Cinnamon 2174-20 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

Cinnamon 2174-20 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

When it comes to decorating, the color selection forms the essence of any aesthetic composition.

When it comes to decorating, the color selection forms the essence of any aesthetic composition. Cinnamon 2174-20, from Benjamin Moore, embodies a captivating blend of richness and warmth, providing the desired ambiance in any interior setting.

Cinnamon 2174 20 by Benjamin Moore

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What Color is Cinnamon 2174-20?

Cinnamon 2174-20 is a rich, robust shade of brown that resonates with the earthy tones of the spice it is named after. This color is associated with warmth, making it versatile in creating inviting spaces. It’s an excellent choice for traditional, rustic, and even contemporary styles, bringing a sense of coziness and charm.

In terms of pairing, this shade complements a range of textures and materials such as wood, leather, and natural fabrics, emphasizing its compatibility with diverse interior styles.

Cinnamon 2174 20 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

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Is it a Warm or Cool Color?

Cinnamon 2174-20 is undoubtedly a warm color. Warm colors tend to bring an inviting and cozy ambiance to a room, creating a sense of closeness and intimacy. This warm undertone makes it particularly effective in larger rooms, bringing a more gathered and welcoming feel to the space, turning houses into homes by evoking a sense of comfort and coziness.

Undertones of Cinnamon 2174-20

The undertones of a color impact its overall appearance and how it interacts with other colors and lighting. Cinnamon 2174-20 has subtle reddish undertones, giving it a warm and cozy vibe. These undertones impact the perception of the color, sometimes making it appear more vibrant or subdued, depending on the lighting and surrounding colors.

On interior walls, the undertones of Cinnamon 2174-20 can bring a sense of warmth and richness, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Cinnamon 2174 20 by Benjamin Moore Undertone

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Coordinating Colors of Cinnamon 2174-20

Coordinating colors are crucial as they define the overall aesthetics and harmony within a space. For Cinnamon 2174-20, earthy tones like beiges, creams, and deeper browns make ideal coordinating colors, creating a balanced and harmonious look.

  • Soft Beige 2156-60 : A light, neutral shade, offers a subtle contrast, highlighting the richness of Cinnamon 2174-20.
  • Creamy White OC-7 : A versatile shade, provides a refreshing and clean backdrop, enhancing the warm undertones of Cinnamon 2174-20.
  • Espresso Bean CSP-30 : A dark, rich brown, complements and adds depth, creating a sophisticated palette when paired with Cinnamon 2174-20.

Additionally, consider incorporating shades like muted olive green, terracotta, and soft gold, which can seamlessly blend with Cinnamon 2174-20, enhancing its warm and earthy vibe.

Coordinating Colors for Cinnamon 2174 20 by Benjamin Moore

How Does Lighting Affect Cinnamon 2174-20?

Lighting has a profound impact on color perception. Cinnamon 2174-20, under natural light, reveals its true richness and warmth, ideal for spaces with abundant sunlight. In artificial light, it may appear more subdued but equally charming. In north-facing rooms, this color may seem darker due to the cooler, bluish light, while in south-facing rooms, the warm light enhances its cozy vibe.

East and west-facing rooms offer a varying perception of this color, appearing warmer in the evening and cooler in the morning, respectively. Thus, considering lighting conditions is essential when choosing where to apply this color.

How does lighting affect Cinnamon 2174 20

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LRV of Cinnamon 2174-20

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures the amount of light a color reflects. With an LRV of 12, Cinnamon 2174-20 is on the darker side of the spectrum, absorbing more light and adding a sense of depth to the space. This low LRV means it can make spaces feel more intimate and cozy but may necessitate additional lighting in spaces with limited natural light.

This particular LRV can be ideal for creating focal points and accentuating architectural details, making Cinnamon 2174-20 a versatile choice for enhancing spatial aesthetics.

Cinnamon 2174 20 by Benjamin Moore. LRV – 12

What is LRV? Detailed Guide

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Trim Colors of Cinnamon 2174-20

Trim colors frame and accentuate spaces, and choosing the right ones can elevate the aesthetics of a room. With Cinnamon 2174-20, shades of white like Whisper White, Moonlight White, and Cloud White can offer a crisp and refreshing contrast, emphasizing the warmth and richness of the main color. Selecting the right trim color is crucial to achieving a harmonious and balanced look.

Trim Colors for Cinnamon 2174 20 by Benjamin Moore, www.

Colors Similar to Cinnamon 2174-20

Understanding similar colors is essential to find alternatives or complements within the same color family. BM 2090-20 Rich Chestnut is a hearty, welcoming brown, BM 2173-20 Tawny Rose offers a blush of red, and BM 2172-20 Mars Red presents a bold, deep red, each resembling the warmth and richness of Cinnamon 2174-20.

