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How Long Does the Joint Compound Last?

Learn whether it can go bad and how to keep it longer

Drywall compound is not something that we use on a daily basis, this is why most of us tend to keep a batch of this powder in a garage or a basement after the brief home improvement project we had. However, sooner or later, everyone begins to ask the same question: how long can this compound last? And how long does a joint compound last after being opened?

If you also don’t know how long exactly this powder can remain of a good quality, we recommend you read this article carefully and with great attention! Since today we will provide you with all the necessary information on the duration period, as well as some storage nuances of this product.

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How Long Does Drywall Joint Compound Last?

Well, technically, you can save the drywall compound for years in case you are storing it under the right conditions, of course. However, the reality hits and we usually figure out that this powder is only able to stay of a good quality during a way shorter period of time!

If you take a look at the bucket that your joint compound was sold in, you will see the expiry date set by the manufacturer. And in case of this product, this date literally means until what time you should make use of the whole container ideally. Because if you do not do this, the compound will start degrading slowly.

And as you can understand, all the warranties that work for the valid product will be null and void if the product is beyond the expiry date. The expired joint compound will lose its potency and strength. But except for this, it will dry up pretty fast which means that applying it will be simply risky!

This is why, if you want to be absolutely sure that you are using the product that will serve you for a proper period of time being of a decent quality, you need to double-check whether your drywall compound is still usable.

How Long Does Unopened Joint Compound Last?

If you, for instance, bought way too much of a joint compound and you realize that all of it will not be possible to utilize in one use, you will have to save it somehow, of course.

And this is when you need to know exactly how long this stuff will last in your basement or wherever you are going to keep it. So as for the unopened container with the joint compound, be sure that its content will retain its quality for nearly one year (from nine to twelve months to be precise) if we are talking about the drywall mud.

If the compound you have is in the powder form, then its lifespan will be approximately the same, but definitely no longer than one year!

How Long Does Drywall Joint Compound Last

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How Long Does a Used Joint Compound Last For?

But what if you have already opened the tank with the joint compound and even used some of it for your renovation project? Can the rest be still used later? Will it not lose its potency or quality while being kept at home?

Well, to be honest, we would not recommend you use the drywall joint compound (both wet and dry) if you have already opened the container. You see, this product, once being unsealed, tends to deteriorate way faster than when it is in a tightly closed tank.

In addition, your joint compound will be exposed to air anyway no matter how hard you try to close the lid of the container. And the air exposure will definitely affect it not in a good way. The joint compound that was exposed to air will become “dusty” and get hard much faster. In addition, it will have more chances to harbor the spores of mold.


How Long Does Powder Joint Compound Last?

If you have a batch of a powder drywall joint compound left after your recent home renovation, and you need to figure out how long it will be able to last until the time comes to get rid of it once and for all, we have quite a good piece of news for you.

How Long Does Powder Joint Compound Last

An unopened container with the powder joint compound can remain of a good quality for nearly twelve months, of course, provided that you store it under the proper conditions. Like this, you can be sure that it will still be ok when you decide to refresh your walls next time.

How Long Does Powder Joint Compound Last

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How Long Does a Premixed Joint Compound Last?

As for the pre-mixed joint compounds, their lifespan is not much different from the shelf life of the powdered and liquid form of this product. A tank with a pre-mixed joint compound, if it is still unopened, can stay safe and remain usable for around nine months.

Naturally, it means that you are supposed to make use of it within this period of time. And of course, the product will retain all of its qualities only if it is being kept under the correct conditions!

To sum up all the storage and shelf life nuances of the drywall joint compound, we suggest you take a look at the comparative chart where you can check the expiry period for any type of this product.

Unopened9 months9-12 months
How Long Does a Premixed Joint Compound Last

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Does Joint Compound Go Bad?

The short answer to this question is yes. Drywall joint compound does go bad with time. And it can happen because of the natural components this product contains. After quite an extended period of storage they start to decompose which leads to the product’s overall decay. So even if you store your drywall joint compound in the right place under the proper conditions, do not expect it to retain its quality for more than twelve months.

Does Joint Compound Go Bad

In addition, air exposure is another factor that makes the drywall joint compound degrade faster. Once you open the container, its content will begin its slow yet gradual process of quality loss.

So the best thing you can do in this situation is to make sure your tank with the drywall joint compound is kept under the right conditions. It means that the container must be stored in a cool and dry place, and what is even more important, the container must be sealed!

Like this, you will be able to extend its shelf life to its longest, but even then, your joint compound will have to be discarded once you notice even the smallest signs of decay, such as mold, etc.

Does Joint Compound Go Bad

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What to Keep In Mind When Storing Drywall Joint Compound At Home

Joint compound is not quite the type of stuff that requires super complicated storage conditions. However, you need to be aware of a couple of handy tips that will allow you to make it stay usable somewhat longer.

First of all, always keep the container tightly sealed to avoid any air exposure since it makes the compound decay. If you need to store drywall mud, make sure that the bucket it was sold in is tightly sealed with the lid. In case you have a powder product, you’d better keep the bags in a kind of an airtight and waterproof container where the compound is totally protected.

Do you want to keep a powdered product at home

Second, do keep in mind that liquid compounds also known as drywall mud must never be frozen during the winter! With the powder version, it is not that strict but if pre-mixed compounds get accidentally frosted, it will dry the mud out. As a result, the components of the compound will separate making the whole mixture turn solid and thus useless.

So now you know already how long a drywall joint compound lasts and what conditions must be kept to store it long enough at home.

What to Keep In Mind When Storing Drywall Joint Compound At Home

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