First Light 2102-70 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

Every color has a story, a character, and an ambiance.

Every color has a story, a character, and an ambiance. The allure of colors lies not just in their beauty, but in their depth, undertones, and the emotion they evoke. Benjamin Moore’s First Light 2102-70 is no exception. Let’s dive into the intriguing world of this hue.

First Light 2102 70 by Benjamin Moore

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What Color Is First Light 2102-70?

First Light 2102-70 by Benjamin Moore is a gentle blush pink that exudes softness and serenity. It possesses a calming quality that is both refreshing and invigorating. Ideal for contemporary and classic interiors, this shade complements natural materials like wood and stone, while pairing seamlessly with rich textures like velvet and silk.

First Light 2102 70 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

First Light 2102-70 leans towards the warmer side of the spectrum, though it maintains a neutral balance. This warmth makes it inviting and comforting, perfect for homes seeking a restful ambiance. Being on the warmer side, it adds a cozy feel to spaces, especially in living and bedroom areas.

Undertones of First Light 2102-70

All colors have undertones—subtle hues that influence the main color. First Light 2102-70 carries a soft lavender undertone, which gives it depth and dimension. This undertone is key in how First Light 2102-70 interacts with other shades and elements in a room. On interior walls, this undertone can emerge stronger in certain lighting, impacting the room’s overall vibe.

First Light 2102 70 by Benjamin Moore Undertone

Coordinating Colors of First Light 2102-70

Coordinating colors enhance and balance the main hue. For First Light 2102-70, shades of muted lavender, subdued greys, and soft creams can be ideal counterparts.

  1. Muted Lavender (BM 1452 After the Rain): A touch of purple with subdued pink.
  2. Subdued Greys (BM 2107-50 Sandlot Gray): Neutral, balancing the warmth of First Light.
  3. Soft Cream (BM 2154-70 Vanilla Ice Cream): Enhancing the brightness and lightness.

Additional coordinating colors include delicate peach, understated coral, and light taupe.

How Does Lighting Affect First Light 2102-70?

Lighting plays a crucial role in how we perceive colors. In natural light, First Light 2102-70 appears brighter, enhancing its liveliness. Artificial light, depending on its warmth, can either amplify its pinkness or bring out its lavender undertones. In north-facing rooms, it can seem cooler, giving off a serene feel.

South-facing rooms drench it in warmth, making it feel cozier. East-facing rooms offer it a gentle morning glow, while west-facing rooms can bring out its depth during sunset.

How does lighting affect First Light 2102 70

LRV of First Light 2102-70

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects. With an LRV of 75, First Light 2102-70 is quite reflective, making spaces feel more open and airy. A higher LRV means the color can make a room feel larger, which is true for this shade, giving it versatility in both spacious and compact interiors.

First Light 2102 70 by Benjamin Moore. LRV – 75

What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

Trim Colors of First Light 2102-70

Trim colors define and highlight architectural features. For First Light 2102-70, shades of white from Benjamin Moore like White Dove, Simply White, and Chantilly Lace are ideal choices, offering a crisp contrast and enhancing its warmth.

Trim Colors for First Light 2102 70 by Benjamin Moore

Colors Similar to First Light 2102-70

Recognizing similar colors helps in variations and choices.

  • BM 2101-70 Tropical Sound: A creamy pastel with a hint of peach.
  • BM 1373 Silky Smooth: A plush pink with a beige undertone.
  • BM 2103-70 Strawberry-n-Cream: A delectable pale rose.
  • BM 2100-70 Victorian Lace: A delicate off-white with pinkish hues.
Paint Colors Similar to First Light 2102 70 by Benjamin Moore

Colors That Go With First Light 2102-70

Harmonizing colors create a cohesive interior. Pairing First Light 2102-70 with shades like OC-57 White Heron brings brightness, BM 2129-40 Normandy adds depth, AF-685 Thunder lends contrast, BM 2152-50 Golden Straw offers warmth, BM 2062-30 Blue Danube provies coolness, and HC-125 Cushing Green adds freshness. Additional complements are Silver Satin, Soft Fern, and Evening Dove, each adding a unique dimension to the palette.

In conclusion, First Light 2102-70 isn’t just a color; it’s an experience, a backdrop for memories, and an embodiment of tranquility.

Colors that goes with First Light 2102 70 by Benjamin Moore

How to Use First Light 2102-70 In Your Home?

First Light 2102-70 is a versatile hue suitable for various rooms and styles. Ideal for bedrooms and living spaces, it creates a tranquil ambiance. In bathrooms and kitchens, it adds a touch of modern elegance.

This color fits seamlessly into contemporary, Scandinavian, and farmhouse designs while also complementing more traditional or vintage spaces.

