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Very Green 2040-30 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

Colors evoke emotions, define our spaces, and reflect our personality.

Colors evoke emotions, define our spaces, and reflect our personality. When it comes to home décor and interiors, choosing the right color is pivotal. In the vast universe of shades, “Very Green 2040-30” has emerged as a distinctive color, catching the eyes of designers and homeowners alike.

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What Color Is Very Green 2040-30?

Very Green 2040-30 is a lush, vibrant shade, reminiscent of a forest’s depths or the sheen of emerald gemstones. It brings a touch of nature indoors and exudes freshness. This shade works wonders in interior styles that either yearn for a burst of energy or aim to echo nature’s palette, such as Bohemian, Scandinavian, or even Modern Minimalist.

The color harmonizes beautifully with materials like natural wood, stone, and organic fabrics, especially when set against textures like jute, linen, or suede.

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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

Very Green 2040-30 leans towards the cooler spectrum. Its refreshing undertones resonate with serenity and calmness. This cool nature aids in making spaces feel larger, airier, and more relaxed. Its cool character ensures that it works best in homes aiming for a tranquil, breezy ambience, especially in rooms that might get plenty of natural light.

Undertones of Very Green 2040-30

Every color has undertones that subtly influence its overall shade. For Very Green 2040-30, there are subtle hints of blue, grounding the color and adding depth. These undertones play a pivotal role in how the color interacts with other shades and materials. On interior walls, these blue undertones become more noticeable in different lighting conditions, offering a dynamic visual treat that goes from pure green to almost teal at times.

Coordinating Colors of Very Green 2040-30

Coordinating colors are hues that complement the main shade without overshadowing it.

For Very Green 2040-30, choices like OC-68 Distant Gray, OC-17 White Dove, and OC-50 November Rain serve as neutral balances. On the other hand, BM 2061-20 Champion Cobalt can be a dramatic accent.

OC-68 Distant Gray is an airy, ethereal shade. OC-17 White Dove is a soft, gentle white. OC-50 November Rain is a muted, versatile neutral. BM 2061-20 Champion Cobalt is a bold, vivacious blue.

Three additional coordinating colors:

  • BM 2106-60 Soft Sand (CHECK A SAMPLE): A creamy beige that contrasts beautifully with Very Green.
  • BM 2070-60 Lavender Mist (CHECK A SAMPLE): A gentle purple that offers a warm counterbalance.
  • BM 2102-10 Earthy Brown (CHECK A SAMPLE): A grounded, natural shade that amplifies the green’s vibrancy.

How Does Lighting Affect Very Green 2040-30?

Lighting is the unsung hero in color perception. Under artificial light, Very Green 2040-30 may appear more muted, with its blue undertones shining through. In contrast, natural light enhances its vivaciousness, making it pop. In north-faced rooms, the color may seem slightly cooler, while south-faced rooms bathe it in a warm glow.

East-facing rooms bring out its freshness during mornings, whereas west-facing rooms give it a serene ambiance by dusk.

LRV of Very Green 2040-30

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) quantifies how much light a color reflects. With an LRV of 15, Very Green 2040-30 is on the darker spectrum, meaning it absorbs more light than it reflects. This property makes spaces feel more intimate and cozy. While it’s captivating, care should be taken in smaller rooms to ensure they don’t feel too confined.

What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

Trim Colors of Very Green 2040-30

Trim colors define and enhance wall colors. For Very Green 2040-30, shades of white from the same brand—like BM 2126-70 Chalk White, OC-131 White Down, OC-117 Simply White and OC-64 Pure White —provide crisp borders that enhance its vibrancy.

Colors Similar to Very Green 2040-30

Knowing similar colors can help identify the perfect shade. While Abbey Brown 1225 is mentioned, using BM 2043-20 Ming Jade, BM 2038-20 Irish Clover, BM 609 Lucky Shamrock, and BM 2042-20 Reef Green can offer variations. Each of these has its own charm: Ming Jade is serene, Irish Clover resonates with energy, Lucky Shamrock has a playful vibe, and Reef Green offers tropical warmth.

Colors That Go With Very Green 2040-30

Complementing colors ensure a balanced room atmosphere. For Very Green 2040-30, Benjamin Moore offers shades like BM 2155-10 Desert Sunset, BM 792 Mystical Blue, BM 1196 Burnt Sienna, CSP-305 Crisp Linen, and CSP-460 Pinot Grigio Grape.

Each color, with its unique characteristic—be it the warmth of Sunset Gold or the depth of Twilight Purple—harmonizes with Very Green 2040-30, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing environment.

How to Use Very Green 2040-30 In Your Home?

Very Green 2040-30 is a versatile shade, perfect for a plethora of rooms and styles. It resonates beautifully in personal spaces like bedrooms, evoking calm and serenity. In living rooms, it introduces a vibrant energy, and in bathrooms, a touch of refreshing ambiance. Even exteriors can benefit from this shade, giving homes a standout look. Design styles from Modern Minimalist, Bohemian, to Scandinavian can embrace Very Green for a touch of nature-inspired elegance.

How to Use Very Green 2040-30 in the Bedroom?

Imagine waking to the soothing embrace of a forest. Using Very Green 2040-30 in the bedroom offers a restful ambiance, akin to a woodland retreat. Pair it with neutral linens, wooden furniture, and soft lighting for a dreamy, rejuvenating space.

How to Use Very Green 2040-30 in the Bathroom?

