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15 Coastal Colors That Will Dominate Home Design in 2024

Explore the 2024 Coastal Color Palettes for Inspired Home Design

Welcome to a serene and stylish exploration of the coastal color palettes for 2024.

These collections are designed to evoke the calming and vibrant spirit of seaside living, with colors that draw inspiration from the natural elements of the coast.

This year’s coastal color trends are all about bringing the outdoors in, emphasizing the natural beauty and tranquility of the seaside.

From the airy lightness of Seafoam Green to the rich depth of Ocean Blue, these color palettes will transform your home into a seaside retreat, no matter where you live.

Coastal Color Trends

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Coastal Bedrooms – Color Palette

The palette offers a refreshing escape, with each color carefully chosen to foster tranquility and peace.

This trend not only enhances the aesthetics but also transforms bedrooms into serene sanctuaries.

  • Seafoam Green (#93C5B1): A soft, muted green, mirroring gentle ocean waves.
  • Sandy Beige (#F4E1D2): A neutral tone reminiscent of sandy shores.
  • Ocean Blue (#005B84): A deep blue reflecting the ocean’s depths.
  • Shell White (#FDF6F0): A crisp, clean white bringing light to any space.
  • Driftwood Gray (#A79B8E): Weathered gray, mimicking seaside driftwood.
  • Coral Pink (#FF9B8E): A warm pink inspired by vibrant ocean coral.
  • Sunset Gold (#FDB44B): A golden hue capturing the beauty of coastal sunsets.
  • Wave Crest Blue (#7EB4D2): A light blue evoking frothy sea waves.
Coastal Bedrooms - Color palette


Coastal Living Room – Color Palette

For the Coastal Living room color palette, imagine a serene yet vibrant combination that channels the soothing and refreshing essence of the seaside indoors.

Here are eight colors to help create a welcoming and tranquil living space:

  • Seafoam Green (#93C5B1): Muted green reminiscent of gentle ocean waves.
  • Sandy Beige (#F4E1D2): Warm neutral capturing sun-kissed sand.
  • Ocean Blue (#005B84): Deep blue that mirrors the sea’s depth.
  • Shell White (#FDF6F0): Crisp white evoking coastal brightness.
  • Driftwood Gray (#A79B8E): Weathered gray that brings rugged coastlines indoors.
  • Coral Pink (#FF9B8E): Inviting pink inspired by undersea life.
  • Coastal Fog (#EAE3E0): Soft gray reflecting misty shores.
  • Sky Blue (#88BBD6): Cheerful blue recalling expansive coastal skies.
Coastal Living Room – Color Palette



Coastal Decor Combo – Color Palette

This palette brings the serene essence of the seaside into any home, fostering a tranquil and inviting atmosphere.

This selection creates visually appealing spaces that feel calm and welcoming.

  • Seafoam Green (#93C5B1): Reflects shallow coastal waters.
  • Sandy Beige (#F4E1D2): Emulates the quintessential beach sand.
  • Ocean Blue (#005B84): Deep and serene, like the ocean at dusk.
  • Shell White (#FDF6F0): Pure and crisp, reminiscent of beachside shells.
  • Driftwood Gray (#A79B8E): Natural gray with earthy undertones.
  • Coral Pink (#FF9B8E): Soothing pink inspired by sea coral.
  • Maritime Teal (#3B9A9C): Rich teal reflecting the sea’s depth.
  • Cloud Cream (#F3E9DC): Airy cream capturing coastal cloud essence.
Coastal Decor Combo – Color Palette



Coastal Aesthetic – Color Palette

The Coastal Aesthetic palette marries the serene and dynamic aspects of the coast, creating environments that are both energizing and calming – ideal for modern coastal living.

