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How Long Does Chalk Paint Take to Dry?

Want to try chalk painting but don’t know how much time to give it to dry? This article will help you to figure this out!

Chalk paint gives the objects that wonderful finish that people love so much! This paint comes in many different colors, not only white as you could think from its name, and it is possible to use on many different surfaces. This is why this type of paint has become so incredibly popular over the last few years!

However, the amateur home painters that have rarely worked with paint before often ask the same question when deciding to try out chalk paint: how much time will it take for this type of paint to dry completely?

Indeed, this is a good question! Since, if you don’t wait enough before proceeding with your painting project, it is very likely that you end up with a messy surface instead of a flawlessly painted one.

And of course, people want to know whether there is any difference between the chalk paint and the regular paint drying times!

So in this article, we are going to tell you more about this type of paint and its drying and curing time. Also, you will learn how to apply chalk paint correctly with our step by step detailed instructions.

In addition, we are going to provide you with some extra tips on using this paint so that you are ready for any unexpected issues that may appear.

What Is Chalk Paint At All?

We all know acrylic paints, oil paints, and water-based paints including watercolors for artistic projects. But have you ever heard of chalk paint? Unlike the associations that may come with its name, chalk paint is not only white and it is not made of chalk!

This paint is considered a decorative paint that is primarily used for painting furniture.

However, it can be used the same successfully on many other surfaces and objects, such as wood, metal, melamine, fabrics, glass, and plenty of others! This paint will attach and work on anything from your flooring to your shoes!

It is easy to apply, it needs no preparations like sanding or priming the surface that is going to be painted, and finally, it works equally well both indoors and outdoors. This paint can be easily called a dream of any painter, both beginner and professional.

In addition, it is super versatile! You can make use of chalk paint for any interior design and style turning your home into a true masterpiece.

What Is Chalk Paint At All

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How Long Does It Take For Chalk Paint to Dry?

When it comes to using any paint, being aware of its exact drying time is crucial. Like this, you will be able to foretell how soon you can proceed with the painting project and, for example, start applying the second coat.

Also, knowing when paint is dry, means that you can calculate how soon the piece that you are painting can be waxed or lacquered.

So what about the chalk paint, you may ask? How long does it take to fully dry?

How Long Does It Take For Chalk Paint to Dry

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Well, in general, it is recommended to wait for at least a full twenty four hours’ period of time after you painted the object or before you start applying the next paint layer or wax the surface that has been painted.

However, we would like you to take into consideration that this twenty four hours’ time frame is an average term!

Depending on how thick the layer of paint you applied is, as well as depending on the weather conditions, heat, and moisture level, you might need more time for the paint to fully dry.

In any case, we do not recommend you hurry and proceed with your painting project when the paint is still fresh or not completely dry. It will most likely result in uneven surface, messy paint coating, and worse product performance!

So as you can see, chalk paint has no distinctions about its drying time compared to other types of paint. And now, let us take a closer look at some additional aspects and nuances regarding this paint drying time so that you could have a full understanding of the matter.

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How Long Does Chalk Paint Take to Dry Between Coats?

If you know that you need to apply two (or more) coats of chalk paint onto the surface, you might be wondering how much time you should wait after the first layer is applied and before the next one can be painted.

Fortunately, with chalk paint, it is absolutely the same as with the majority of other can paints. To let the first layer dry properly, it is recommended to wait for at least twenty four hours.

However, we find it necessary to remind you that you still have to take a few additional nuances into consideration! For example, pay attention to humidity, heat, and the thickness of the paint layer since all of these factors will influence the drying time quite significantly!

How Long Does Chalk Paint Take to Dry Between Coats

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How Long Does Chalk Spray Paint Take to Dry?

You might not be aware of this, but chalk paint is also available in spray cans! Yes, if you don’t feel confident enough to paint with a brush or with a paint roller, spray can paint is your option!

In addition, except for the easy use, this paint has one more great benefit. It dries really fast! Just compare the following facts:

  • Regular paint needs at least twenty four hours for a coat to dry. Sometimes, you may even need more time if the coat is thick or if the humidity is high where you are painting.
  • Spray paint needs only twenty minutes for a layer to get completely dry! To re-coat the surface, wait for forty five minutes (which is also not that long).

This is why, if you are not experienced enough in using regular paints, you should think of choosing a can spray chalk paint instead. It will give you the same wonderful finish but with less effort and time needed!

How Long Does Chalk Spray Paint Take to Dry

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How Long Does It Take Wax For Chalk Paint to Dry?

Perhaps, not all of you are aware of the information that we are going to share right now, but waxing is an essential part of the painting project, especially when you are working with chalk paint.

