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How to Stop Foundation Settling In Pores

Learn how to keep your skin clean easy and cheap

Every girl wants to look pretty and attractive. This is actually why ladies all over the world use makeup! However, any girl knows that, to have perfect makeup, you need to apply foundation first to make your skin tone even.

Nevertheless, if you use this cosmetic product, you definitely noticed that foundation often settles in pores clogging them. This is bad for our skin, and besides, it also makes it look older and kind of “dirty”.

Want to know how to prevent makeup foundation from settling into your pores? Then keep on reading since we have prepared a handful of useful tips for you today!

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How to Stop Foundation Sinking Into Pores

If you are a full-coverage type of girl, then you prefer applying foundation all over your face. And if you do so regularly, it may lead to this beauty product sinking into your pores! As a result, the skin will start looking imperfect and tired, and all the flaws you tried to conceal so hard will become visible.

Fortunately, it is possible to stop foundation sinking into your pores, and it can even be done on your own without professional help! The basic cleansing scheme consists of several steps and it looks like this:

  1. Cleanse your skin the right way
  2. Exfoliate your skin regularly
  3. Moisturize the skin before you apply foundation
  4. Remember to apply primer before the foundation is applied
  5. Try to shift for a lighter version of foundation
  6. Use the right tools for blending the foundation
  7. Make use of powder to lock up the entire look

Looks pretty simple to follow, right? And so it is. If these tips are used, you will surely forget about the complaints like “my makeup never looks good” or “makeup makes me look worse”! But now let us explain in detail why each of these steps is so necessary to complete, and why none of them has to be skipped for your own good.

The Skin Must Be Cleansed Right

Proper and correct cleansing is the base of any makeup, even the simplest and the lightest one if you want to have a smooth and flawless finish. See, if your skin is cleansed the wrong way, it will later result in an uneven finish! Which, in its turn, will lead to the product settling in your pores and fine lines way faster than it should have.

This is why, no matter how tired you are or how much you are in a hurry, always make sure you cleanse your skin thoroughly before applying makeup on it. It will help you to delete all the dirt and excess oil from your face skin, as well as to kill bacteria.

And of course, your whole makeup look will be absolutely perfect!

How to Stop Foundation Sinking Into Pores

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Remember Of Regular Exfoliation

Want to have your skin young and smooth longer? Then remember to exfoliate it regularly, at least once a week. As you probably know, exfoliants do not only make your skin look younger. They also prevent foundation and the rest of makeup from settling in pores and fine lines.

Besides, exfoliants have one more superpower: they can remove the dead cells of your skin and thus boost its cell renewal process!

Moisturize the Skin Before You Apply Foundation

Have you ever asked yourself such a question: “why does my foundation break up on my face”? If you have, then the answer is right here. Your foundation tends to break because your skin lacks moisture!

If you apply this cosmetic product on rough texture, it will most likely result in a cakey face. Besides, your skin may appear to look kind of flakey!
In addition, the lack of moisture in your skin makes it easier for the makeup and foundation to settle into your pores and clog them later.

How to Stop Foundation Settling In Pores moisturize

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Primer Goes Before the Foundation!

We bet most of you, ladies, tend to underestimate the magical power of primer! However, this beauty product can serve you well. First of all, if you apply primer before you make use of foundation, your primer will fill up the pores and fine lines ensuring the finish is smooth.

But this is not all! The best part is that, when you apply primer first, it will not only prevent the foundation from clogging your pores and settling in fine lines. It will also ensure your entire makeup is kept in place for a bit longer.

Shift For a Lighter Version Of Foundation

If you prefer covering your whole face with foundation (hello, full-coverage queens!), and you notice it tends to settle in your pores, try to simply shift for a lighter formula. You see, foundations with lighter formula normally don’t get easily accumulated in pores.

This is why, for such makeup enthusiasts like you, a sheer or a medium coverage will be the optimal solution. However, if you don’ t want to break up with the foundation you already use, try another way out.

Simply mix your foundation with a bit of moisturizer. Use any regular moisturizer to create a creaseless and blendable formula, and see whether it will work for you.

How to Stop Foundation Settling In Pores lighter foundation

Blend It Right

This nuance may seem minor, however, blending your foundation using the right tool and doing it the right way matters pretty much! However, it is totally up to you which blender to choose and use.

