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Fraser Fir 503 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

Fraser Fir 503 is more than just a paint color.

Fraser Fir 503 is more than just a paint color. It encapsulates an aura, an emotion, and the power to transform spaces. This article delves into the intricacies of this shade, its undertones, its interaction with light, and its potential in home decor.

What Color Is Fraser Fir 503?

Fraser Fir 503 paints a picture of serene forests and quiet winter mornings. This medium-to-dark shade of green has the distinct feel of pine needles, instantly creating a natural, calming atmosphere. Ideal for spaces that aim for an organic or rustic charm, Fraser Fir 503 excels in contemporary, rustic, and even minimalist interiors.

Its depth pairs harmoniously with raw materials like wood, stone, and natural textiles, evoking a sense of grounded luxury.

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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

Fraser Fir 503 leans towards the cooler spectrum, with its subtle blue undertones granting it a soothing appearance. Cool colors often evoke feelings of calmness and are commonly used in areas designed for relaxation or concentration. In homes, this cool nature makes it a perfect fit for bedrooms, study areas, or even living spaces where a peaceful ambiance is desired.

Undertones of Fraser Fir 503

Every color carries undertones, subtle shades that influence its overall appearance. Fraser Fir 503 boasts blue and gray undertones, which give it a slightly muted feel. These undertones influence how it interacts with other colors and materials. On interior walls, the undertones can be enhanced or muted, depending on the surrounding decor and lighting, lending a versatile charm to the shade.

Coordinating Colors of Fraser Fir 503

Coordinating colors are hues that harmoniously blend with a primary color, enhancing its beauty.
For Fraser Fir 503, such companions include AF-25 Paper Mache, a neutral beige; OC-118 Snowfall White, a pristine white; BM 505 Hint of Mint, a gentle green; and AF-50 Etiquette, a soft gray.

  • AF-25 Paper Mache (CHECK A SAMPLE): A versatile beige that exudes warmth.
  • OC-118 Snowfall White : Pure and untouched, like fresh snow.
  • BM 505 Hint of Mint (CHECK A SAMPLE): A delicate green, reminiscent of the first hints of spring.
  • AF-50 Etiquette (CHECK A SAMPLE): A sophisticated gray, both modern and timeless.

Complementing these are AF-15 Steam, a clean and soft white; OC-20 Pale Oak, a light neutral tan; and BM 2136-70 Whispering Spring, a light blue with grayish tints.

How Does Lighting Affect Fraser Fir 503?

Lighting plays a pivotal role in color perception. Fraser Fir 503, under artificial light, can appear deeper, with its blue undertones becoming more pronounced. In contrast, natural sunlight tends to soften it, highlighting its inherent greenness. Its appearance in rooms also varies by direction: in north-faced rooms, it may look cooler and more muted; south-faced rooms amplify its warmth; east-faced rooms, with morning light, lend it a bright, cheerful aura, and in west-facing rooms, it takes on a subtle, evening glow.

LRV of Fraser Fir 503

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) quantifies how much light a color reflects. With an LRV of 32, Fraser Fir 503 is on the lower side of the scale, meaning it absorbs more light and appears darker. This can make spaces feel cozy and intimate, but care should be taken in smaller rooms to ensure they don’t feel closed in.

What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

Trim Colors of Fraser Fir 503

Trim colors frame and accentuate wall colors. For Fraser Fir 503, whites of the same brand, like OC-117 Simply White, OC-65 Chantilly Lace, OC-151 White, and OC-57 White Heron, provide a crisp contrast, making the green pop while maintaining a harmonious look.

Colors Similar to Fraser Fir 503

Recognizing similar colors aids in achieving desired aesthetics. For Fraser Fir 503, close shades include BM 495 Hillside Green, a rich verdant shade; BM 482 Misted Fern, a subdued green with grayish hints; BM 531 Ponderosa Pine, deep and reminiscent of dense woods; and BM 488 Mountain Lane, which evokes serene mountain landscapes.

Colors That Go With Fraser Fir 503

Pairing colors wisely ensures aesthetic fluidity. For Fraser Fir 503, Benjamin Moore offers a rich palette, including AC-17 Sea Pine, CSP-450 Bewitched, BM 480 Lily Pad, CW-475 Palmer Green, and BM 1572 Raindance. These shades, ranging from deep blues to gentle greens, allow Fraser Fir 503 to stand out while ensuring a harmonious flow in the space.

How to Use Fraser Fir 503 In Your Home?

Fraser Fir 503, a serene shade of green, brings the tranquility of nature indoors. Perfect for bedrooms, it promotes rest and relaxation. In living spaces, it establishes a calming ambiance, aligning well with modern, rustic, and Scandinavian designs. Its earthy hue is equally apt for bathrooms, evoking spa-like luxury. For kitchens, it pairs wonderfully with wooden accents and white tiles. Fraser Fir 503 isn’t limited to interiors; it’s a splendid choice for exteriors, giving homes an organic touch.

