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Green Sponge 2046-40 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

In the vast universe of paint colors, there's an elegant palette just waiting to be explored, and one such hue is Green Sponge 2046-40.

In the vast universe of paint colors, there’s an elegant palette just waiting to be explored, and one such hue is Green Sponge 2046-40. This color has garnered attention for its versatility and the depth it brings to interiors. But what makes this color special? And how can one utilize it optimally in home décor? Let’s delve into its intricacies.

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What Color Is Green Sponge 2046-40?

Green Sponge 2046-40 is a unique blend of green that encapsulates the freshness of a dewy forest morning. It carries a sense of tranquility and sophistication. Ideal for interiors that aim to imbue calmness, it pairs exceptionally well with contemporary, minimalist, and even rustic styles. When combined with rich textures like velvet or silk, or materials like aged wood or brushed steel, it evokes a sense of grounded luxury.

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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

Green Sponge 2046-40 sways more towards the cool spectrum. Cool colors often create a serene, calming effect, and this shade is no exception. In homes, it provides an oasis of relaxation, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, or any space intended for unwinding.

Undertones of Green Sponge 2046-40

This paint possesses subtle undertones of blue, lending it its cool demeanor. Undertones play a pivotal role in determining how a color appears under different lighting or next to other shades. The blueish undertone in Green Sponge 2046-40 means that when applied to interior walls, the color can sometimes appear slightly more aquatic, especially in certain lighting.

Coordinating Colors of Green Sponge 2046-40

Coordinating colors provide harmony and continuity in design. For Green Sponge 2046-40, coordinating colors include:

Additionally, consider:

  • BM 820 Misty Blue: A soft, airy blue.
  • BM 225 Chatsworth Cream: A neutral, earthy beige.
  • BM 1382 Violet Petal: A delicate, pale purple.

How Does Lighting Affect Green Sponge 2046-40?

Lighting can significantly alter our perception of color. Under artificial light, Green Sponge 2046-40 might seem more muted, with its blue undertones more pronounced. Natural light, on the other hand, can highlight its green vibrancy. In north-faced rooms, it might appear slightly cooler, while in south-faced rooms, the color could seem warmer and brighter.

East-faced rooms would give it a warm, bright glow in the mornings, transitioning to cooler tones during the day. Conversely, west-faced rooms will see this color in its cooler tones during the morning, warming up as the day progresses.

LRV of Green Sponge 2046-40

LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects. A LRV of 44 suggests a mid-tone color, meaning Green Sponge 2046-40 isn’t too dark or too light. This makes it versatile in either small or spacious rooms, without making spaces feel confined.

What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

Trim Colors of Green Sponge 2046-40

Trim colors, typically used for molding, doors, and windows, accentuate the primary wall color. For Green Sponge 2046-40, shades of white like OC-19 Seapearl, BM 2144-70 Snowfall White, and OC-54 White Wisp from the same brand can enhance its character, providing a sharp, sophisticated contrast.

Colors Similar to Green Sponge 2046-40

Knowing analogous colors can help in selecting alternatives or complements. Some similar shades are:

Colors That Go With Green Sponge 2046-40

Complementing colors enhance aesthetics. For Green Sponge 2046-40, Benjamin Moore suggests:

Each of these shades, when paired with Green Sponge 2046-40, creates a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

How to Use Green Sponge 2046-40 In Your Home?

Green Sponge 2046-40, with its calming aura, is suitable for various rooms—be it the bedroom, living room, or even the bathroom. Its versatility aligns with contemporary, rustic, minimalist, and even bohemian design styles. The hue’s sophisticated blend brings a touch of nature indoors, setting a rejuvenating mood throughout the house.

How to Use Green Sponge 2046-40 in the Bedroom?

This shade transforms bedrooms into serene retreats. It’s ideal for those wanting a peaceful environment to rest. Paired with soft linens and muted accessories, Green Sponge 2046-40 invokes a sense of relaxation, making it a prime choice for bedroom walls, especially behind upholstered headboards to create a tranquil backdrop.

How to Use Green Sponge 2046-40 in the Bathroom?

In bathrooms, Green Sponge 2046-40 mimics the soothing vibe of luxury spas. Coupled with white fixtures, the color contrasts brilliantly, offering a fresh and invigorating space. It’s especially captivating on accent walls, balancing the cooler tones of tiles or marble.

How to Use Green Sponge 2046-40 in the Living Room?

Green Sponge 2046-40 can reinvent living rooms into chic gathering spaces. It complements wooden furniture, metallic accents, and textured rugs, setting a balanced, inviting atmosphere. Art pieces and indoor plants against this color further accentuate its charm, making the living room a captivating haven.

How to Use Green Sponge 2046-40 for an Exterior?

For exteriors, Green Sponge 2046-40 exudes a contemporary elegance. It’s particularly striking on modern homes, blending seamlessly with lush gardens. The hue thrives against white trims or wooden accents, imparting a harmonious, nature-inspired facade.

How to Use Green Sponge 2046-40 in the Kitchen?

