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How to Stop Condensation On Metal Shed Roof?

Learn how you can prevent condensation under metal roof

Metal sheds are great in comparison to wooden ones, however, when your shed starts to develop condensation under its metal roof, this is not good! Such moisture can be harmful not only for the building itself but also for the content of the shed.

This is why prevention and fixing of the condensation issue is so important to know for every owner of the shed with a metal roofing. And today we will explain how to stop condensation in a metal building correctly and what actually makes this moisture develop.

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How to Stop a Metal Roof From Sweating?

There are a few well-working and approved methods of condensation fixing that are used for preventing condensation under the metal roof of a shed. They are relatively simple so you can easily make use of any of them, but to be honest, it will be way better if you consider using as many of these tips as possible. Like this, you will surely protect your shed from the metal roof sweating!

How long will the insulation last

Make Sure You Keep the Inside Dry

This is the very basic rule of thumb if we may say so. In simple words, if you want your shed with the metal roof to be free from any condensation, make sure you keep it completely dry inside.

That means not just avoid keeping wet objects or liquids there. We literally mean that everything must be dry! In particular, keeping the inside of the floor dry will ensure the roof is free from condensation. The same goes to walls and the items inside the shelf.

So what can you do to totally dry the shed from inside? Lay down a rug on the metal shed floor, remember to apply insulation to its walls, and install other moisture barriers under the metal roof. But even if (for any reason) you are not ready to install insulation, simply getting wall cladding sheets can help to fix the situation immediately and give you significant improvements.

Anti-Condensation Roof Sheets

This is another way of saving your metal roof shed from condensation development, as well as the damage it brings. See, these sheets will be absorbing the moisture like sponges and thus they will be keeping condensation away from your shed’s roof right where it belongs. In addition, your construction will not only be saved from condensation, but also you will avoid such things as rust and various external damages that moisture often causes.

How to Stop Condensation On Metal Shed Roof roof sheets

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Use Ventilation to Fight Metal Roof Condensation

Of course, we mean adequate ventilation! Many of you may ask why you should bother about installing a vent if you, for instance, don’t even have any condensation issues. But believe us, having your shed properly ventilated is simply a must.

Use ventilation to combat condensation on a metal roof

The vent can be installed either in the wall or on the roof. Like this, you will create a natural flow of air in and out of the construction. As a result, the amount of moisture (and thus condensation under the metal roof) will be significantly reduced.

As an option, think of installing windows that have screens or built-in bridge vents. For the large sheds, consider adding GRP roof lights that are able to keep condensation at the acceptable level.

How to Stop Condensation On Metal Shed Roof shadows

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Prevent Moisture In Advance

Preventing a problem is always better than dealing with it. In terms of sheds, it means that building it in a place that will help to avoid condensation is the ideal scenario. So if you haven’t started building your shed yet, consider finding a spot for it that is high on a slope or ona hill top. Like this, all the water will have somewhere to go.

But of course, not everyone is able to find a place like this due to the landscape nuances and specifics. So if this is your case, or if your shed is already built, simply consider using weeping tile instead. As an alternative option, digging a trench or creating an area with gravel may also be helpful for preventing condensation on metal roofs. All these tricks are meant for bringing water away from your building and thus for keeping it dry.

Another preventive method most of us usually forget is plants. To be precise, you must not allow any of them around your shed! You see, plants tend to increase the chances for moisture to develop, so get rid of all the shrubs and trees, or at least remove as many of them as you can.

How to Stop Condensation On Metal Shed Roof prevent moisture

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Don’t Forget About Dehumidifiers

This tip is especially handy for those who live in a climate with a high moisture level. Dehumidifiers use fans to draw air to cold coils, and then they return it back without the excessive water in it!

What are the benefits of dehumidifiers

In addition, using such an appliance is a rather cheap and affordable way to both prevent and stop condensation in metal buildings. Only make sure you buy an energy-efficient model so that your electricity bill will not increase dramatically!

Condensation Under Your Metal Roof: Causes, Fixes, PreventionCondensation Under Your Metal Roof: Causes, Fixes, Prevention

Insulate Your Metal Shed

If you can only choose one option for protecting your shed from condensation, let it be insulating the whole metal shed. To do this, you will simply need to buy and then apply a closed-cell polyurethane spray foam. Don’t be scared with how it sounds though! This stuff can easily be found in any hardware store, besides, it is affordable and quite easy to apply if you follow the instructions precisely.

This foam will stop all the heat buildup between the air and the surfaces inside of the shed. In addition, it provides ventilation and thus it will be able to shield the construction from other natural elements, too. This insulating foam can even be used on totally metal sheds!

With each of these methods you will be able to protect your shed from steel roofing insulation since all of them are meant to create a metal roof condensation barrier. However, it will be much more effective if you use not only one but several of them for better results.

How to Stop Condensation On Metal Shed Roof insulate metal shield

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Causes Of Condensation Under the Metal Roofing

Since now you know exactly what to do and what methods to use for preventing and stopping any condensation problems on the underside of metal roofs, you probably have a reasonable question. What leads to condensation development at all?

You might be surprised, but the answer is pretty simple and it lies on the surface. See, no matter what area you live in and what climate you have there, each time the sun goes down, the air gets colder.

However, if we are talking about the metal shed, it tends to get warm during the day. And in the evening, when the outside temperature is getting lower, the inside of your construction is still remaining warm. This difference in temperatures inside and outside the building makes the moist air rise.

Causes Of Condensation Under the Metal Roofing

And the second this air gets in contact with the cool metal roofing of your shed, here comes the condensation! Of course, we can say the same if the situation is vice versa and the air is warm outside and cool inside. It doesn’t actually matter that much!

However, air temperature difference is not the only reason why your shed might be suffering from condensation. Think of its flooring instead. What is its base made of? Is it concrete or gravel? If yes, then this can be the reason why your shed is holding so much excessive moisture.

Also, the absence of insulation plays a big role since all uninsulated surfaces will make moisture rise. And if your shed has no vapor barrier, don’t be surprised if you notice condensation on its roof one day!

How to Stop Condensation On Metal Shed Roof causes

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Things to Consider When Building a Metal Roof Shed

As you already know, the material of your shed’s base is essential since it can be one of the factors that cause condensation. So if you haven’t started building your new shed yet, you are lucky! Take into consideration the following tips and use them in advance so that your construction is already protected from any moisture hazards.

  • Make the concrete or slab base only a few inches larger than the base rail of your shed.
  • Remember to insert a damp-proof membrane into the foundation a couple of inches higher than the rest of the ground level.
  • Let the shed foundation cure for three to seven days after you lay the concrete. If the weather is damp, give it even more time.
  • After you bolted the building to the base, consider applying either a silicone or mastic sealant to the inside of the shed base rails.

If you make sure all of these steps are taken at the stage when your shed is not finished yet, you will make it moisture-proof and thus you won’t have to spend extra money and time on insulation and condensation issues later.

So now you are totally informed about everything one needs to know regarding metal roof sheds. We told you how condensation develops and what factors cause it to appear. Also, you are now aware of different methods of metal roof condensation fixing. With that in mind, protecting your metal roof shed from the excessive moisture and thus condensation will not be a problem for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Does condensation develop in a wooden shed?

No, usually timber works as an insulating material already.

⭐ Do I need to insulate my wooden shed?

You’d better do in order to make sure it won’t develop condensation.

⭐ How long will insulation last?

Spray foam insulation, as well as wrap tape and housewrap insulation can last up to 80 years.

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