  • Sea Mist Blue (#9BC4CB): Airy blue reminiscent of a misty sea morning.
  • Dune Grass (#88A293): Muted green echoing sandy dune foliage.
  • Sunset Coral (#FF6F61): Radiant coral capturing coastal sunsets.
  • Nautical Navy (#003D5B): Deep navy adding sophistication and depth.
  • Sand Dollar (#DFD1BF): Light beige evoking soft beach textures.
  • Wave Crest (#7BA4DB): Vibrant blue embodying crisp ocean waves.
  • Pebble Path (#A89F91): Subtle gray with hints of brown, like shoreline pebbles.
  • Seafoam White (#E0F2E9): Crisp white with a hint of green, suggestive of sea foam.
Coastal Aesthetic – Color Palette


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Coastal Nursery – Color Palette

The Coastal Nursery palette is designed to nurture peace and stimulate imagination, combining the tranquility of the shore with playful elements, perfect for a young child’s room.

  • Ocean Whisper (#B0C4DE): Soft blue echoing the sea’s quiet.
  • Sandy Toes (#FAF0E6): Gentle beige mimicking warm beach sands.
  • Seashell Pink (#FFDAD4): Delicate pink reminiscent of beachside shells.
  • Coral Reef (#FF7F50): Engaging orange stimulating creativity.
  • Salt Spray (#F0F8FF): Crisp white with a hint of blue, like ocean spray.
  • Dune Grass Green (#8FBC8F): Calming green of coastal vegetation.
  • Tidal Pool (#5F9EA0): Serene teal inspired by reflective tidal waters.
  • Starfish Tan (#D2B48C): Neutral tan providing a soft, earthy base.
Coastal Nursery – Color Palette


Coastal Summer House – Color Palette

This palette for a summer house offers a vibrant yet soothing blend that embodies the lively yet serene nature of coastal living, perfect for a relaxing getaway space.

  • Beachside Blue (#7EC8E3): Vibrant blue reminiscent of perfect summer skies.
  • Sunny Sand (#EED8C3): Light beige bringing sandy beach softness indoors.
  • Ocean Deep (#013E6B): Deep blue reflecting ocean depths.
  • Dune Grass (#96A793): Muted green reflective of coastal vegetation.
  • Seashell White (#F5F5F5): Crisp white offering a clean base.
  • Coral Blush (#FF9A85): Subtle pink with a warm, inviting tone.
  • Sunset Orange (#FF6A3D): Fiery orange capturing coastal sunsets.
  • Driftwood Brown (#8B5A2B): Earthy brown evoking weathered shore wood.
Coastal Summer House – Color Palette


Coastal Boho – Color Palette

The Coastal Boho palette blends serene beach vibes with Bohemian flair, fostering a relaxing yet lively atmosphere perfect for spaces inspired by both the coast and eclectic aesthetics.

  • Soft Sand (#E0CBA8): Light, warm beige evoking beach sand softness.
  • Ocean Mist (#97C1D1): Muted blue with gray undertones, like a foggy morning at sea.
  • Driftwood Gray (#8B8C8E): Neutral gray recalling weathered coastal wood.
  • Coral Reef (#F4A28C): Peachy orange mirroring vibrant coral reefs.
  • Sea Foam (#B0E0E3): Pale blue-green reminiscent of gentle sea waves.
  • Palm Leaf (#677662): Muted green capturing the essence of coastal palm fronds.
Coastal Boho – Color Palette


Coastal Cottage Core – Color Palette

The palette artfully combines the essence of the seaside with the nostalgia of countryside living, creating a refreshingly serene decor theme.

  • Ocean Breeze (#A5C8D0): Soothing blue reflecting gentle sea waves.
  • Meadow Green (#8DA681): Soft green evoking open coastal fields.
  • Sunset Pink (#E7BBA6): Gentle pink inspired by coastal sunsets.
  • Sandy Beige (#F2E1C1): Light beige mimicking sandy beaches.
  • Seashell White (#F6F6F2): Off-white resembling scattered beach seashells.
  • Driftwood Brown (#917C6F): Earthy brown suggesting weathered driftwood.
Coastal Cottage Core – Color Palette


Coastal Life – Color Palette

The Coastal Life palette captures the crisp, spirited essence of coastal living, enhancing spaces with hues that promote openness and tranquility.

