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How to Paint Cracks Between Deck Boards?

Learn how to reach these secluded areas to paint them

When you want to paint your deck, it is not enough to be aware of how to get it ready for the upcoming painting process.

You should also be aware of how those hard-to-reach cracks between the deck boards can be painted! And if you can hardly imagine how to do that, this article will help you out a lot.Read it to learn more about painting in between deck boards in detail.

We will explain what tools you might want to use to paint between deck boards, how to get the surface of your wooden deck ready for being painted, and how to apply paint actually.

With all that in mind, you will be able to paint or repaint your deck anytime and always get the best results even though you are not an experienced painter.

How to Paint In Between Deck Boards?

Painting between deck boards can be a very tedious task since it is much more complicated than just cover an even and flat surface with paint.

When painting between the deck boards, you need to somehow reach those hard-to-get places in between the boards and make sure your paint is applied properly there!

To some of you it may sound fantastic perhaps, but this is possible to do!

To help you out with this task,we have prepared a few handy tips to check out. Thanks to them, you will be able to choose the best way to paint between deck boards relatively easily.

How to Paint In Between Deck Boards

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Break The Paint Film

First of all, to give the paint the best chance for adhesion, you will want to make sure you break the protective film of the paint already on the boards.

What you should do is to get a little paint thinner on a rag or sponge and run it down the cracks between your deck boards. Once everything is dry again, you can start cleaning.

Break The Paint Film

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Clean Any Debris And Dirt

Now you need to clean your deck and remove any dust, debris, and dirt from its surface. It will allow the paint much better adhesion and the coat of paint will be smoother.

So use another rag with mineral spirits or paint thinner, and thoroughly clean all of the boards of the deck. Make sure you reach even the most hard-to-get spaces and areas, otherwise, you might experience complications when painting later!

Clean Any Debris And Dirt

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Protect The Area Under The Deck

Since paint is liquid, you will definitely have it dripping while you are painting the deck! AThis is why, in order to protect the lawn or whatever you have under the deck, use drop cloths or old bedsheets.

Start Applying Paint

Now that you have cleaned the deck and protected the surface underneath it, you can apply paint between deck boards with any tool that you find suitable and comfortable for yourself.

Some homeowners use a crack and groove brush, some just use an old toothbrush, and some even use a sprayer! Below, we will share a few suggestions with you on this subject.

Well, as you can see, painting decks is not so difficult as you might think.

If you follow our tips and recommendations, you will be able to get a smooth and even layer of paint on your deck, as well as make sure it will last longer since the surface has been properly prepared in advance.

Start Applying Paint

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What Tools to Use to Paint Between the Deck Boards?

Now, as we have promised above, we are going to share a list of tools that youc an use for painting your deck. Note that there is no ideal tool, so you can basically use any of them.

How to Stain a Deck the Easy Way (Best Tools to Refinish)How to Stain a Deck the Easy Way (Best Tools to Refinish)

You just need to figure out which one will be more suitable for your deck (e.g. depending on the width between the boards) and more comfortable for you to use.

ANd no matter which tool you use, the result will be the same, of course, considering that the deck has been properly prepared for paint application!

What Tools to Use to Paint Between the Deck Boards

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Crack & Groove Brushes For Painting Deck Boards

Crack and groove brush is one of the best tools to have on hand before painting between deck boards! It is particularly useful if you have an old deck.

This type of brush is used just like a conventional paintbrush, though it has a shape and texture that is ideal for getting into small spaces. Exactly what you need for painting in between the deck boards!

Using this brush is very simple. Just dip the brush into the paint, and give it a gentle press on the edge of the tray to remove excess paint. Then, with even pressure, run your brush along the space between the deck boards.

It will give you an even and professional-looking coat of paint.

Crack & Groove Brushes For Painting Deck Boards

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Using A Bristle Brush

It is also possible to use a standard bristle brush for painting between deck boards. This brush is useful particularly because it is available in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes that you will easily pick the ideal one for you!

You can use them just as you would a specialized groove brush. There is just one warning, however: be aware of the pressure you are using when painting!

If you apply too much pressure as you slide the brush into the gaps, you can cause damage to the bristles. It can either result in the damaged bristles, which will affect the finish, or broken bristles being left behind in the coat of paint.

Using A Bristle Brush

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Using A Pump Sprayer to Paint Cracks Between Deck Boards

If you don’t feel like wasting your time on painting with a brush, opt for a sprayer.

Using a pump sprayer is a great way to quickly paint between deck boards, however, to use it, you should either have your own, or rent it somewhere. As an option, you can also borrow a sprayer from your neighbor or a friend.

To use the sprayer, you will have to do the following:

  • Start by mixing a specified amount of paint with a thinning agent
  • Add enough to fill the reservoir two-thirds full, so there is sufficient space to build air pressure
  • Keep the container pressurized by pumping the sprayer while using the nozzle to apply paint at a distance of no more than 6 inches away

Like this, you will be able to quickly and effortlessly paint your deck boards, ensuring an even coating even between them!