  • BM 2090-20 Rich Chestnut : It’s a robust and inviting color, echoing the warmth and depth of Cinnamon 2174-20, making spaces feel anchored and cozy.
  • BM 2173-20 Tawny Rose : A softer, more subdued shade, it brings a touch of warmth and subtleness, creating inviting spaces.
  • BM 2172-20 Mars Red : This bold and vibrant color adds a splash of energy and excitement, complementing the rich and warm tones of Cinnamon 2174-20.
Paint Colors Similar to Cinnamon 2174 20 by Benjamin Moore

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Colors That Go With Cinnamon 2174-20

Creating a cohesive color palette is essential for aesthetic fluidity within a space. For Cinnamon 2174-20, soft creams, deep burgundies, and muted greens by Benjamin Moore create a harmonious and balanced palette, complementing the richness of the color.

Consider also incorporating soft peaches, smoky grays, and rich blues to diversify and enrich the overall aesthetic, each bringing its unique charm when paired with Cinnamon 2174-20. The whole color list might look like this:

  1. BM 2067-20 Starry Night Blue
  2. HC-116 Guildford Green
  3. BM 2109-60 Portland Gray
  4. OC-72 Pink Damask

How to Use Cinnamon 2174-20 In Your Home?

Cinnamon 2174-20, with its warm and inviting tones, can be used effectively in various rooms, including living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, imbuing each space with a sense of coziness and warmth. This versatile color aligns well with rustic, traditional, and even contemporary design styles, complementing a variety of textures and materials.

Whether it’s the subtle elegance of a minimalist design or the rich complexity of a more elaborate style, Cinnamon 2174-20 can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space within your home.

How to Use Cinnamon 2174-20 in the Bedroom?

In the bedroom, Cinnamon 2174-20 creates a serene and tranquil environment, encouraging relaxation and rest. The warm undertones of this color pair beautifully with soft textiles and wooden furnishings, creating a cohesive and inviting space.

Use it as an accent wall or incorporate it within the decor to bring warmth and richness to your sanctuary, creating an environment conducive to rest and rejuvenation.

Benjamin Moore. Cinnamon 2174 20 for the Bedroom

How to Use Cinnamon 2174-20 in the Bathroom?

In the bathroom, Cinnamon 2174-20 can add a touch of luxury and warmth, transforming the space into a soothing retreat. Paired with crisp whites or soft creams, it creates a balanced and harmonious environment. Use it on walls or cabinetry to introduce warmth and depth, complementing it with metallic accents and natural materials for a sophisticated and refined aesthetic.

Benjamin Moore. Cinnamon 2174 20 for the Bathroom

How to Use Cinnamon 2174-20 in the Living Room?

Cinnamon 2174-20 is an excellent choice for the living room, where it can create a warm and welcoming ambiance. Use it on the walls to make a bold statement or as an accent color to add depth and interest to the space. Complemented by soft furnishings and neutral tones, it creates a balanced and harmonious living area, ideal for relaxation and socialization.

Benjamin Moore. Cinnamon 2174 20 in the Living Room

How to Use Cinnamon 2174-20 for an Exterior?

Cinnamon 2174-20 can also make a stunning and sophisticated choice for exteriors. This rich color can create a sense of warmth and welcome, blending well with natural surroundings. Pair it with crisp white trims for a classic and timeless look or with complementary earthy tones for a more harmonious and cohesive appearance. It’s particularly effective for creating a focal point, drawing attention to architectural details and enhancing curb appeal.

Benjamin Moore. Cinnamon 2174 20 for the Exterior Use

How to Use Cinnamon 2174-20 in the Kitchen?

In the kitchen, Cinnamon 2174-20 brings warmth and vibrancy, making the space feel more inviting and homely. This color works beautifully on walls, creating a rich backdrop for culinary adventures. Pair it with white or wooden cabinetry and metallic accents to achieve a balanced and stylish aesthetic. Whether it’s a modern or traditional kitchen, Cinnamon 2174-20 can elevate the space with its rich and warm tones.

Benjamin Moore. Cinnamon 2174 20 for the Kitchen

How to Use Cinnamon 2174-20 for the Kitchen Cabinets?

Using Cinnamon 2174-20 on kitchen cabinets can transform the overall aesthetic of the space. It introduces a sense of warmth and sophistication, turning the cabinets into a focal point of the room. Pair the rich tones of Cinnamon 2174-20 with lighter countertops and backsplashes for a balanced look, or complement it with similar warm tones for a harmonious and cohesive kitchen design.

The versatility of this color makes it a suitable choice for various kitchen styles, adding depth and richness to the decor.

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Comparing Cinnamon 2174-20 With Other Colors

Comparing colors is crucial for understanding the subtle nuances between different shades and how they interact with each other within a space. It allows one to assess the impact of each color on the ambiance of a room and helps in creating harmonious and balanced color schemes.

By comparing Cinnamon 2174-20 with other colors, we can better understand its versatility and how it can be paired with various shades to achieve the desired aesthetic effect in interior design.

Cinnamon 2174-20 vs. BM 2170-30 Autumn Cover

Autumn Cover is a rich, deep color with vibrant undertones. While both shades radiate warmth, Cinnamon 2174-20 has a more subdued and earthy vibe, making it versatile for different styles and settings. Autumn Cover, with its lively and dynamic feel, might be more suitable for spaces that aim to stimulate and energize, while Cinnamon 2174-20 might be preferable for creating cozy and inviting atmospheres.