You can try out one of those cute beauty sponges designed especially for blending purposes. Or, as an option, you could make use of your foundation brush. Anyway, you can try different ways and see which one of them works best for you and your skin.

Finish Your Makeup With Powder

Powder makes miracles if you need to keep your makeup in place longer. Always apply setting powder after you are done with applying makeup. It will lock up the entire look and make it creaseless. The only nuance to take into consideration is that you shall opt for a lightweight product.

If you apply a heavy setting powder, it will also make your foundation heavier which will affect the total look not in a good way.

Now that you have a list of handy tips on what can stop your foundation from settling in pores, this issue must not be a problem for you anymore.

How to Stop Foundation Settling In Pores powder

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Why Foundation Settles Into Fine Lines

Have you ever wondered why your foundation settles not only into your pores but also into fine lines at all? Of course, there are always some “technical” issues. For instance, it is basically rather difficult to pick up the foundation that matches your native skin tone ideally.

But even if you manage to find one, and even if you are able to flawlessly apply it, some foundation formulas are so nasty that they keep on settling into your fine lines and wrinkles!

However, we can name a few general reasons why foundation can settle into fine lines, and those have nothing to do with the way you apply it or the formula of a product.

  1. The base of the foundation product
  2. Its format
  3. Learn to layer
Why Foundation Settles Into Fine Lines

Now let’s figure out what that all means. So the first thing that matters is the base of your foundation. See, silicone-based foundation seems to be the best solution since this kind of product can help with smoothing different textures. Besides, it will contribute greatly to keeping your makeup alive longer during the day.

Also, take the format of the beauty product into consideration. If you, for instance, have dry skin or mature skin, you should make use of either liquid or cream foundation. These formats usually have no such bad habit as settling in pores and fine lines in comparison to their powder alternatives.

Besides, liquid and creams are also way more blendable. It means they can provide better and fuller coverage since they are easier to apply and they create a way more even and smooth layer.

Finally, consider how you cleanse, moisturize, and prime your skin before applying the foundation. For instance, if the cream you are using is too greasy, it will prevent the foundation from properly absorbing and further drying down. As a result, the product will settle into fine lines.

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How to Choose Foundation That Fits Your Skin Best Of All

Since so much depends on the foundation you use, it is natural that girls are stressing about how to choose the product that will suit their skin perfectly. However, not all of us are professional visagistes, this is why we prepared a list of easy tips that will help you to define which foundation is the best for your skin type and tone.

  • Consider the intensity of your skin color. Simply speaking, how light or deep it is.
  • Identify your undertone by looking at it when it is bare. Is it rosy (pink toned) or more golden (yellow toned)?
  • Test it on your face, not your hand.
  • Trial it for ten days.

And remember that, anyway, you can always consult a specialist if you are still unsure whether the beauty product you selected is the most suitable for you.

How to Choose Foundation That Fits Your Skin Best Of All

Credits: Pogrebkov, via

How to Clean Your Skin After Makeup Correctly

Cleansing your skin correctly is necessary not only for proper foundation application. When thoroughly cleansed, your skin will look young and fresh way longer. And of course, applying makeup on such skin will be much simpler!

However, not all of us have time and desire to undergo a multiple-staged cleansing procedure every evening when we are back home from work, tired and exhausted. This is why we suggest you make use of a simple skincare routine instead of wildly complicated procedures.

The scheme is extremely easy. After you remove your makeup, simply wash your face with any gentle facial cleanser. Wait until the skin of your face is completely dry before you apply any skincare medications. And finally, follow up with a separate moisturizer if this is what your skin needs.

That’s it! No difficult procedures and tons of cleansing products in addition!

So this was our brief guide on what to do to prevent foundation from settling into pores and fine lines. Now that you know the basic secrets of ideal makeup and proper skin cleansing, you will easily achieve not only the smooth and even skin tone but also an ideal makeup daily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Can I just apply a foundation and concealer if I want natural makeup?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, you could even wear only your concealer.

⭐ Is foundation harmful for our skin?

No, as long as you apply it correctly and you cleanse and prep your skin before applying it.

⭐ What type of foundation is best for the beginners?

Powder foundation is the most optimal variant.

⭐ What skin type is stick or powder foundation best for?

It’s best for oily skin.


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