How Long Does It Take For Behr Paint to Dry?

All you wanted to know about drying and curing times

Whenever we are up to any renovation or reconstruction projects in our homes, one of the most troublesome issues is to define how much time paint will need to completely dry. Even if you are not an experienced painter, you definitely know that different paints usually have distinct drying times.

But how can we figure out how long we shall leave the paint we are using on the surface to let it dry completely? This is the puzzle we are going to solve today!

How Long Does It Take For Behr Interior Paint to Dry

Normally, Behr interior paint takes around four to six hours to get dry to the touch if you apply it at the temperature of 777 degrees Fahrenheit (or 25 degrees Celsius).
However, the professional painters recommend to wait for twenty-four hours before applying the second coat or before you start using the painted object. Twenty-four hour dry-time is the optimal period of time for this type of paint to dry to the touch.

But even if you know how fast it will get dry, there are a few more nuances you should know.

First of all, to figure out how much time your Behr paint will need to become completely dry, it is important to take several essential factors into consideration. You might have thought that drying time is defined by the brand or the type of paint. However, it is not quite so.

You see, to know exactly how fast your paint will dry to the touch, you need to know the following:

  • whether it is an interior or an exterior paint
  • what kind of surface it is applied on
  • the humidity level in a room where you use the paint
  • temperature in a room where the paint is used

If, for instance, we talk about Behr interior paint, its drying conditions must be the following. First of all, the temperature in a room where you are using the paint must be 77 degrees Fahrenheit (which is equal to 25 degrees Celsius).

How Long Does It Take For Behr Interior Paint to Dry

Next, there is humidity level. For the Behr interior paint to completely dry to the touch, the level of humidity is supposed to be 50 percent. Like that, the paint layer will not become too dry (which may lead to cracks), and also it will not remain raw which often happens if the air is too humid.

If you take all these tips into consideration, you will see that painting your interior will become way easier than it was before since now you will know for sure when to proceed painting or when to start using the freshly painted object.

How Long Does It Take For Behr Interior Paint to Dry

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How Long Does It Take For Behr Paint to Dry On Cabinets

Behr interior paint is not only used on walls, floors, or ceilings. It is also widely applied on cabinetry and all sorts of furniture that can be painted. However, if you decide to refresh your chair or table, you should know for sure how soon they can be used. Otherwise, there is a high risk of you getting into a raw paint!

As for the paint applied on cabinets, its drying time is usually two hours at 50 percent humidity and the temperature of 25 degrees Celsius (equal to 77 degrees Fahrenheit).

And if you see that you will need to apply the second coat of paint, then let the first one dry for at least four hours to be absolutely sure that it will not get deformed when you start painting over it.

How Long Does It Take For Behr Paint to Dry On Walls

Painting walls is a way more responsible task than painting, let’s say, cabinets. If you mess up with the wall or do anything wrong while painting it, fixing it will be rather difficult. And having ugly walls is definitely not an option either!

This is why it is important to know how much time you will need to wait for your freshly painted walls to become dry to the touch. If you used Behr interior paint for this purpose, expect to wait for at least two hours. But it will be much better if you let the walls dry for four hours. Then you can be absolutely sure that the painted surface is dry to the touch.

However, do take into account that this drying time works only if the walls were painted at 50 percent humidity level and the room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius (75 Fahrenheit)!

How Long Does It Take For Behr Paint to Dry On Walls (2)

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How Long Does It Take For Behr Paint to Dry On Ceiling

Painting ceilings is a rather difficult thing to do technically. However, it is also important to consider what type of paint you used for your great renovation project. Like this, you will know exactly when the second coat needs to be applied if necessary, and also, you will know when your ceiling is safe to be used.

So if you painted the ceiling with the oil-based Behr paint, then let it dry for six to eight hours. This time will be enough for the coat of paint to become dry to the touch completely. And if you need to recoat the surface, wait for twenty-four hours for the optimal results.

On the other hand, if latex or acrylic paint was used on the ceiling, its drying time will vary. This one will dry to the touch in one hour already, and it can be safely recoated after four hours of drying.

How Long Does It Take For Behr Paint to Dry On Walls

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How Long Does It Take For Behr Exterior Paint to Dry

Behr exterior paint usually takes about two hours if the paint was applied at 25 degrees Celsius and the humidity level of fifty percent. However, if you paint your house exterior on a cold day with the temperature from two to seven degrees Celsius and fifty percent humidity, the drying time of your paint will extend to four hours to dry to the touch.

Yes, many of you think that painting interiors is difficult because of all those drying times and paint-drying conditions. But wait until you need to repaint something outdoors! If, in the case of painting interior objects, you need to take into consideration such factors as humidity level and the temperature in the room, with the external projects it is somewhat more complicated.

When applying paint outdoors, you also have to take into account the weather first of all. Because if you do your painting project right before it rains, the result will not satisfy you since the paint will not be able to dry and cure properly. The same is true for doing any external painting projects on a rainy day.

Also, you need to make sure that the day you plan to start your painting project on is not too windy. If it is, all the dust in the air will easily be blown right onto the freshly painted and thus still sticky surface! We are sure that this is not what you would like to have after you spent hours on painting.

Another important nuance is the temperature of the air. For the optimal painting results, try to pick the day with the temperature from sixty to eighty-five Fahrenheit. Also, it will be great if the day is not windy or there is just a little wind blowing. The perfect humidity range for the external paint works is between forty to seventy percent.

When all of these factors are taken into consideration, you can be sure that the exterior paint project of yours will be successful and have satisfying results!

How Long Does It Take For Behr Exterior Paint to Dry

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Behr Paint Shelf Life In a Can

Since most of us usually start renovation projects quite seldom, we tend to buy paint in advance, often in batches. Some of us do this because we like the color and we are afraid we will not find the same one later. Others choose to buy paint beforehand to not worry about it when the time comes to start painting.

No matter the reason, there will always be the same issue: how long will your paint last in its can? If we talk about Behr paint, then its lifespan is around two years in the sealed cans. However, if the cans are already open, the paint can remain usable even longer! Of course, to make it happen, you need to store it off the ground in a room temp area. And surely discard the paint that shows even the slightest signs of spoilage.

So now you all know the drying times of Behr paint, both interior and exterior. You also learned what drying conditions will make your paint attach to the surface better! If you use this information when painting, you will see how effective the results will be.

Knowing this and the general lifespan of this paint, you can now plan on your next big renovation project. Surely, it will be a success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How long does it take for behr latex paint to dry between coats?

It takes 4 to 6 hours.

⭐ How long does it take for behr paint and primer to dry?

The paint dries to the touch in 4 hours, and the primer may need from one to four hours as well.

⭐ How long does it take for behr ceiling paint to dry on walls?

The drying time is 2 hours.

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