Cinnamon 2174 20 vs. BM 2170 30 Autumn Cover

Cinnamon 2174-20 vs. BM 2170-40 Coral Spice

Coral Spice has a warmer, more vibrant hue compared to Cinnamon 2174-20. It imparts a lively and cheerful vibe to the spaces, while Cinnamon 2174-20 brings in a grounded and comforting ambiance. The vibrant nature of Coral Spice makes it suitable for areas where a stimulating and bright atmosphere is desired, while Cinnamon 2174-20 would work well in spaces where tranquility and warmth are the focus.

Cinnamon 2174 20 vs. BM 2170 40 Coral Spice

Cinnamon 2174-20 vs. BM 2171-10 Navajo Red

Navajo Red , with its strong and bold red undertones, brings a different kind of warmth to spaces compared to Cinnamon 2174-20. Navajo Red stands out more and can make striking statements, while Cinnamon 2174-20, with its muted undertones, can create a softer, more relaxing atmosphere, blending well with various elements within the space, making it versatile and adaptable to different design approaches.

Cinnamon 2174 20 vs. BM 2171 10 Navajo Red

Cinnamon 2174-20 vs. BM 2170-2 Tropical Orange

Tropical Orange is vibrant and energetic, instantly adding a sense of excitement and cheerfulness to any space. In contrast, Cinnamon 2174-20, with its earthy and subdued tones, imparts a sense of calmness and warmth. While Tropical Orange is ideal for spaces requiring a spirited and lively ambiance, Cinnamon 2174-20 is more suited to areas where a soothing and cozy environment is desired.

innamon 2174 20 vs. BM 2170 2 Tropical Orange

Cinnamon 2174-20 vs. BM 2171-20 Fire Dance

Fire Dance is characterized by its intense, fiery undertones, creating vibrant and dynamic spaces. Cinnamon 2174-20, on the other hand, with its understated and warm hues, offers a more balanced and serene atmosphere. Fire Dance is excellent for creating focal points and drawing attention, while Cinnamon 2174-20 excels in establishing a harmonious and inviting backdrop within interiors.

Cinnamon 2174 20 vs. BM 2171 20 Fire Dance

Cinnamon 2174-20 vs. BM 2172-10 Copper Clay

Copper Clay brings a rustic charm with its reddish-brown tones, similar to Cinnamon 2174-20, but with a more pronounced red undertone. Copper Clay is striking and can add warmth and character to a space. Meanwhile, Cinnamon 2174-20, with its balanced and subtle warmth, provides a comforting and cohesive environment, integrating seamlessly with various design elements and styles.

Cinnamon 2174 20 vs. BM 2172 10 Copper Clay


Cinnamon 2174-20 is not just a color; it’s an experience of warmth, richness, and coziness, translating the essence of the spice into spatial aesthetics. Its versatility in pairing, warm undertones, and ability to create inviting spaces make it a cherished choice for those seeking a blend of tradition and modernity in their décor.

Whether illuminated by the soft glow of a setting sun or the gentle flicker of a candle, Cinnamon 2174-20 promises to wrap any space in its comforting embrace, making it a timeless choice for connoisseurs of refined living.

Cinnamon 2174 20 by Benjamin Moore Ultimate Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐In which rooms does Cinnamon 2174-20 work best?

Cinnamon 2174-20 is a versatile color that works well in various rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, creating warm and inviting atmospheres. It’s particularly effective in spaces where a cozy and comforting ambiance is desired, and it aligns well with rustic, traditional, and contemporary design styles.

⭐What are the coordinating colors for Cinnamon 2174-20?

Coordinating colors for Cinnamon 2174-20 include various earthy and neutral tones that help to create balanced and harmonious color schemes. It pairs well with shades of white, cream, beige, and other warm, subdued colors, allowing for a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing interior design.

⭐How does Cinnamon 2174-20 appear under different lighting conditions?

Lighting can significantly impact the appearance of Cinnamon 2174-20. In natural light, it tends to reveal its true, warm, and earthy tones, while artificial light may alter its appearance, sometimes making it appear deeper or more subdued. It can appear differently in rooms with varying orientations, emphasizing its warm undertones in south-faced rooms, for instance.

⭐Is Cinnamon 2174-20 a warm or cool color?

Cinnamon 2174-20 is a warm color. Its rich, cozy undertones make it ideal for creating inviting and comfortable spaces. This warm nature makes it a suitable choice for living areas, dining rooms, and bedrooms where a relaxing ambiance is desired.

⭐Can Cinnamon 2174-20 be used for exteriors?

Absolutely, Cinnamon 2174-20 can be an excellent choice for exteriors. Its warm and sophisticated hue can enhance the architectural details of a home, providing a welcoming appearance and blending well with natural surroundings. Pairing it with complementary trim colors can result in a timeless and elegant exterior look.

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