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Does Brown And Blue Match?

Want to know whether blue and brown will fit together? Then this article is exactly for you!

Whether you are going to try yourself as an artist, or you are about to start a home renovation painting project, being aware of how different colors get together is a good thing to know.

Unfortunately, the majority of us have a very basic idea of how different colors match and combine, which may become a problem when we need to use several different colors in the same room, for example.

And one of the most frequent questions that you ask is whether blue and brown go well together. Indeed, this pair of colors may seem to be not quite harmonious and balanced at the first sight. So people wonder whether it is fine to use them together.

In this article, we decided to tell you more about the combination of brown and blue colors, as well as explain what each of these colors is.

You will learn more about the blue and brown color palette, learn how well these two can match, and also, we will tell you what colors go with brown and blue.

So at the end of reading, you will be able to define what shades of blue can be successfully combined with the shades of brown and vice versa.

And moreover, you will be able to easily pick the colors to match each of these two.

How Good Is Brown And Blue Color Combination?

If you are thinking about a blue and brown color combination, we can assure you: it will work just great! Despite being seemingly different colors, blue and brown get along really well. See, these two colors are what you usually call complementary colors.

That means that, if we take a look at the color wheel, we will see that they are located across each other. To be precise, brown is basically a dark shade of orange which is across from blue on the color wheel.

Even if you take a closer look at what surrounds you, you will notice those blue-and-brown combinations, for instance, sand and ocean, or mountains and the sky. And let’s agree, this blue and brown color scheme looks very harmonious and well-balanced.

So no wonder that this pair of blue and brown complementary colors has gained its popularity not only in wild nature, but also in the human world, too!

Many fashion and interior designers opt for these colors and their shades when creating new clothes and interior color schemes.

How Good Is Brown And Blue Color Combination

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What Makes Blue And Brown Work So Well Together?

If you are familiar with the theory of the color wheel at least a little bit, you will already have some brief understanding in this explanation we are going to give you.

See, blue and orange are on opposite sides of this color wheel, which means they contrast strongly but complement each other at the same time. Since brown is not too far from orange, the same applies to this pairing, too.

They naturally work well together, creating a subtle and pleasing effect.

Blue is a highly versatile color in addition, ranging from the light and informal powder blue to the darker and deeper navy tones. Since shades of brown are generally neutral just as the color itself, it provides an ideal way to exert a good control over the formality of the blue.

What Makes Blue And Brown Work So Well Together (2)

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For example, a touch of brown can make an otherwise serious dark blue suit look more casual, making it better suited to unofficial occasions.

There is plenty of choice within each of the two colors, too. You can choose from chocolate browns, as well as medium shades, lighter ones, or even pastel colors.

With blue, you can choose your favorite from navy, medium blue, royal blue, sky blue, and plenty more. As long as you steer clear of matching up the extremes (such as navy blue with deep chocolate brown), you might be surprised at the effects you can create!

And now, to understand better why you can combine blue with brown, and how this can be done harmoniously, we suggest you learn more about each of these colors separately.

What Makes Blue And Brown Work So Well Together

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What Is the Blue Color?

Blue is one of the three primary colors with the other two being red and green. In the spectrum of visible light, blue lies between purple and green, and most blues also contain a slight mixture of other colors. For example, azure contains some green, whilst ultramarine contains some violet.

Blue color has been in wide use for centuries.

It has been an important color in art and decoration, and in ancient Egypt, the semi-precious stone called lapis lazuli was used for making jewelry and ornaments.

Later, the same stone was used for making one of the most expensive painting pigments known as ultramarine (we bet you heard about it even if you are not an artist!).

What Is the Blue Color

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Blue is a very versatile color that has quite many shades. The most popular ones include the following:

  • Navy blue
  • Teal blue
  • Denim blue
  • Sky blue
  • Ocean blue
  • Classic blue
  • Tropical blue

Like any other color on the color wheel, blue also has shades or, as they can also be called, hues. Those are indigo and ultramarine that are closer to violet, and also pure blue which has no mixtures of other colors.

Cyan is another hue of the blue color and it is midway between green and blue in the spectrum. Among other hues of blue we can also name turquoise, teal, and aquamarine.

Beautiful combination of colors. Blue colorsBeautiful combination of colors. Blue colors

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What Is the Brown Color?

Unlike cool blue, brown is much warmer and earthy. It is considered a composite color, and it is received by combining red, blue, and yellow according to the CMYK color model.

