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Medici Malachite 600 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

Colors play a pivotal role in transforming our spaces and evoking certain emotions within us.

Colors play a pivotal role in transforming our spaces and evoking certain emotions within us. Medici Malachite 600 stands out as a shade that captures intrigue, class, and versatility, making it a sought-after hue for various interior design themes.

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What Color Is Medici Malachite 600?

Medici Malachite 600 is a rich, deep shade reminiscent of the semi-precious stone, malachite. Its depth captures the essence of nature, mirroring the serene beauty of deep forests and tranquil lakes. This color is particularly suitable for interior styles that hinge on a natural, rustic charm or contemporary elegance.

It complements materials like wood, stone, and leather, and pairs beautifully with both matte and gloss textures.

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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

Medici Malachite 600 leans more towards a cool undertone. Cool colors are known for creating a calm, serene atmosphere, making spaces feel larger and more open. This cool essence is what makes Medici Malachite 600 perfect for homes that need a touch of tranquility, especially in private spaces like bedrooms or studies.

Undertones of Medici Malachite 600

Undertones subtly influence the main shade, and in the case of Medici Malachite 600, there’s a slight blue undertone. Undertones affect how a color appears under different lighting conditions and adjacent to other colors. In Medici Malachite 600, the blue undertone can make the paint appear cooler when applied to interior walls, especially when paired with cooler furnishings or under specific lighting.

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Coordinating Colors of Medici Malachite 600

Coordinating colors harmonize with the primary color to create a cohesive look. For Medici Malachite 600, coordinating colors include:

  1. OC-122 Cotton Balls – A pure, soft white.
  2. OC-130 Cloud White – A muted, airy white.
  3. BM 1502 Cheyenne Green – A dusky, sophisticated green.
  4. BM 2139-50 Silver Marlin – A shimmering blend of blue-green.
  5. BM 2024-60 Lemonade – A subtle, pale yellow.
  6. BM 2050-70 Blue Bonnet  – A gentle, pastel blue.
  7. BM 2022-50 Sundance   – A warm, inviting peach.

How Does Lighting Affect Medici Malachite 600?

Lighting can dramatically shift how we perceive colors. Under artificial light, Medici Malachite 600 tends to appear more intense, the blue undertones more pronounced. Natural light, depending on its source, can either amplify its coolness or balance it. In north-facing rooms, the color may seem cooler and darker. South-facing rooms, with their warm light, can make the color appear slightly warmer.

East and west-facing rooms, receiving cooler morning and warmer evening light respectively, offer a dynamic shift in how Medici Malachite 600 is perceived throughout the day.

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LRV of Medici Malachite 600

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) indicates how much light a paint color reflects. With an LRV of 32, Medici Malachite 600 is a mid-tone color, meaning it neither absorbs nor reflects a large amount of light. This LRV gives the color its rich depth, ensuring it remains inviting without becoming overwhelming.

What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

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Trim Colors of Medici Malachite 600

Trim colors enhance architectural details. For Medici Malachite 600, using shades of white from the same brand can elevate its elegance. Consider pairing it with whites like OC-117 Simply White, OC-24 Winds Breath, or OC-145 Atrium White.

Colors Similar to Medici Malachite 600

Understanding similar colors can help identify preferences and alternatives. Some colors akin to Abbey Brown 1225 include:

  1. BM 2040-40 Summer Basket Green – A fresh, vibrant green.
  2. BM 649 Captivating Teal – A magnetic blue-green hue.
  3. BM 622 Alpine Trail – A rich, earthy green.
  4. BM 2041-40 Juneau Spring – A lively, rejuvenating green.

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Colors That Go With Medici Malachite 600

Harmonizing colors in a space creates an inviting ambiance. For Medici Malachite 600, Benjamin Moore offers shades like:

  1. BM 1465 Nimbus – A soft, neutral gray.
  2. BM 996 Ashen Tan  – A warm beige with rosy undertones.
  3. BM 2068-70 White Heaven – An ethereal, pure white.
  4. BM 1564 Beach Glass – A subtle, sea-green hue.
  5. BM 2076-40 Raspberry Mousse – A playful, muted pink.

Together, these colors form a harmonious palette that breathes life and character into any space.

How to Use Medici Malachite 600 In Your Home?

Medici Malachite 600, with its rich, nature-inspired hue, is a versatile color suitable for various rooms in the home. It works wonders in spaces that call for a serene atmosphere, like bedrooms or studies. Living rooms benefit from its depth, offering a modern or rustic charm depending on accessories. This shade is also apt for bathrooms, infusing spa-like tranquility.

Kitchens can achieve an earthy yet sophisticated touch with Medici Malachite 600, especially on cabinets. For exteriors, it brings a touch of nature, blending seamlessly with garden landscapes. It pairs perfectly with both modern minimalistic styles and more ornate, vintage designs.

