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What Paint Is Safe For Skin?

Learn what types of paint are safe to use for the face and body painting

Painting on your face and body is a fun and creative way to add more gloss to your holiday look or costume! This is why today body painting is widely used for both adults and children.

However, people often face the same common issue: is applying paint safe for our skin? And what kinds of paint are better to use in this case?

In this article, we will try to give you all the necessary answers.

You will learn what types of body safe paint are best to use on human skin for body and facial painting.

Also, we will explain in detail why each of those paints is better than others.

In addition, you will find out what kind of paint for body painting is best since we will share a list of the best body and facial paints with you.

Like that, when you need to buy some body paint for your kid’s birthday, for example, you will know for sure what to look for.

What Kind Of Paint Is Safe For Skin?

So what kind of paint can you use on your skin so that you don’t experience any bad aftermath?

We guess that you will be happy to learn that there are certain types of paint you can use on your skin without any fear.

Those types of paint are the following ones:

  1. Water based paints
  2. Latex body paints
  3. Metallic paint
  4. Alcohol based paint
  5. Henna
  6. Commercial body paint
  7. Markers

And those are not just a couple of paints! The list is quite varied so you can easily use those paints for creating various effects on your skin and face.

If you are planning a party or you are visiting one where you know body painting will be done, you might be wondering whether they will be using a skin safe paint there.

This question becomes even more essential and bothersome for those of us who suffer from various skin allergies, or for those who simply have too sensitive skin.

These people may have quite unpredictable skin reactions to paint chemicals, from slight itching or redness to swelling and skin allergies!

Below, we will describe each of those paints for you.

Like that, you will know for sure what to look for next time you are organizing a home party or you are visiting the event where body or facial painting will take place.

What Kind Of Paint Is Safe For Skin

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Water Based Paints

Water based paint is one of the safest types of paint to use for painting on skin. This is why it is your optimal bet as far as body and face paint is concerned.

Many of the water-based paints are well regulated and have a strict set of guidelines that they need to follow to be cleared.

Also, this type of paint is great to use for kids because it is non-toxic and you can easily wash it away after use with just some water and a cloth.

Moreover, water based paints give you a wide range of equipment to apply it. You could use an airbrush, a sponge or a paintbrush, for example, to create various effects and patterns on your skin.

This type of paint only has two major downsides that are worth mentioning: it is prone to cracking, and it also rubs off easily.

So apparently, water based paint is not the best choice if you need something long-lasting!

Water Based Paints

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Metallic Body Paint

This is another good option for skin paint to use for creative purposes. Metallic body paints have the real metal powder in them mixed with a special liquid to create the “statue” effect.

Yep, these are the paints that the street artists use to turn themselves into the living “statues”!

However, you should use these paints with caution! See, they contain tiny particles of real metal which is why they are known to irritate the skin quite noticeably.

This type of paint also doesn’t come off easily in comparison to water-based paint, for example.

So we would say that it is just best to avoid using it unless you really need it for performance (for example, if you are performing on stage).

Alcohol Based Paints

This type of paint for body art is mostly used for creating special effects on your skin or in making airbrush tattoos. It is best used in hot and sunny areas or for underwater body painting.

Alcohol-based paints are waterproof, which is good because sweat won’t make it crack or peel off.

However, that also means that this paint is not rub-proof. It will come off when touched, so you should avoid doing that.

Alcohol-based paints have another downside you should be aware of: they are not easy to come off. It means that you might put some elbow grease and use rubbing alcohol to remove it from your skin.

Also, it is recommended that you wait for a day or two after the paint is removed from your skin.

Like this, you will give your skin enough time to restore and rest as it might get irritated because of the rubbing alcohol application.

This is especially essential if you have sensitive skin!

Also, you should keep in mind that this type of paint contains a toxic element, which is rubbing alcohol, so make sure you remove the body paint in a well-ventilated area to avoid harm.

Alcohol Based Paints

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Latex Body Paint

Latex based paint is another option to use on the body. It is way more affordable than other body paints (especially the professional ones), and also it leaves no residue in comparison to the other body paints.