However, in painting, we get blue when we mix together black, orange, and yellow paints.

The brown color is widely seen in nature: this is the color of trees, soil, wood, as well as human hair and eye color, and also the color of animal fur (for example, bear’s).

Brown color has been used since the earliest times! If we try to remember, we will see that the drawings on the caves’ walls were mainly made with this pigment. Also, in ancient Greece and Rome, vases and amphoras were often colored brown.

And again, like any other color, brown also has its hues. Raw umber and burnt umber are the two oldest brown pigments used in human history, as well as are they the hues of brown.

What Is the Brown Color (2)

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We can also name chestnut brown, hazelnut brown, and walnut brown – all named after the sorts of nuts that were once used for getting different brown pigments used in painting.

The shades of brown color are also pretty much varied. We are sure that you know all of the following ones:

  • Chocolate brown
  • Beige
  • Khaki
  • Mahogany
  • Warm brown
  • Sienna
  • Cafe au lait

And even though in the United States brown can hardly be called one of the favorite colors of the public according to the recent surveys, however, this color is also associated with warmth, coziness, chocolate, coffee, and bakery!

What Is the Brown Color

Credits: fastfun23, via Crello. com

What Colors Go With Blue And Brown

If you are thinking of combining brown with the blue color either on canvas or on your home’s interior walls, you definitely want to be sure that this combo will work well! Since canvas can be fixed, and repainting walls is a way more bothersome and difficult task.

This is why we recommend you learn more about the best blue and brown color combinations that will work anytime and anywhere, from your suit and to your home.

First of all, let’s start with the shades of blue that go with brown best of all. If this is what you are twisting your brain with right now, here is the trot for you:

  • Navy blue
  • Teal blue
  • Denim blue
  • Sky blue
  • Ocean blue
  • Classic blue
  • Tropical blue

All these shades of blue will create a perfect match with the brown color. In particular, navy blue and brown is one of the most popular and classic color combinations. It is especially popular in men’s fashion, by the way!

What Colors Go With Blue And Brown (2)

Credits: Jean Vella, via

A navy blue suit with a brown leather belt and dress shoes is what we call a classic business attire color combination. However, business is not the only sphere where these colors will become a win-win combination!

In home decor and design, they will also find their place.

For example, a navy blue sofa will look great with navy blue and brown decorative cushions, brown walls and a navy blue with white area rug. This is a typical and traditional style for a living room.

In addition, the blue and brown color scheme is pretty versatile since it can be used in almost any room in your home!

This is why these two colors are so popular and even considered to be classic in many home decor and design schemes.

Brown and blue will work great in a bedroom, living room, dining room, and even in your bathroom!

What Colors Go With Blue And Brown

Credits: Miroslav, via

A Few Ideas On Using Blue And Brown In Your Clothes

As we have already mentioned, blue and brown is quite a popular pair of colors that is considered classic in clothing, especially in men’s fashion. However, you might still find it difficult to figure out what shades of these colors will suit you, and which will not.

See, when it comes to personal style, the very first thing that must be taken into consideration is your skin color. If you have dark skin, for example, high contrast elements like a navy suit and white shirt can be matched very well with tan brown shoes.

However, we should draw your attention to the fact that most experts say that this consideration is completely optional – you can incorporate it if you want, but you shouldn’t prohibit yourself from wearing certain items or tones just because of the color of your skin.

Also, don’t be afraid to play a bit with the details and shades and turn colors upside down. For example, a dark navy blue business suit paired with a white shirt and black shoes is what we call a classic and formal wear.

A Few Ideas On Using Blue And Brown In Your Clothes

Credits: VadimVasenin, via

On the other hand, if you switch the colors and put on brown suede boots with a brown tie, it will be a way more suitable look for the night out! Not so official, and surely way less formal!

So, now you know the difference between the brown and blue colors. You have learned more about each of them separately, and also, we told you about what makes these seemingly different colors combine so well together.

But this is not all! We have also provided you with the list of the most popular shades of blue and brown, and gave you a few hints on how to use these colors in your clothes style and home decor.

Now, with all this information in mind, you can not just master any blue-and-brown color scheme, but you can also combine these two colors, as well as their shades, more freely and confidently since now you know what the results will be.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Do blue and brown match in clothing?

Yes, they do.

⭐ Do all shades of brown and blue can be matched interchangeably?

Mostly yes.

v Does blue have warm shades?

No, blue is a cool-tone color.

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