For bathrooms, Very Green 2040-30 infuses a spa-like atmosphere. It complements white fixtures, natural stone surfaces, and plants. The color magnifies the feeling of freshness, making every shower feel like a rainforest escapade.

How to Use Very Green 2040-30 in the Living Room?

In living spaces, Very Green 2040-30 can be a statement wall or a background for art and bookshelves. Paired with neutral sofas, golden accents, and a mix of wood and metal, it creates a lively yet sophisticated setting, perfect for relaxation and social gatherings.

How to Use Very Green 2040-30 for an Exterior?

For exteriors, Very Green 2040-30 provides a bold, welcoming presence. Whether for a cottage or a modern home, this shade integrates seamlessly with nature. Accentuate with white trims or wooden textures for a harmonious curb appeal.

How to Use Very Green 2040-30 in the Kitchen?

Kitchens in Very Green 2040-30 exude vibrancy and warmth. It evokes feelings of fresh produce and healthy living. Paired with marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, and open shelving with earthen pots, the space transforms into a culinary haven.

How to Use Very Green 2040-30 on the Kitchen Cabinets?

Using Very Green 2040-30 for kitchen cabinets can be a game-changer. It instantly elevates the room’s elegance. Complement with gold or brass handles, and pair with a soft beige or cream backsplash. The result? A modern kitchen with a hint of vintage charm.

Comparing Very Green 2040-30 With Other Colors

Colors, while visually appealing, are also essential tools in design and aesthetics. They have the power to transform spaces, influence moods, and dictate styles. Comparing colors is pivotal in understanding their undertones, vibrancy, and how they interact within spaces. It helps designers and homeowners make informed decisions, ensuring that the chosen shades complement the intended mood, style, and function of a space.

When we compare Very Green 2040-30 with other hues, we gain insights into its versatility and how it might harmonize or contrast in various contexts.

Very Green 2040-30 vs. BM 2040-70 Spring Mint

While both exude freshness, Spring Mint (CHECK A SAMPLE) is lighter, offering a subtle, airy vibe reminiscent of early spring leaves. In contrast, Very Green 2040-30 is deeper, capturing the essence of lush forests, making it bolder and more assertive.

Very Green 2040-30 vs. BM 2040-60 Antiguan Sky

Antiguan Sky (CHECK A SAMPLE) is a dreamy blend of blue and green, evoking serene tropical beaches. While Very Green 2040-30 is more rooted in pure green vibrancy, Antiguan Sky drifts towards an aqua, creating a more relaxed, beachy atmosphere.

Very Green 2040-30 vs. BM 2040-50 Hazy Blue

Hazy Blue (CHECK A SAMPLE) leans more towards a muted blue with hints of green. It’s softer and ideal for spaces seeking calm and tranquility. Very Green 2040-30, on the other hand, is an assertive green, ideal for making strong visual statements.

Very Green 2040-30 vs. BM 2040-40 Summer Basket Green

Summer Basket Green (CHECK A SAMPLE) captures the light, playful shades of summer meadows. It’s a happy, buoyant color. While Very Green 2040-30 has the depth of matured greenery, Summer Basket Green brings in a youthful, sunlit energy.

Very Green 2040-30 vs. BM 2040-20 Green Meadows

Green Meadows (CHECK A SAMPLE) is a balanced blend of vibrancy and depth. It’s brighter than Very Green 2040-30 but retains some of its richness, making it perfect for spaces that need both energy and elegance.

Very Green 2040-30 vs. BM 2040-10 Rainforest Foliage

Rainforest Foliage (CHECK A SAMPLE) is deep, dark, and exuberant, akin to dense tropical jungles. While Very Green 2040-30 offers a medium-depth forest vibe, Rainforest Foliage goes all in, creating an enveloping, cozy atmosphere.


Color choices influence the essence and mood of a space. Very Green 2040-30, with its myriad of undertones and depth, serves as a prime example of a shade’s potential versatility. By comparing it with other hues, one can discern its potential applications and how it might transform various spaces. The process of comparison, thus, becomes a vital step in ensuring harmonious, effective, and aesthetically pleasing design choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What kind of spaces work best with Very Green 2040-30?

Very Green 2040-30 is a versatile shade that can be used in various spaces. From personal retreats like bedrooms to social areas like living rooms, its forest-like depth brings tranquility and vibrancy. It’s also perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and exteriors for a touch of nature-inspired elegance.

⭐Does Very Green 2040-30 pair well with neutral colors?

Absolutely! Very Green 2040-30 complements neutral tones wonderfully. When paired with shades like white, beige, or soft gray, it creates a balanced and harmonious palette that’s both elegant and energizing.

⭐How does Very Green 2040-30 appear under different lighting conditions?

Lighting plays a crucial role in how a paint color is perceived. Very Green 2040-30 tends to appear more vibrant under natural daylight, while in artificial light, its depth is accentuated. The color's nuances also shift depending on the direction of the room; for instance, it might appear slightly cooler in north-facing rooms.

⭐What trim colors work best with Very Green 2040-30?

For a classic look, white trims work beautifully with Very Green 2040-30. However, other shades of off-white or even soft grays can also provide a sophisticated contrast to this vibrant green.

⭐Is Very Green 2040-30 suitable for exteriors?

Yes, Very Green 2040-30 is an excellent choice for exteriors. Its rich hue provides a welcoming presence and integrates seamlessly with natural surroundings. It pairs especially well with white trims or wooden textures.

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