How to Use Medici Malachite 600 in the Bedroom?

The tranquil nature of Medici Malachite 600 makes it ideal for bedrooms. The color promotes relaxation, mirroring the calm of deep forests. Paired with wooden furniture, soft linens, and metallic accents, it creates a haven of peace and sophistication. Light-colored drapes or bedding can provide a stunning contrast, making the room feel both cozy and luxurious.

How to Use Medici Malachite 600 in the Bathroom?

For a bathroom reminiscent of high-end spas, Medici Malachite 600 is the go-to. Its deep, soothing tones provide a backdrop that is both calming and invigorating. Complement with brushed nickel fixtures, white tiles, and green plants to achieve an oasis where one can rejuvenate after a long day.

How to Use Medici Malachite 600 in the Living Room?

In a living room, Medici Malachite 600 sets the stage for elegant gatherings and restful evenings alike. Its rich depth allows for an eclectic mix of furnitureโ€”from plush velvets to sleek modern designs. Paired with muted gold accents, a Persian rug, or contemporary art pieces, the space becomes an embodiment of chic comfort.

How to Use Medici Malachite 600 for an Exterior?

Medici Malachite 600 seamlessly integrates homes with the natural world outside. Perfect for homes surrounded by lush gardens or landscapes, this shade offers a timeless look. Pair with white trims or earthy stone accents, and you have an exterior that stands out, yet feels harmoniously connected to its surroundings.

How to Use Medici Malachite 600 in the Kitchen?

Kitchens thrive with Medici Malachite 600, creating an environment of warmth and sophistication. The shade, when paired with light countertops or brass fixtures, offers a striking contrast. Whether it’s a morning coffee ritual or late-night snack, the kitchen feels welcoming and elegant.

How to Use Medici Malachite 600 on the Kitchen Cabinets?

Medici Malachite 600 on kitchen cabinets transforms the culinary space into a statement room. The cabinets become the focal point, drawing attention to their design and details. Complemented by marble or wooden countertops and gold or bronze hardware, these cabinets exude luxury and charm in equal measure.

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Comparing Medici Malachite 600 With Other Colors

Comparing paint colors like Medici Malachite 600 with other shades is crucial for understanding their unique attributes and how they might interact in a given space. By juxtaposing colors, one gains insights into undertones, depth, and mood evocation. This process assists homeowners and designers in ensuring that chosen shades align with the desired ambiance and complement other elements in the room.

Additionally, comparisons can help pinpoint the perfect color for a specific design vision or theme.

Medici Malachite 600 vs. BM 596 Spearmint Ice

While Medici Malachite 600 exudes a deep, nature-inspired vibe, Spearmint Ice is a much lighter, refreshing hue reminiscent of a brisk day in early spring. The airy feel of Spearmint Ice provides a stark contrast to the rich depth of Medici Malachite, making it suitable for spaces seeking a breezy atmosphere.

Medici Malachite 600 vs. BM 597 Quartz Stone

Quartz Stone offers a muted, sophisticated hue that can be likened to the soft gleam of a polished stone. In comparison, Medici Malachite 600 possesses a richer vibrancy. While both are grounded in nature, Quartz Stone leans towards understated elegance, whereas Medici Malachite brings forth a bolder statement.

Medici Malachite 600 vs. BM 599 Brookdale Gardens

Brookdale Gardens paints a picture of lush landscapes after a light rain โ€“ fresh, green, with a hint of earthiness. Compared to the deeper Medici Malachite, Brookdale Gardens feels more daylit, perfect for areas where a lively yet grounded hue is desired.

Medici Malachite 600 vs. BM 601 Juniper Green

Juniper Green , like its namesake, brings the essence of aromatic juniper berries โ€“ crisp, fresh, with a touch of the wild. Side by side with Medici Malachite, Juniper Green feels more adventurous and wild, making it apt for spaces wanting a touch of the untamed.

Medici Malachite 600 vs. BM 623 Deep Sea

Deep Sea plunges into the mysteries of oceanic depths. Itโ€™s a shade darker and moodier than Medici Malachite. While both colors resonate with depth, Deep Sea offers an allure of the unknown, echoing the enigmatic vastness of oceans.

Medici Malachite 600 vs. BM 602 Gondola Ride

Gondola Ride , evocative of leisurely rides through Venetian canals, provides a balanced blend of calm and sophistication. While it shares a sense of depth with Medici Malachite, Gondola Ride leans towards a more romantic hue, perfect for spaces seeking vintage charm.


The beauty of Medici Malachite 600 is truly accentuated when compared with other colors. It stands as a testament to the versatility and range that paint colors offer, each bringing its own story, mood, and charm to spaces. Making informed decisions, aided by such comparisons, ensures that chosen shades not only reflect personal style but also enhance the beauty and function of spaces they adorn.

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