7+ Ways How to Remove a Propane Tank From Your Gas Grill

How to Remove a Propane Tank From Your Gas Grill

Easy and clear instruction on how to deal with this appliance right even if you are new to it

Grilling is a fun way of pastime for most of us! Gathering with our family or friends, cooking food on fire, laughing and enjoying the time spent together – what could be better? However, there might be one issue that can make the whole feast a bit stressed. That is removing a propane tank from your grill.

If you are familiar with the procedure very well, then it is fine. Just replace the propane tank and be done with it. But, honestly, most of us have a very rough idea of how to go through this procedure, and what is even more important, we do not know exactly how to do it right!

So if changing a propane tank is the same mystery for you, this article will be right in time. Today we will explain not only how to disconnect a propane tank from the grill, but we will also give you a detailed instruction on how to do the opposite. In addition, you will learn several useful tips regarding the grill care and maintenance.

How to Remove a Propane Tank From a Gas Grill

In a few words, the procedure itself is not rocket science at all. Even if you are new to such mechanisms, disconnecting a propane tank from a gas grill is something that everyone can easily learn to do.

How do you remove a propane tank from a gas grill


To explain it simply, you will need to do the following:

  • turn the gas off
  • unhook the gas line
  • and remove the tank

Sounds simple, and so it is. But to do everything right (especially if you will be removing the tank yourself for the first time with no help), we would recommend you get familiar with the extended and more detailed description of the procedure just in case. If you memorize and repeat all the steps precisely, be sure that the removal will be easy and safe.

How to Remove a Propane Tank From a Gas Grill

AGEphotography, via Canva.com

Start With Turning the Gas Off

The very first thing that must be done is turning the gas off completely. If you don’t do this, or if you turn it off incompletely, removing the propane tank will become dangerous!

So to correctly turn the gas off, you need to find a metal knob on the propane tank first. After you spot it, turn it all the way to the right side until you feel that it gets tight enough. Once you feel it is tight, it means that you have just successfully turned the gas off!

Proceed With Unhooking the Gas Line

The next step is to unhook the gas line. It only sounds complicated! In fact, all you need to do is to locate the spot where the black hose made of rubber connects to the grill. Once you do it, remove it safely by gripping firmly and turning the connector valve to the very end until it becomes completely loose. Only then can it be taken off safely.

By the way, there can be a slight whiff of gas as you will be removing the gas hose from the tank. Don’t worry if it happens! There is always a small amount of gas remaining at this connection point.

Finish With Removing the Propane Tank

Great job! You are almost there! Now that the gas is already turned off and the gas line is unhooked, the only thing left to do is to remove the actual tank. Now be very cautious: the gas tank removal must be done maintaining all safety protocols!
Usually, you will have to pull the tank from the gas grill cart.

Finish With Removing the Propane Tank

In some gas tank models (quite rarely though), it may require you to loosen a safety strap so take that into consideration. Once that tank is disconnected, place it in a safe place. It must be a well-isolated location somewhere outdoors that is far away from any sources of heat!

Now with this step by step guide, you will be able to remove the gas tank from your garden grill quite easily. But even though you face any complications, there always must be a user instruction on how to do such a procedure correctly. Read It and follow its recommendations precisely. Or ask someone who is more experienced than you to help you out.

neutrals whole house guidance


How to Hook Up Propane Tank to a Grill

Now that you learned how to safely and correctly disconnect the propane tank from your gas grill, won’t it be reasonable to figure out how the opposite procedure is supposed to be done? Yes, we mean attaching the tank to the grill, that’s right!

Since grilling is a very popular way of pastime in many families, being aware of how to start your grill will save you time for cooking food if, for any reason, nobody else is able to make it work except for you.

So to grill up a delicious meal outdoors, you need to start with connecting a gas tank to your grill. Start with setting up the grill. Make sure it is safely placed far enough away from any flammable items and materials in the garden (or wherever you are going to have your grill party). Also, double-check that its cover is completely open.

Now check the propane tank. If it is empty, this is the right time to remove it.

Take a new tank with propane and check its hand wheel first. It must be set at the OFF position. Without it, you can’t proceed to the next step!