Using A Pump Sprayer to Paint Cracks Between Deck Boards

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Moldable Sponge Application

A moldable sponge is actually one of the best ways to apply deck paint to small gaps and spaces! Since this sponge can be folded or molded to fit into the gap where it’s needed, it is much handier than conventional painting tools, which don’t have such options.

  • Dip the sponge in the paint
  • Wipe off any excess paint
  • Slightly dab it on the edge of the paint tray to make sure it has no excess paint
  • Rub the sponge into the gaps where the paint is needed, gently dragging it in one direction or the other to spread the paint
  • Allow the paint to dry before you apply a second coat

When working with the sponge, make sure that you are not using a back-and-forth scrubbing motion!

If you do so, that will nearly always cause the sponge to tear and leave pieces behind in the paint!

With these deck painting tips, you will be able to make sure that you end up with an evenly painted surface and also, you will get a perfect coverage. Now that you are aware of the most essential part, let’s see how you could get your deck ready for the painting procedure.

How to Get Your Deck Ready For Being Painted?

If you want your deck to be perfectly painted, it is not enough to pick the right tool and paint. You should also be aware of how to prepare the surface of the deck fo the painting procedure. If the deck is dirty or dusty, the paint won’t adhere properly, leaving you with an ugly coating, and no tools or application technique will be able to save you!

How to Clean & Prep Deck for Paint (Part 1)How to Clean & Prep Deck for Paint (Part 1)

Clean Your Wood Deck

The first step is cleaning, of course. For this, many people use either a power washer or pressure washer. These powerful tools can not only help remove dirt and debris but also remove any leftover paint that may remain on the deck surface.

If you decide to use a pressure washer, it is important to remember that, while it can remove old paint, it can also damage the deck wood if not used carefully! So make sure you know how to nadle this machine.

Clean Your Wood Deck

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Sand The Deck Floor

Once the deck boards have been cleaned, proceed to sanding them. The sanding is needed for removing paint that may remain after the previous cleaning stage. In fact, sanding must ensure that you are dealing with a deck that is as close to new wood as possible.

While sanding, be sure you are doing it evenly, and only where it’s really needed, otherwise, you will end up with an uneven surface.

You will also have a lot of dust afterward, but most of it is easily swept off. But once that part of work is done, it is going to be time to clean the deck boards again.

Sand The Deck Floor

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Clean The Boards Again

Yes, you got it right. You need to clean the deck once again. However, since you have already cleaned and sanded the deck boards, your second cleaning will be relatively easy.

You can simply take a garden hose and rinse off any remaining dust or debris left on the boards!

For sure, it is best to do this early in the day. Like this, the deck will be able to dry in direct sunlight for several hours before you begin repairing small cracks and getting ready for your first coat of paint.

Clean The Boards Again

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Dealing With Deck Board Cracks

If you have an old deck, the deck boards will most likely have some cracks in them.Those flaws will need to be fixed before you can continue with surface preparations.

How the cracks will be fixed depends on how deep or wide they are. If your deck has cracks that are deeper than about 1/4 inch, they can be filled with paintable acrylic caulk. On the other hand, to fill cracks less than that, you can simply use a wood filler for exterior use.

Dealing With Deck Board Cracks

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Wood Filler

Wood filler is relatively simple to use and will help give a more uniform appearance to your paint job. Wood filler is actually an epoxy and cellulose product that will not only take paint or stain, but can be sanded, drilled, and nailed just like regular wood.

Of course, you can do all this once the filler is fully dry!

Wood Filler

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Priming The Deck Surface

Once you are done with prepping the wood and are ready to paint, you should apply a primer first. Primer is a special base coat that works as an adhesional aid and stain-block between the deck boards and your top coat of paint.

The primer should be applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and allowed to completely dry and cure before painting over it. This ensures that your paint will have the best chance for a long-term application and lasting good looks.

Priming The Deck Surface

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Paint Your Deck

Once all the preparations are finished, you can apply the pain in an even coat, allowing the first coat to fully dry before proceeding to the application of the second coat.

Now you know all that one should be aware of regarding the way you paint your deck boards.

You learned how to paint in between the deck boards, what tools to use for that, and also, we shared a few useful tips with you on how to get the deck ready for paint application. With all this in mind, painting a deck will be easy for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Can I waash my wooden deck with dish soap?

Yes, you can use a mild diso shap and warm water to make a cleaning solution. But a special cleaning product for wooden surfaces will be better.

⭐What can I wash my wood deck with?

For a wood deck: Use 2 tablespoons of ammonia-free liquid dish soap, 1 gallon of water, 1 pint of rubbing alcohol, and 1 quart of oxygen bleach (for example., OxiClean).

⭐How long does it take a wood deck to dry after washing?

Typically, it will take around 48 hours for a deck to fully dry.


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