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Calico Blue 707 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

In the vast spectrum of colors, Calico Blue 707 emerges as a timeless hue, epitomizing both grace and adaptability.

In the vast spectrum of colors, Calico Blue 707 emerges as a timeless hue, epitomizing both grace and adaptability. Whether you’re an amateur decorator or a seasoned designer, this shade offers limitless possibilities in transforming spaces.

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What Color Is Calico Blue 707?

Calico Blue 707, as its name suggests, channels the soft, muted shades of blue reminiscent of a calico cat’s fur or the subdued blues in vintage textiles. The color offers a mix of depth and serenity, making it exceptionally versatile. Its compatibility with various interior styles, from coastal to contemporary, is commendable. Materials like untreated wood, brushed steel, or even woven textiles accentuate its natural beauty.

Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

Calico Blue 707 leans towards the cool spectrum. Cool colors are known for their calming effect, making spaces seem open and airy. In homes, cool colors often evoke a sense of tranquility, and Calico Blue 707 is no exception. Its subdued nature creates serene environments, making it an ideal choice for bedrooms or reading nooks.

Undertones of Calico Blue 707

Calico Blue 707 flaunts undertones that are a blend of gray and a hint of green. Undertones play a pivotal role in determining how a color interacts with its environment. In the case of Calico Blue 707, its undertones enable it to remain balanced in various settings. On interior walls, these undertones prevent it from becoming overwhelmingly blue, providing a sophisticated backdrop instead.

Coordinating Colors of Calico Blue 707

Coordinating colors are those that harmoniously exist with a primary color, amplifying its appeal. For Calico Blue 707, choices include:

  • OC-57 White Heron (CHECK A SAMPLE): A pure, pristine white that offers stark contrast.
  • OC-121 Mountain Peak White : A softer, creamy white.
  • BM 464 Thornton Sage (CHECK A SAMPLE): A muted, earthy green.
  • OC-106 Man On the Moon (CHECK A SAMPLE): A gentle beige with gray undertones.

Additionally, BM 463 Woodland White, HC-184 Cottage Red, and OC-58 White Ice pair delightfully with Calico Blue 707, each providing a different ambiance.

How Does Lighting Affect Calico Blue 707?

Lighting can significantly influence how we perceive colors. Under artificial light, Calico Blue 707 takes on a cozier, slightly deeper tone, ideal for evening relaxation. Natural light, conversely, highlights its cool undertones, making spaces feel fresh. In north-facing rooms, it may appear slightly more muted due to indirect light, while in south-faced rooms, its vibrancy shines through. East-facing rooms in the morning will give it a fresh glow, whereas in west-facing rooms, it adopts a consistent hue throughout the day.

LRV of Calico Blue 707

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures the amount of light a color reflects. With an LRV of 9, Calico Blue 707 is on the darker side of the spectrum. Colors with low LRVs absorb more light, often making spaces feel intimate and cozy. Given its LRV, Calico Blue 707 is perfect for creating a focused environment or adding depth to large, airy rooms.

What is LRV? Read It Before You Choose Your Ideal Paint Color

Trim Colors of Calico Blue 707

Trim colors accentuate wall shades. For Calico Blue 707, whites from Benjamin Moore like OC-57 White Heron, OC-121 Mountain Peak White, and OC-65 Chantilly Lace can provide a clean break, making the blue pop while keeping the ambiance sophisticated.

Colors Similar to Calico Blue 707

Understanding analogous colors helps in making cohesive design choices. Shades like BM 686 Crisp Romaine, BM 448 Dakota Shadow, HC-134 Tarrytown Green, and BM 2123-10 Mediterranean Teal share similarities with Calico Blue 707.

Crisp Romaine is a harmonious blend of green and blue, Dakota Shadow is a deep, muted blue-green, Tarrytown Green leans more towards green while Mediterranean Teal is a deeper, vibrant shade that resonates with ocean depths.

Colors That Go With Calico Blue 707

Harmonious interiors stem from well-coordinated color palettes. Alongside Calico Blue 707, shades like BM 2146-20 Forest Moss, BM 464 Thornton Sage, HC-184 Cottage Red, and OC-106 Man On the Moon by Benjamin Moore create enticing aesthetics, each offering a distinct mood to the ensemble.

In design, colors are not just aesthetic choices; they’re a reflection of our personalities and desires. Calico Blue 707, with its muted charm, offers a canvas that homeowners and designers can truly make their own.

How to Use Calico Blue 707 In Your Home?

