feels cozier and more grounded.

SW 7520 Dark Brown vs. SW 2838 Polished Mahogany

SW 7520 Dark Brown vs. SW 6109 Hopsack

SW 7520 Dark Brown is a profound, deeply saturated hue that evokes a sense of warmth and depth reminiscent of aged wood or rich earthy soil. It has the power to anchor spaces, provide contrast, and bring about a cozy and enveloping ambiance in any setting.

On the other hand, SW 6109 Hopsack is a warmer, mid-tone brown with hints of amber and beige. The color can be likened to the hue of a burlap sack or the golden touch of late afternoon sunlight filtering through autumn leaves. Its earthy undertones, while still providing warmth, are lighter and more versatile.

Hopsack can brighten a space without sacrificing the coziness typically associated with brown shades.

When comparing the two, SW 7520 Dark Brown is more intense and works well in spaces where a bold statement is desired. In contrast, SW 6109 Hopsack provides a softer touch, making it suitable for areas where one might want a warm atmosphere without the heaviness of a darker shade. Both are excellent choices depending on the desired mood and aesthetic of the space.

SW 7520 Dark Brown vs. SW 6109 Hopsack

SW 7520 Dark Brown vs. SW 9183 Dark Clove

SW 9183 Dark Clove has hints of spice and warmth, leaning more towards a spiced chocolate tone. While SW 7520 is a more neutral deep brown, Dark Clove introduces subtle warmth, making spaces feel slightly more exotic and adventurous.

SW 7520 Dark Brown vs. SW 9183 Dark Clove

SW 7520 Dark Brown vs. SW 6083 Sable

SW 6083 Sable is akin to the luxurious, soft texture of sable fur. It’s a touch lighter and carries a silken smoothness. While both shades are sophisticated, Sable feels more delicate and airy, whereas Dark Brown has a more profound depth.

SW 7520 Dark Brown vs. SW 6083 Sable

SW 7520 Dark Brown vs. SW 9091 Half-Caff

SW 9091 Half-Caff is like a comforting cup of latte, lighter and creamier than Dark Brown. It provides a neutral backdrop with a touch of coziness. While SW 7520 is immersive and deep, Half-Caff feels more casual and versatile for lighter-themed interiors.

SW 7520 Dark Brown vs. SW 9091 Half Caff


In the vast palette of colors, the rich depth and versatility of SW 7520 Dark Brown stand out, making it a notable choice for various spaces and styles. Its comparisons with other browns reveal the intricacies and nuances of shades, highlighting the importance of understanding undertones and the moods they invoke.

From cozy interiors to stately exteriors, the right shade of brown can transform a space, and SW 7520, with its neutral yet profound hue, offers endless possibilities for design explorations.

Whether juxtaposed with lighter hues or complemented with similar tones, this color epitomizes timeless elegance and warmth.

SW 7520 Dark Brown by Sherwin Williams Ultimate Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What kind of undertones does SW 7520 Dark Brown have?

SW 7520 Dark Brown carries a neutral undertone, making it a true deep brown that provides depth and warmth without leaning overly red or green.

⭐Is SW 7520 Dark Brown suitable for small rooms?

Yes, SW 7520 Dark Brown can be used in small rooms. When applied thoughtfully, such as on an accent wall, it can add depth and character. However, using it extensively in a small space might make the room feel more enclosed, so pairing it with lighter tones can achieve balance.

⭐How does this color look in natural vs. artificial light?

SW 7520 Dark Brown tends to appear deeper and richer in natural light. In artificial light, depending on the source, it may appear slightly more muted. Always best to test in the specific lighting conditions of your space.

⭐Which trim colors go best with SW 7520 Dark Brown?

Lighter shades, especially off-whites and creamy whites, work excellently as trim colors with SW 7520, providing a crisp and refreshing contrast.

⭐Is this color suitable for exteriors?

Absolutely! SW 7520 Dark Brown can give exteriors a stately and timeless appearance, especially when paired with complementary colors for trim and details.

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