See, waxing is needed for protecting your freshly painted item from any external effects such as dust, water, etc.

Of course, waxing will not make your piece of furniture immortal and everlasting, but at least, it will guarantee that your drawer or a chair will serve you way longer without any scratches or scuffs.

Of course, if you decide to wax, you would need to know for sure how much time the wax will need to dry and cure completely before you can start using the object. See, if you start using it earlier, you are at high risk of damaging the waxed surface that has not cured properly.

How Long Does It Take Wax For Chalk Paint to Dry (2)

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As a result, you will get those very scuffs and scratches that you were trying to avoid so badly!

So after you paint your item and let the paint dry, apply wax on top of it and let it dry for the next twenty four hours at least. If you applied a thick layer, wax might need a bit more time though, take that into consideration!

And finally, to have your waxing cured completely, we recommend you leave the waxed object in peace for a couple of weeks. After that period of time, you can feel free to use it without being afraid to damage the coating somehow.

How Long Does It Take Wax For Chalk Paint to Dry

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How to Apply Chalk Paint Correctly?

Chalk paint is loved by the beginning painters so much because it is extremely easy in use. There is no need to sand or prime the surface prior to applying the paint which is, of course, good since it saves you a ton of time.

However, if you think that you can just grab a brush and cover your piece of furniture or a wall with this paint, you are wrong. Chalk paint also has its nuances when it comes to application.

But if you learn them by heart, you will never make a mistake and always end up with an absolutely flawless painted surface!

How to Apply Chalk Paint Correctly

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Before you begin, make sure that you have everything you need for painting. The required supplies include the following:

  • chalk paint
  • wax
  • paint brushes
  • wax brush or staining sponge
  • you might also need a sanding block and a tack cloth if you are planning to distress your to-be-painted furniture

After you have everything ready, it is time to proceed to the paint application itself!

If you need to remove any items from the object that is going to be painted, do this. If not, just start with applying the paint directly.

How to Apply Chalk Paint Correctly (2)

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Some say you should sand the surface slightly, but with chalk paint, it is actually unnecessary, so feel free to skip this step (unless you think sanding is really needed).

So shake your can of paint properly, open it, stir the paint until it is homogeneous, and start painting.

When painting with chalk paint, one great thing about the process is that you can actually paint in different directions! It not only allows you to create a more textured surface, but also makes the paint application process much faster. Like this, you can totally cover a drawer in half an hour!

How to Apply Chalk Paint Correctly (3)

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After the first coat is applied, let it dry, and then apply the second one. Chalk paint is a quick dryer, so don’t worry, you will not have to wait for weeks!

If on this stage you realize that your object needs sanding, grab your sanding block and have that work done. But usually, chalk paint needs no such thing.

Finally, now you are ready to wax! No worries, waxing is a very simple thing to do! Besides, it is an essential step in the painting process!

Without a protective cover, your chalk painted object will be prone to wear and tear way more.

Usually, two coats of wax should be applied for better effect. So wait until the first layer dries and start with another one.

And basically, that’s it! You are now done with chalk painting!

How to Apply Chalk Paint Correctly (4)

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Extra Tips On Chalk Paint Application

Even though chalk painting is an extremely simple thing to do, there are a few tips and recommendations that can make the process even simpler and improve the quality of the final result.

  1. Always flip your can properly before you start applying the paint.
  2. Give a sealed can of paint a good shake after you flip it.
  3. If needed, prepare the surface for being painted.
  4. Get high quality brushes.
  5. Unless you need a specific texture, better paint in the same direction since chalk paint shows brush strokes very clearly!
  6. To make the brush strokes less visible, add a bit of water into your paint.
  7. When painting a dark-colored item with the light paint, apply two coats to hide the initial color.
  8. To give your object some sheen, remember to apply clear wax over the pain layer after it is totally dry.

With these easy tips, your chalk painted furniture or any other surface will look absolutely gorgeous!

Extra Tips On Chalk Paint Application

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So, this is all that we wanted to tell you about such a great invention as chalk paint. Now you know what it is, what benefits it has over the other types of paint, and why so many people around the world adore this paint so much!

Now you are also aware of some basic and very useful tips regarding this paint application, as well as the step by step process of doing this correctly.

Finally, we told you how much time this type of paint usually needs to dry, and how long chalk paint wax will dry, too. With all that in mind, painting with chalk paint will now be super easy and fun for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How long does it take for chalk paint to dry on glass?

It takes 24 hours.

⭐ How long does it take for chalk/ acrylic paint to dry?

Better wait for 24 hours for better results.

⭐ How long does it take 3 coats of chalk paint to dry so I can use polycrylic?

Wait for at least two hours.

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