  • Sea Glass Green (#88D8B0): Clear aqua reflecting sea glass beauty.
  • Sailor’s Sky Blue (#3A8EBA): Vivid blue mirroring the expansive ocean sky.
  • Sun-Washed Coral (#FF6F61): Vibrant coral reminiscent of marine life and sunsets.
  • Maritime White (#F4FAFF): Crisp white evoking ocean wave whitecaps.
  • Nautical Navy (#0A2342): Deep navy providing a grounding contrast.
  • Beach Pebble Grey (#A2A2A1): Soft gray echoing rounded beach pebbles.
Coastal Life – Color Palette


Coastal House – Color Palette

The palette, inspired by the sea, captures the calming essence of coastal life and relaxed decor that evokes peace and relaxation.

  • Coastal Blue (#7BA4C0): Gentle blue capturing the ocean’s vastness.
  • Sand Dune (#EAD9C0): Warm beige reflecting sunlit sand.
  • Seagull Gray (#9DA5A7): Neutral gray mirroring seagulls and maritime structures.
  • Ocean Foam (#E3F4F1): Light aqua evoking frothy ocean waves.
  • Sailcloth White (#F8F5F2): Bright white reminiscent of crisp beachside cottages.
  • Driftwood (#BDA897): Muted brown similar to weathered shore wood.
Coastal House – Color Palette


Coastal Town Aesthetic – Color Palette

Draws inspiration from picturesque seaside villages, integrating earthy and maritime colors that reflect the unique charm of coastal living.

  • Harbor Mist (#95A3A4): Muted blue-gray reminiscent of morning harbor fog.
  • Cobblestone Path (#827E7C): Warm gray echoing quaint coastal paths.
  • Lighthouse Red (#BF2A2A): Vibrant red reflecting iconic coastal beacons.
  • Salty Sea Blue (#5D7B9D): Deep blue inspired by open waters.
  • Seaside Greenery (#2E8B57): Lush green mirroring vibrant seaside plant life.
  • Sandcastle (#ECD5B5): Sandy beige capturing the spirit of beachside play.
Coastal Town Aesthetic – Color Palette


Coastal Blue Paint Colors – Color Palette 

This collection of coastal blue paint colors is a refreshing palette designed to bring the calm and clarity of the seaside into your home.

These blues range from soft and ethereal to deep and invigorating, reflecting the diverse moods of the ocean.

This selection of Benjamin Moore blues is designed to bring the calming and clear qualities of the seaside into your home, enhancing any room with hues ranging from ethereal to vibrant.

  • Breath of Fresh Air (806): Tranquil, airy blue inviting serenity.
  • Blue Echo (AF-505): Deep blue adding a touch of drama.
  • Starry Night Blue (2067-20): Deep, intense blue.
  • Palladian Blue (HC-144): Reflective light blue-green, like water.
  • Santorini Blue (1634): Medium blue suggesting Mediterranean depths.
  • Wedgewood Gray (HC-146): Muted blue with gray undertones.
  • Van Courtland Blue (HC-145): Rich, historical blue evoking heritage.
  • Blue Danube (2062-30): Bold, striking blue commanding attention.
  • Iceberg (2122-50): Very light, almost white blue for subtle color.
  • Newburyport Blue (HC-155): Classic navy offering a timeless look.
Coastal Blue Paint Colors – Color Palette 


Coastal Yellow Paint Colors – Color Palette

Benjamin Moore’s coastal yellow paint colors for 2024 offer a radiant and uplifting palette that mirrors the warmth and joy of sunny coastal landscapes.

These yellows range from subtle and soft to bright and bold, designed to invigorate any space with a sunny disposition.

  • Hawthorne Yellow (HC-4): Warm, golden yellow embodying sunny brightness.
  • Lemon Sorbet (2019-60): Light, fresh yellow adding a touch of airiness.
  • Jasper Yellow (2024-50): Vivid, sparkling yellow with energy.
  • Sundance (2022-50): Buttery yellow capturing the warmth of the sun.
  • Banana Yellow (2022-40): Cheerful, bold yellow adding joy.
  • Yellow Lotus (2021-50): Creamy, subdued yellow offering gentleness.
  • Golden Straw (2152-50): Inviting, soft yellow evoking warmth and coziness.
  • York Harbor Yellow (2154-40): Deep mustard yellow reflecting golden sunsets.
  • Buttercup (2154-30): Saturated, lively yellow full of energy.
  • Capri Coast (OC-87): Understated, muted yellow, perfect as a subtle background.
Coastal Yellow Paint Colors – Color Palette 


Coastal Green Paint Colors – Color Palette 

The Coastal Green paint collection brings tranquility and vibrancy from the coast into any home.