How to Use First Light 2102-70 in the Bedroom?

This delicate blush pink invokes feelings of serenity and calm, making it an exceptional choice for bedrooms. First Light promotes restfulness, making it an oasis of relaxation. Complement with neutral linens and soft textures for a dreamy, ethereal space that feels both contemporary and timeless.

Benjamin Moore. First Light 2102 70 for the Bedroom

How to Use First Light 2102-70 in the Bathroom?

In bathrooms, First Light 2102-70 acts as a refreshing, spa-like backdrop. It pairs beautifully with white fixtures and marble or tiled surfaces. Add brushed gold or silver accents to enhance the elegance, giving your bathroom a chic yet calming vibe.

Benjamin Moore. First Light 2102 70 for the Bathroom

How to Use First Light 2102-70 in the Living Room?

First Light 2102-70 shines in living areas, establishing a cozy yet refined atmosphere. Perfect for socializing or unwinding, the hue complements wooden floors, plush sofas, and eclectic décor. Pair with soft creams, muted grays, and gentle pastels for a harmonious palette that beckons guests to relax and converse.

Benjamin Moore. First Light 2102 70 in the Living Room

How to Use First Light 2102-70 for an Exterior?

First Light 2102-70 can add a contemporary touch to home exteriors. Especially suited for cottage or coastal styles, it radiates warmth and charm. Paired with white trims and natural stone or wood details, it offers a perfect balance between modern elegance and timeless appeal.

Benjamin Moore. First Light 2102 70 for the Exterior Use

How to Use First Light 2102-70 in the Kitchen?

For kitchens, First Light 2102-70 offers a clean, bright backdrop. Against this hue, stainless steel appliances gleam, and wooden countertops shine. Consider pairing with open shelving to display dishware, adding a touch of hominess and warmth to your culinary space.

Benjamin Moore. First Light 2102 70 for the Kitchen

How to Use First Light 2102-70 for the Kitchen Cabinets?

Transform your kitchen cabinets with First Light 2102-70 for an updated, sophisticated look. This shade on cabinetry pairs brilliantly with both marble and wood countertops, bridging the gap between modern design and rustic charm. Gold or silver hardware will accentuate its elegance, making your kitchen both inviting and chic.

Comparing First Light 2102-70 With Other Colors

Color comparison is pivotal in interior design. It helps discern undertones, brightness, and mood-setting capabilities of hues, ensuring the ideal choice for a space. As each shade invokes distinct feelings and atmospheres, contrasting them aids in achieving a precise visual and emotional ambiance.

First Light 2102-70 vs. BM 2093-70 Pink Bliss

While both belong to the pink family, First Light 2102-70 is a softer, more muted blush. Pink Bliss is more vibrant, offering a youthful, energetic vibe. First Light, in contrast, provides a serene and calming atmosphere, ideal for relaxation.

First Light 2102 70 vs. BM 2093 70 Pink Bliss

First Light 2102-70 vs. BM 1185 Sugarcane

Sugarcane leans towards a beige-pink, offering a neutral yet warm backdrop. First Light 2102-70 is slightly cooler with a touch of lavender undertone, making it versatile and less earthy compared to Sugarcane.

First Light 2102 70 vs. BM 1185 Sugarcane

First Light 2102-70 vs. OC-72 Pink Damask

Pink Damask offers a classic, old-world charm. It’s a more traditional pink, reminiscent of vintage aesthetics. First Light 2102-70 is modern and fresh, ideal for contemporary settings while Pink Damask suits classical interiors.

First Light 2102 70 vs. OC 72 Pink Damask

First Light 2102-70 vs. AF-250 Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels is a bolder shade, infusing spaces with character and drama. First Light 2102-70, on the other hand, is understated, creating a tranquil and subtle environment, making them contrasts in terms of mood enhancement.

First Light 2102 70 vs. AF 250 Head Over Heels

First Light 2102-70 vs. BM 2008-70 Touch of Pink

Touch of Pink is just that—a gentle hint of pink. It’s almost neutral with its subtleness. First Light 2102-70 is more pronounced, while still remaining muted, adding a more discernible color presence in a room.

First Light 2102 70 vs. BM 2008 70 Touch of Pink

First Light 2102-70 vs. BM 2173-50 Coral Dust

Coral Dust is warmer with a slight orange undertone, reminiscent of sunsets. It’s vibrant and lively compared to the calmness of First Light 2102-70, offering a more spirited atmosphere.

First Light 2102 70 vs. BM 2173 50 Coral Dust


First Light 2102-70 is a unique blend of subtleness and emotion. Comparing it with other shades accentuates its versatility and universal appeal, proving its adaptability across various design preferences and moods.

First Light 2102 70 by Benjamin Moore Ultimate Guide

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