Kitchens painted with Green Sponge 2046-40 radiate a fresh, clean feel. This color pairs beautifully with stainless steel appliances and white countertops. An accent wall in this shade, combined with neutral tiles, can lend the kitchen a refreshing burst of modernity.

How to Use Green Sponge 2046-40 in the Kitchen Cabinets?

Opting for Green Sponge 2046-40 on kitchen cabinets adds a sophisticated twist. It’s a departure from traditional wooden or white cabinets, making a stylish statement. Pair with gold or brass hardware for an elevated, contemporary look, ensuring the kitchen stands out as both functional and chic.

Comparing Green Sponge 2046-40 With Other Colors

Understanding the nuances between different paint colors is pivotal for informed decision-making in interior design. While standalone shades might be appealing, their impact is better gauged when compared with others. Such comparisons accentuate undertones, vibrancy, and mood, aiding homeowners and designers in selecting colors that harmonize or contrast beautifully in living spaces.

Green Sponge 2046-40 vs. BM 2046-70 Light Mint

Green Sponge is a deep, calming hue, reminiscent of forest foliage, while Light Mint (CHECK A SAMPLE) is a pastel shade exuding airy freshness. Light Mint can make spaces appear larger, making it apt for smaller rooms, while Green Sponge, with its depth, offers coziness and can anchor larger spaces or create intimate corners.

Green Sponge 2046-40 vs. Misty Teal 2046-60

BM Green Sponge, with its lush and vibrant nature, harmonizes effortlessly with Misty Teal (CHECK A SAMPLE). Misty Teal is a shade lighter and appears as if Green Sponge has been kissed by a light fog, toning down its vibrancy just a tad. This makes Misty Teal an excellent choice for those looking to pair Green Sponge with a more muted counterpart, ideal for creating a serene environment.

Green Sponge 2046-40 vs. Miami Teal 656

This duo screams tropical paradise. Green Sponge, already reminiscent of fresh flora, comes to life when juxtaposed against Miami Teal’s (CHECK A SAMPLE) lively aquatic hint. Miami Teal, being bolder and a bit more on the blue side, provides a refreshing contrast, reminiscent of the balance between land and sea.

Green Sponge 2046-40 vs. Garden Green 2046-20

A pairing for those who appreciate the different shades the natural world has to offer. While Green Sponge evokes images of fresh spring foliage, Garden Green (CHECK A SAMPLE) delves deeper into the forest, channeling the richness of dense canopies. Together, they create a harmonious gradient of green, echoing the transition from the forest floor to the sunlit treetops.

Green Sponge 2046-40 vs. Calypso Green 2046-10

These two are a dance of depth and intensity. While BM Green Sponge is vibrant and full of life, Calypso Green (CHECK A SAMPLE) takes it a step further into the realm of deep, passionate greens. This shade is bold, rich, and makes a statement. Paired with Green Sponge, the two create a dynamic interplay of light and shadow, ideal for a space that aims to inspire and energize.

Green Sponge 2046-40 vs. Cayman Lagoon 2046-30

Dive into the deep with this pairing. BM Green Sponge, while lively, takes a backseat to the profound intensity of Cayman Lagoon (CHECK A SAMPLE). It’s as if you’ve ventured from a tropical forest straight into the depths of a clear, Caribbean lagoon. The two together can transform a space into an aquatic haven, with shades that fluctuate between the shallows and the deep.


Comparative color analysis enables a holistic understanding of how individual hues can transform or harmonize spaces. Green Sponge 2046-40 and Hancock Gray HC-97, with their unique characteristics, demonstrate the richness of the color spectrum. Whether you seek harmony, contrast, vibrancy, or neutrality, the right combination can breathe life into spaces, reflecting desired moods and aesthetics. As you choose colors, it’s not just about individual appeal, but the symphony they create together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What kind of spaces is Green Sponge 2046-40 best suited for?

Green Sponge 2046-40 is versatile and is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms due to its calming and rejuvenating vibes. Its sophisticated blend makes it apt for both contemporary and traditional design styles.

⭐Does Green Sponge 2046-40 have any predominant undertones?

Yes, Green Sponge 2046-40 has subtle undertones that can vary based on lighting and surrounding colors. Generally, it may display cooler, bluish undertones, which can influence how it complements other hues.

⭐How does Green Sponge 2046-40 look in different lighting?

Lighting significantly affects how Green Sponge 2046-40 appears. Under natural light, it may seem more vibrant and true to its shade. In artificial light, depending on the bulb type, it can either lean towards its cooler undertones or appear slightly muted.

⭐What are some coordinating colors for Green Sponge 2046-40?

Green Sponge 2046-40 coordinates well with a variety of hues including OC-152 Super White, OC-113 Powder Sand, and BM 2124-50 Bunny Gray. These shades can help highlight or balance the depth of Green Sponge.

⭐Can Green Sponge 2046-40 be used for exteriors?

Absolutely! Green Sponge 2046-40 can be a beautiful choice for modern home exteriors, blending well with garden landscapes and providing a harmonious, nature-inspired facade when paired with white trims or wooden accents.

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