If everything is fine with the hand wheel and you see it is turned off as it should be, hook up the tank. Begin with removing the blue plastic cap that covers its nozzle. Then attach that nozzle to the propane gas line. Now turn the coupler at the end of a gas line to the right but not too tight! You need to be able to unscrew it later when it is time to change the gas tank.

Now finally the gas can be turned on. Turn the hand wheel to the left slowly so that the valve is set to the open position. Well, this is it! The only thing left to do is to double-check the propane tank for leaks before you connect it to the gas line securely. To perform it, conduct a leak test which must be used every time before you will be using your propane tank.

How To SAFELY Change The Propane Tank On A BarbecueHow To SAFELY Change The Propane Tank On A Barbecue

How to Maintain Your Gas Grill

Knowing how to connect and disconnect a propane tank is, of course, a handy information to possess. However, even with the properly attached tank, your grill will not be able to work well enough if it is generally not properly maintained.

How to Maintain Your Gas Grill


To maintain it properly, it will not be enough to just perform some minor general cleaning though. If you want your gas grill to remain in a good state, you will have to spend some effort to achieve it. In general, the grill maintenance can be divided into three stages.

How to clean a gas grill


Things to Do Every Time You Are Grilling

So every time you are grilling, remember to do these things to your gas grill to help it remain in a good condition.

  • Every time it is turned on, preheat it completely. Like this, you will clean and disinfect the grill.
  • Brush the grates to delete the residue and provide yourself with the clean cooking surface.
  • After you take the last piece of food off the grill, turn it to the fullest heat. Like this, you will burn off all the drippings and grease in it.
  • Once the grill has cooled down, cover it.

Maintenance Tips to Use AFter Each 10 Cookouts

After each ten cooking sessions, we recommend you clean your gas grill using the following recommendations:

  • Remove the grilling grates and clean them on both sides.
  • Clean the metal barriers above the burners and below the grates.
  • Brush out the grill’s inside.
  • Replace or clean out the grease drip pan.
  • Put all the elements back and fire the grill up heating it for ten minutes or until you see no smoke coming out of it.
How to Maintain Your Gas Grill

Arina Habich, via Canva.com

Maintenance Actions to Take Once a Year

Finally, once a year your gas grill must undergo a final cleaning stage. If you grill all year round, then do this ultimate cleaning on any day you choose. However, if you grill only during the warm season (meaning spring and summer), then you’d better complete the following procedure at the end of your season. So what shall be done?

  • Remove the cooking grates along with the barrier, and soak them all in soapy warm water.
  • Brush out the interior part of the grill, but leave the greasy accumulations as a protective layer.
  • Now fire it up to see how the flames are coming out of burners.
  • If the flames are uneven, the burners must be cleaned. If everything is fine, proceed to the next step.
  • Clean out the grease drip pan or replace it.
  • While the grates are soaking, close the grill up and clean the exterior.
  • Now it is time to wash the grates off and put the grill back together.
  • Fire it up again and allow the grill to heat up. Like this, it will dry the internal parts itself.

If you are going to pack the grill away for the winter time, you will then have to close and disconnect the gas supply. Afterward, remove the propane tank and place it in a safe area. Cover the grill and store it in a sheltered place.

Maintenance Actions to Take Once a Year

And in case you need to take extra care of your grill burners, opt for this simple method:

  1. Remove the burners that must be cleaned from the grill.
  2. Using a pipe cleaner or a small wire, push through the holes around the side.
  3. Tap the burners delicately, with their open end down, to extract the debris from their insides.
  4. Once you are finished with cleaning, replace the burners.

So this was the complete guide for you on how to remove a propane tank from a gas grill safely and fast. Also, we have provided you with the detailed instruction on how to maintain your garden grill so that it remains in a good state longer.

Knowing all this and following our recommendations precisely, your grilling will become easier and definitely more effective than it has ever been before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐How much does a propane tank cost?

The minimum price is 30 dollars.

⭐What’s the price for refilling a 20 lb propane tank?

Usually it costs around 14 to 20 dollars.

⭐How long does a gas grill last?

On average, if properly maintained, a gas grill will last from 5 to 15 years!

Remove propane tank from grill - Properly & Safely!Remove propane tank from grill - Properly & Safely!

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