These greens range from subtle and soothing to rich and deep, reflecting the varied aspects of coastal flora and enhancing spaces with a calm and inviting backdrop.

  • Sea Salt (SW 6204): Light, airy green with a hint of gray.
  • Oyster Bay (SW 6206): Deeper, muted green with gray undertones.
  • Rainwashed (SW 6211): Pale, bluish-green reflecting a coastal breeze.
  • Liveable Green (SW 6176): Soft, neutral green, versatile and understated.
  • Quietude (SW 6212): Mid-tone blue-green, tranquil and soothing.
  • Isle of Pines (SW 6461): Bold, deep green capturing lush coastal forests.
  • Recycled Glass (SW 7747): Vibrant, clear green mirroring sea glass.
  • Silvermist (SW 7621): Silvery green with a reflective quality.
  • Jasper Stone (SW 9133): Saturated, earthy green evoking natural landscapes.
  • Dried Thyme (SW 6186): Warm, muted olive green, adding organic sophistication.
Coastal Green Paint Colors – Color Palette 


Coastal Beach – Color Palette

The palette celebrates the serene beauty found at the seaside.

From the bright and airy Seaside Retreat to the deep, reflective Deep Ocean, each color is crafted to bring the peaceful spirit of the beach into your home.

This color scheme not only captures the aesthetic of the coast but also creates an inviting, calm atmosphere where the stresses of daily life can drift away like the tides.

  • Seaside Retreat (#5DAEC8): Clear, bright blue like a perfect beach day sky.
  • Golden Sands (#E2C290): Warm, golden beige evoking sunlit sand.
  • Dune Grass (#9CAE7B): Muted green, similar to coastal dune grasses.
  • Sunset Blush (#F7C6A9): Soft, rosy hue inspired by beach sunsets.
  • Shoreline Gray (#B8B5A1): Neutral gray capturing wet beach pebbles.
  • Deep Ocean (#027B8E): Deep teal blue, reflecting the ocean’s depths.
Coastal Beach – Color Palette



Explore these coastal color palettes for 2024, and let the serene, vibrant spirit of the seaside inspire your next home decorating project.
Whether you’re dressing up a bedroom, transforming a living space, or creating a nursery, these colors offer a perfect blend of tranquility and style, making every moment feel like a breath of fresh, salty air.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What are the best coastal color palettes for creating a tranquil bedroom atmosphere?

The Coastal Bedrooms palette, featuring colors like Seafoam Green, Sandy Beige, and Ocean Blue, is ideal for fostering a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in a bedroom. These shades are soft and muted, reflecting the calmness of the seaside.

⭐Can coastal color palettes be used in areas other than beach houses?

Absolutely! Coastal color palettes are versatile and can bring a serene, airy feel to any space, regardless of its proximity to the beach. They are perfect for creating a relaxing environment in urban, suburban, or rural homes.

⭐How do I incorporate darker colors in a coastal-themed living room?

For incorporating darker shades like Ocean Blue or Nautical Navy into a coastal-themed living room, balance them with lighter tones such as Shell White or Sandy Beige to maintain a breezy and spacious feel.

⭐What are some playful color options for a coastal-themed nursery?

In a coastal-themed nursery, engaging colors like Coral Reef and Tidal Pool can stimulate a child's imagination while maintaining a calm environment. Soft blues and greens also help create a soothing backdrop.

⭐Are there any tips for using coastal colors in a small space?

In smaller spaces, it's beneficial to use lighter coastal colors like Shell White and Wave Crest Blue to make the area feel larger and more open. Accents in darker shades can add depth without overwhelming the space.

⭐How do I choose the right coastal paint color for my room?

When selecting a coastal paint color, consider the room's natural lighting and size. Lighter colors can help make a room feel larger and more open, while deeper tones can add sophistication and depth. Always test paint samples on your walls to see how they look in different lighting throughout the day.

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