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How Long Does Sherwin Williams Paint Take to Dry?

Learn how long it might need for Sherwin Williams paint to dry completely, both if it is applied in one or two coats

When you are going to refresh your home’s interior, choosing a proper paint is a must.

However, it is not only about the color or colors that you are going to use (even though colors are also the crucial point of concern!).

Quite many homeowners are often bothered about another issue: how much time will they need for the paint to dry completely after their walls or other surfaces are painted?

And since the majority of homeowners make use of Sherwin Williams paint brand, one of the most popular and frequently asked questions sounds like “How long does it take Sherwin Williams interior paint to dry?”

So today we are going to finally give you answers to this question.

Why answers, you may be wondering?

Well, because we are not just going to tell you how much time you will have to wait until your freshly painted walls are totally dry.

In addition, you will learn what the paint drying time depends on and how long can different types of paint take to dry.

But this is not the end! Also, you will find out how long you have to wait between two coats of paint to be able to apply the second one safely without damaging the freshly painted surface.

Finally, we will share a few tips with you on how to paint your walls and use less paint.

And a cherry on top of the cake – you will learn whether Sherwin Williams paints need priming. Are you ready to start? Then off we go!

How Long Does It Take Sherwin Williams Paint to Dry?

Whenever you decide to do any home interior renovations, painting your walls a new color is often the most popular choice.

And since repainting interior walls is the best and the easiest way to revitalize them a bit, many homeowners look for the most reliable paint brands, such as Sherwin Williams, to make their homes look better than ever!

But in order to be able to make the full use of the paints of this brand, as well as to take the most of its marvelous color palettes, you need to be sure that you are applying paint correctly.

Which often means that you need to know exactly how much time you should let the paint dry before you apply the second coat, or before the painted surface or object can be used again.

Naturally, most homeowners wonder how much time Sherwin Williams paint takes to dry since it is one of the most popular interior paint suppliers on the market along with a few other famous brands.

To speak briefly, we can give you the following general information: the drying time of the Sherwin Williams paint will depend on the type of paint you are going to use.

To be clear, this very brand has two different types of paint, oil based and latex paint.
And their drying times will vary quite significantly.

  • Sherwin Williams oil based paint (which major component is Alkyd) will need to be left to dry overnight
  • Sherwin Williams water based paint (also known as latex) will already dry to the touch within one hour

Also, if you are going to apply several coats of paint, which is usually the case when you are painting your interior walls, you will have to consider using more drying time!

For the Sherwin Williams water based paint, expect to wait between two and four hours more to let it dry before the second coat can be applied. As for the oil based paint, it will require even more waiting time – around twenty-four hours at least.

In addition, it is not only the paint type that matters.

The temperature in the room where you are painting also plays a big role.

For example, if you are painting on a hot and dry summer day, your paint will dry faster than if you do it when it is raining outside or even if the air is too humid or cold.

Moreover, it is not recommended to paint if the temperature around is 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

If you do so, the paint may not adhere properly to the surface which may result in paint peeling later!

But of course, this is all just general information.

Below, we will provide you a more detailed explanation and description of drying times so that you could calculate how long it might take you to wait until your paint will allow you to use the object or to apply another coat.

How Long Does It Take Sherwin Williams Paint to Dry

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How Long Does It Take For Sherwin Williams Oil Based Paint to Dry

So let’s start with the most long-drying paint that the Sherwin Williams brand has. Meet oil based paint! As you probably know, oil based paints, both interior and artistic ones, take more time to dry.

To become fully dry, any oil-based paint needs to be left overnight.

Also, you should leave at least twenty-four hours between oil-based paint coats. However, this type of paint is often more preferred by the homeowners since it is more durable and long-lasting in comparison to water based paints.

How Long Does It Take For Sherwin Williams Oil Based Paint to Dry

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So we would recommend you consider using oil-based paints if you need to refresh your exterior walls, doors, as well as floors, or trim – basically anything that is supposed to withstand wear and tear and rather harsh weather conditions in addition.

If your home painting project involves any of these surfaces that we have mentioned, we would not suggest you try to save money or time on drying times by using water-based paint!

If you do so, you will only get a few less hours of drying time.

But in the future, you will have to spend even more hours on repainting and touching up.

Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams Paint CoverageBenjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams Paint Coverage

How Long Does Sherwin Williams Latex Wall Paint Take to Dry?

This type of paint is more common in comparison to oil based paints. And of course (as you have already probably guessed), water based paints are appreciated and highly praised for their ability to dry fast!

On the one hand, it is not always bad. For example, on some low-traffic surfaces and areas, such as interior walls or ceilings, applying a quickly drying paint is only an advantage since you will not have to wait for hours until another coat can be painted!

Water based paint, despite its brand, will usually need one hour to dry.

However, if you are going to apply the second coat or more, always make sure that you leave the twenty-four hours gap between the coats!

Like this, you will give your paint enough time to cure and adhere which means that the painted surface will look much better than if you hurry up and paint on the wet first layer.

So, as you can see, drying time of Sherwin Williams paint, both water based and oil based, does vary.

And since there is quite a significant difference, people often wonder whether applying the second coat of paint is a must.

The painted surface will dry faster when having only one coat instead! So is it so badly needed indeed? Let’s figure this out.