However, there are some nuances you should take into consideration before using it!

First of all, you need to make sure that you do not have a latex allergy.

Also, avoid using latex in extreme heat as it can lead to heat stroke! This type of body paint should also not be applied to areas of the skin that are damaged or irritated.

And finally, since latex paint works like wax, make sure you shave the areas it will be applied to! Like this, it will be less painful for you to remove it later.

Latex Body Paint

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This is the safest type of paint to apply to the skin since it is fully natural and organic! Just perfect for those with skin allergies who still want to get some patterns done on their bodies.

Another great feature of henna is that it can be used by both kids and adults with no ill effects.

This body paint is temporary and fades over time naturally.

However, if you need it, you can speed up the removal process by exfoliating.

Nevertheless, we would not suggest you use black henna as it contains chemicals that can have an allergic reaction with your skin!


Photo by MuiZur on Unsplash

Commercial Body Paint

This type of paint normally comes in spray bottles or in containers, and it doesn’t contain any latex.

In addition, commercial body paints are non-toxic.

You can test these types of paints and see if they work well for you if you are still hesitant.


Quite handy and easy to apply type of paint. They are special markers that are used for body painting only. These markers are non-toxic and safe for both kids and adults.

Some markers, however, specify certain regions of the body in which they shouldn’t be used.

This is why read the packaging carefully to understand how to use it.

All the types of paints that we have mentioned above are safe for being used on your skin and none of them should irritate it.

However, you should still give it a small test: apply the paint on a small area of your skin and wait for a few minutes.

If you see there’s any irritation, this paint is probably not your choice.

This is the best way to tell whether the body paint will work for you.

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The Best Paint For Your Skin

Even if you already know what paint is safe for your face, you might still find it complicated to figure out what brand you should opt for when buying this type of paint for your children.

The skin of our kids is way more delicate than that of adults, so it’s important to pay extra attention to what you’re buying.

This is why we prepared a list of safe body paints you can use whenever you need to buy some body or facial paint to use during your family party or kids’ event!

The Best Paint For Your Skin

Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash

Face Painting Kit by Create A Face

This paint can be used both for your body and face. However, since the size of the kit is small, you should better use it as a facial paint.

The paint in non-toxic and hypoallergenic, so there’s nothing to worry about.

And since it dries fast, your kid won’t have to wait long to have fun with his or her new “face”!

Face Paints Kit For Kids And Adults By Mosaiz

This paint is also non-toxic and contains no grease in addition!

That makes it a good option for kids and adults with sensitive skin. Anyway, take caution and test it before applying it.

This particular set comes with twelve basic colors that will allow you to create your own color palettes and hues.

This face paint is also water-based, so you can easily activate it by adding a bit of water.

Face Paints Kit For Kids And Adults By Mosaiz

Photo by Honey Fangs on Unsplash

TAG Split Cakes (Regular Rainbow)

This color set is literally made like a rainbow. It contains six colors that can be mixed together to create new colors and shades. The paint is water-based, so it can be easily activated with just a few drops of water.

And it can be also the same easily removed with only a wet cloth.

So now you know what types of paint are safe to apply to your skin, as well as to the skin of your child if you have one.

Each of the paints we have mentioned in this article is suitable for creating various patterns and effects on your skin, however, remember that some of them (for example, metallic paint) should be used with caution and care!

Avoid using metallic paints on the skin of your children, and use it carefully on yourself.

As for the other paints, those are way safer. Just make sure that you apply them according to the instructions on the package and wash them off accordingly.

And of course, if you have way too sensitive skin, or you have any skin allergies, you should opt for safer alternatives, for instance, henna.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Is acrylic paint safe for skin?

Not quite. If you leave it on your skin for too long, it may cause irritation, redness and itching.

⭐Is paint bad for applying onto your skin?

It depends on the type of paint. You shouldn’t put oil-based paints or paints used for car painting onto your skin. But body paints and water-based paints are ok.

⭐Does non toxic body paint exist?

Yes, it’s henna. Also, you can buy a non-toxic commercial paint. But usually, it’s available on the internet marketplaces mostly.

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