Calico Blue 707 is a captivating hue, seamlessly blending the serenity of blue with undertones of gray and green. Its depth and versatility make it a top pick for various rooms, lending itself well to coastal, modern, and traditional interiors. Whether gracing an entire room or used as an accent wall, it effortlessly complements natural woods, whites, and metallic finishes, invoking a sense of calm and sophistication.

How to Use Calico Blue 707 in the Bedroom?

Imagine drifting into slumber surrounded by Calico Blue 707 – the hue’s soothing touch instantly transforms a bedroom into a restful haven. Paired with crisp whites for linens and soft beige or gray accents, it evokes feelings of a seaside retreat, perfect for unwinding.

How to Use Calico Blue 707 in the Bathroom?

For bathrooms, Calico Blue 707 offers a refreshing vibe, reminiscent of tranquil ocean waters. Match with marble or white tiles, and matte gold or chrome fixtures to create a luxurious spa-like ambiance. Green plants will enhance the color’s richness.

How to Use Calico Blue 707 in the Living Room?

In living spaces, Calico Blue 707 establishes a warm, inviting atmosphere. Offset the depth of the color with lighter furniture pieces, textured throws, and patterned cushions in complementary colors. Statement art pieces and indoor plants would further elevate the aesthetic.

How to Use Calico Blue 707 for an Exterior?

As an exterior choice, Calico Blue 707 stands distinguished and timeless. It pairs beautifully with white trims, stone accents, and wooden features. The hue captures different nuances under varying light conditions, always ensuring your home makes a memorable impression.

How to Use Calico Blue 707 in the Kitchen?

A kitchen drenched in Calico Blue 707 is both trendy and timeless. The color beautifully contrasts with metallic finishes, whether it be brass pendant lights or stainless steel appliances. Lighter countertops, whether marble or quartz, shine against this exquisite backdrop.

How to Use Calico Blue 707 on the Kitchen Cabinets?

Choosing Calico Blue 707 for kitchen cabinets offers a bold yet refined look. The depth of this color makes white dishes stand out, while gold or silver hardware adds a touch of opulence. Pair with a muted backsplash to let the cabinets remain the room’s focal point.

Comparing Calico Blue 707 With Other Colors

Colors impact emotions, perceptions, and the overall ambiance of a space. Understanding the subtle differences between shades is crucial in design as it can determine the success of a space. By comparing colors, homeowners can anticipate how a hue will behave under various lighting conditions, alongside different furnishings, and in conjunction with other shades. It helps in distinguishing undertones, depth, and mood of each color, making the selection process more informed and precise.

Calico Blue 707 vs. BM 701 Swept Away

Swept Away (CHECK A SAMPLE)  is a serene and light blue with gentle gray undertones. Compared to the deeper and moodier Calico Blue 707, Swept Away offers a more airy feel, ideal for spaces aiming for a more ethereal touch.

Calico Blue 707 vs. BM 702 Bali

Bali (CHECK A SAMPLE) has a tranquil gray-blue presence. While both possess calming attributes, Bali leans more towards gray, giving it a more muted appearance compared to the vibrant undertones of Calico Blue 707.

Calico Blue 707 vs. BM 703 Catalina Blue

Catalina Blue (CHECK A SAMPLE) is a bold, true blue. Next to Calico Blue 707, it stands out with its pure blue saturation, making it a statement color, while Calico retains a softer, more subdued character.

Calico Blue 707 vs. BM 704 Del Mar Blue

Del Mar Blue (CHECK A SAMPLE), reminiscent of ocean waves, has a brighter and more tropical vibe. In contrast, Calico Blue 707, with its grayish undertones, presents a more sophisticated and versatile look.

Calico Blue 707 vs. BM 705 Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls (CHECK A SAMPLE) offers a muted teal-blue tone, adding a touch of green when compared to Calico Blue 707. It evokes nature and can be perceived as warmer in certain settings.

Calico Blue 707 vs. BM 706 Cedar Mountains

Cedar Mountains (CHECK A SAMPLE), with its deeper blue-green shade, gives off a mysterious allure. Next to Calico Blue 707, it appears darker and more intense, making it a top choice for dramatic settings.


Calico Blue 707’s versatility and charm make it a commendable color choice for various spaces and design aspirations. By comparing it with other shades, its unique character becomes evident, allowing homeowners and designers to use it with intention and precision. Choosing the right hue is an art, and with informed decisions, any space can be transformed into a masterpiece.

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