How Long Does Sherwin Williams Latex Wall Paint Take to Dry

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The Second Coat Of Paint. To Be Or Not to Be?

Ok, so do you really need that second coat at all? Painting newbies might say that they don’t but in fact, this is sort of a wrong answer.

See, a second coat of paint is needed for helping to fill in any brush or roller strokes that are seen and remain after the painting process.

In addition, applying the second coat of paint helps to cover any patchy areas! As a result your painted surface looks smooth and even.

And besides, paint will not just look more vivid and brighter, it will also last longer if applied with two coats instead of one.

So unless you are just touching up an already existing paint job on your walls, trims or furniture, most paints will need another coat to make the surface look smooth and uniform.

Nevertheless, if you think that it is as simple as just applying a second coat right after the first, you are wrong!

If you do so, you can quickly ruin your meticulous and hard work instead of getting a perfectly painted wall.

The Second Coat Of Paint. To Be Or Not to Be

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What Can Happen If I Apply the Second Coat Of Paint Too Soon?

If you are too fast and apply the second coat way too soon, you will not give the first coat enough time for proper drying. As a result, you will end up with streaks and an uneven finish from the paint pulling up.

That will look pretty messy, don’t you think? In addition, your paint may start peeling!

This is why we recommend you not to be in a rush and follow the instructions on the paint can precisely, especially those that have to do with the drying time.

If you are patient enough to wait for the first coat to dry completely, you will make painting the second coat easier.

It will be easier for you to see which part of the painted surface still needs another coat because wet paint looks slightly different from dry paint.

Some folks also wonder whether it is ok to apply the third coat of paint, or is it way too much.

Well, we would say that it depends. See, in case your second coat of paint looks patchy or uneven, it is absolutely fine to add a third coat and sometimes it is even necessary! Especially if you use a dark and deep color.

However, since we are talking about Sherwin Williams paints, you need to take into account that they rarely need more than two coats.

So we would suggest you make sure your paint has been given an adequate drying time between coats, or it will seem like you will need to keep adding coat after coat which can be an endless process!

What Can Happen If I Apply the Second Coat Of Paint Too Soon

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Does Second Coat Of Paint Require Less Paint?

In fact, yes, it does. See, the most part of paint is applied when you are covering the surface with paint for the first time.

The second coat is needed for smoothing over the brush strokes or patches that may remain after the first painting session.

And since the second coat is typically thinner, and since the first coat has already done the majority of work, you will need less paint for the second one, of course.

The only thing that you must keep in mind is that your brushes and paint rollers must be cleaned and washed before you use them for applying the second coat of paint!

If they have any remaining paint on them, it may make them less effective in picking up and applying the new coat of paint. Of course, it may result in uneven application.

Does Second Coat Of Paint Require Less Paint

Credits: AntonMatyukha,

What to Do to Apply Less Coats Of Paint

This is what so many homeowners are headed for! How to paint their interior walls using less paint but still getting the same brilliant results?

Well, we can give you a few handy tips, by the way.

  1. When painting, make sure that you are not pressing the paint roller too hard, trying to use as much of the paint on it as possible before you add more. If you do so, it can leave ugly streaks that are pretty hard to deal with afterwards.
  2. It’s ok to reapply paint to your roller sooner if you want to get an even layer of paint. Simply reload the roller once you notice that it is getting a little thin!
  3. Always use only high-quality paint and tools! Yes, you will spend more money on that, but they will ensure that you will enjoy the result of your painting job.
  4. Always read the directions on the paint cans to see whether you are applying it at the correct rate since paint normally has a rate of application (how much footage one can of it can cover)
  5. Finally, consider applying primer before you start painting. Even if you are using high-quality paints, applying primer will allow you to get the wall ready for painting. That means that you will most likely avoid applying the third coat of paint!

With all that in mind, you will surely get a perfectly painted wall or any other surface with spending minimal effort on that!

What to Do to Apply Less Coats Of Paint

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Do Sherwin Williams Paints Need a Primer?

Most of you might probably believe that such a high-quality paint as the one that is produced by Sherwin Williams brand needs no priming. Well, we are here to disappoint you, unfortunately.

See, even the paints from such a reputable brand still benefit from using a primer!

The only case when you can safely skip using a primer is if the wall or the surface that you are going to paint has already been painted previously, and that previous color is lighter than the color you are going to repaint it.

However, if the surface you are planning to apply the paint on has never been painted before, you will definitely have to use a primer before starting the painting process!

No matter how it sounds, using a primer will save you both money and time.

Well, and your effort, too. When you apply the primer onto the surface, it creates a smoother and more even surface that the paint will adhere to much better.

In addition, when painting over the previously primed surface, you will spend less paint. And since primers cost less, it is also a beneficial choice for your wallet.

Do Sherwin Williams Paints Need a Primer

Credits: Y-Boychenko, via

So, now you know all about how long Sherwin Williams paint dries, what affects this time frame, and how you can make it shorter.

In addition, you are now aware of a few life hacks that will help you get a perfectly smooth and evenly painted surface.

Use what you’ve learned, and good luck with your painting projects!

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⭐ How long does super paint need to dry?

30 days is the best, but at least, let it dry for one week.

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Yes, it’s better to prime it.

⭐ What happens if I recoat latex paint too soon?

The paint may pull up as you roll resulting in streaks and peeling.

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