Its versatility extends to kitchen cabinets, offering a refreshing twist.

How to Use Fraser Fir 503 in the Bedroom?

Fraser Fir 503’s calming essence makes it an excellent choice for bedrooms. The hue offers a sanctuary, promoting rejuvenating sleep. Paired with soft linens, wooden furnishings, and muted gold or brass accents, it provides a modern yet timeless appeal.

How to Use Fraser Fir 503 in the Bathroom?

In bathrooms, Fraser Fir 503 introduces a spa-like ambiance. Its soothing tones juxtapose beautifully against white bathtubs and sinks. Complemented with plants, it channels a tropical retreat, making every bath a therapeutic experience.

How to Use Fraser Fir 503 in the Living Room?

For living rooms, Fraser Fir 503 sets a tranquil mood, ideal for unwinding or intimate gatherings. It’s a backdrop that elevates light-colored furniture, soft textiles, and decorative elements, creating a space both inviting and stylish.

How to Use Fraser Fir 503 for an Exterior?

Exteriors painted with Fraser Fir 503 harmonize with nature. It’s a hue that remains timeless through seasons, enhancing curb appeal. Pairing it with white trims or wooden accents results in a home that feels both sophisticated and warm.

How to Use Fraser Fir 503 in the Kitchen?

Kitchens adorned with Fraser Fir 503 exude freshness. It seamlessly blends with wooden countertops, metallic fixtures, and white tiles. Whether you’re sipping morning coffee or hosting dinner, this color ensures an ambiance of relaxed elegance.

How to Use Fraser Fir 503 on the Kitchen Cabinets?

Fraser Fir 503 on kitchen cabinets is a bold yet refreshing choice. The cabinets become focal points, especially when contrasted with lighter countertops or backsplashes. This shade lends a contemporary flair, making the kitchen’s aesthetic both dynamic and cozy.

Comparing Fraser Fir 503 With Other Colors

Comparing colors is crucial in the realm of interior design. It helps identify subtle nuances that might not be immediately noticeable, ensuring that a chosen color truly complements its surroundings. By contrasting colors, we gain insight into their depth, undertones, warmth, or coolness, allowing for informed decisions that enhance the harmony of spaces. Examining Fraser Fir 503 alongside six other shades provides a clearer perspective on its versatility and unique character.

Fraser Fir 503 vs. BM 498 Glade Green

Glade Green  (CHECK A SAMPLE) offers a brighter hue compared to the serene and deeper Fraser Fir 503. Where Fraser Fir evokes dense forests, Glade Green resonates with meadows in spring. While both are rooted in nature, Fraser Fir offers a richer, more intimate feel, whereas Glade Green is more refreshing and lively.

Fraser Fir 503 vs. BM 499 Glazed Green

Glazed Green (CHECK A SAMPLE) leans towards a more muted palette than Fraser Fir 503. It has a grayish undertone, making it appear almost like a green patina on antique bronze. Fraser Fir, on the other hand, is more straightforward in its green richness, ideal for spaces demanding depth.

Fraser Fir 503 vs. BM 500 Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern (CHECK A SAMPLE) is a delicate, almost ethereal shade. In contrast, Fraser Fir 503 is bolder and more grounded. The fern shade could be likened to morning dew on leaves, while Fraser Fir is more reminiscent of shaded groves. The former is great for spaces needing a touch of lightness, while the latter anchors spaces beautifully.

Fraser Fir 503 vs. BM 501 Mesquite

Mesquite is warmer, with an earthy brown dominance subtly interlaced with green. Fraser Fir 503, being a purer green, provides a cooler and more tranquil atmosphere. Mesquite might evoke desert landscapes at dusk, whereas Fraser Fir brings to mind serene woodland settings.

Fraser Fir 503 vs. BM 502 Grasslands

Grasslands (CHECK A SAMPLE) is a more vibrant and youthful green. Next to Fraser Fir 503, it feels like the first sprouts of spring beside a mature forest. Grasslands brings an energetic, sunny feel to spaces, whereas Fraser Fir imparts a calm, settled ambiance.

Fraser Fir 503 vs. BM 504 Nature’s Reflection

Nature’s Reflection  (CHECK A SAMPLE) is a balanced shade, slightly lighter than Fraser Fir 503 but with a similar depth. It’s like comparing a clear forest pond to the dense trees surrounding it. Both colors offer a natural, organic vibe but with distinct moods.


Fraser Fir 503 is undeniably a versatile and evocative shade, but its true character emerges when juxtaposed with other colors. Such comparisons not only enrich our understanding but also guide us in creating spaces that resonate with our desired emotions and aesthetics. Whether you choose Fraser Fir 503 or another hue, it’s the thoughtful examination and contrast that ensures a space truly comes alive.

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