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How Long Does Glow In the Dark Paint Last?

Learn how long it will last on your clothes, car, exterior surfaces, and even glass!

If you want to add some unforgettable charm to the house or make your car look totally different and stand out in comparison to many others, the best way to do it is to use the glowing-in-the -dark effect of special paints.

It will show your creative nature and bring great pleasure to the members of your family and all the visitors.

Everyone will be totally surprised by the changes your rooms, interiors, and car will get after the sunset!

By the way, such paints can be especially handy for decorating the evening party!

The glowing effect of such paint looks great on the surface of the furniture, as well as on the walls, glass, and even clothes.

But even before the glowing effect was discovered and used in paint production, painters used to beautify the interior and exterior surfaces of the living houses, palaces, and lofty castles.

Only back then they used to do it with splendid landscapes, pictures of historical events, and many other themes depicted in frescoes and wall paintings.

In this article, we will give detailed information on how glowing paints work and where you can use them.

You will learn how this sort of paint will look on your clothes and craft objects, as well as on the outside surfaces and even cars!

A Bit More About Glowing Paints

If you are curious about this sort of paint but you have no idea of where in your home it would work the best, we recommend you think about your bedroom first of all!

With glowing decorations, it will get a real space-like atmosphere of a night city sky full of stars!

All these captivating pictures and decor elements will become a charming way to change the well-known room when the night comes and darkness spreads around.

Of course, the place of application and the surface can be different, such as glass objects, mirrors, walls in the bedroom of the child, your living room walls or windows, and even ceilings.

So feel free to consider the glow-in-the-dark spray paint, and how long the glow of it will last, for the new painting projects in the rooms and spaces in your home.

You might not be aware of that, but glowing pictures have been popular from the moment of glowing paint discovery.

See, after many years ago people learned how to get the paste and paint from minerals or phosphors with luminescent qualities, such glowing paintings started growing in popularity.

The most popular way of such paint usage, both then and now, is to decorate the spaces in a unique way!

Phosphors became commonly used in many fields and goods lately, such as safety matches and military applications, wall decoration and makeup, pyrotechnics, and so on.

Their popularity grew because of their magical glowing abilities and cosmic effect they create after being applied onto the surface.

Nowadays, you may use a wider number of surfaces for it. Glowing paints for cars, homes, offices, restaurants, clothes and many other purposes still keep their positions on the market!

For the consumers, the question of glow-in-the-dark paint and the amount of time it lasts has a big difference and is an object of research.
How long does glow in the dark paint last, you may be wondering?

Well, it depends not only on glowing elements in the paint, but also on other factors. The magical glow in the dark can be achieved with the phosphorescent paint.

It contains phosphors which are natural minerals. Due to their nature, these minerals are able to glow in the limited shades of green, yellow, and blue.

Over the years, people learned how to produce other phosphorescent or luminous paints in order to get more attractive colors for different purposes. These paints contain fluorescent dyes in order to get other colors’ effects.

The producers also developed the new types of paints for different surfaces and purposes, both in decoration and design.

Modern trends in clothes and even makeup also make use of the specially adapted glowing elements.

However, you should remember that getting a broader spectrum of colors will take more money and such paint will glow less in comparison to the one with minerals.

For example, if you need such paint for the fabric and you decide to use the dyed luminous paint, be ready to enjoy the colored glow with black light.

A Bit More About Glowing Paints

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How Long Does Glow In the Dark Fabric Paint Last?

The glowing paint you add to the interior’s decor will emit visible light. It can fade after some period of time though – all because the fluorescent particles lose their power.

This is why sunlight is the best way to energize the phosphors.

Additional UV energy is also used when necessary. In case the object is charged for a continuous period of time, the glow will work nearly the same long.

Fluorescent paint is often called black light paint due to the fact that it needs black light source to glow. The UV rays energize the luminescent phosphors, but not the dye paints.

Fluorescence will glow in case a black light is activated.

The phosphors get into paint as a granular phosphorescent powder. The paint keeps them sealed on surfaces after application, but only if such paint was applied in thin layers.

This is why the pigment layer should not be too thick, otherwise, the UV rays would not be able to penetrate and charge the phosphors.

How Long Does Glow In the Dark Fabric Paint Last

Credits: RostyslavOleksin, via

How Long Does Glow In the Dark Spray Paint Last?

Glow-in-the-dark paint is meant for working up to 10 years in case the surface was prepared correctly.

The glowing time period will even last up to 12 years if you coat the painted surface with a special sealer for the phosphors to protect the painting from deterioration.

When glowing paints fade or stop to recharge and glow, they should be reapplied once again or touched up.

The duration of glowing time in the darkness can vary depending on the quality of paint, time of UV exposure, and thickness of the paint coat. It usually takes from 12 to more hours.

The same is true for paint that was applied on different surfaces.

Anyway, you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations when you choose the paint. Follow the painting instructions and use correct charging methods to get the promised time of glowing.

How Long Does Glow In The Dark Powder Glow?How Long Does Glow In The Dark Powder Glow?

How Long Does Glow In the Dark Paint Last Outside?

The glowing paint can be specialized for the walls or fabric, wood, painted surfaces, metal, plastic, and other types of materials.

The producers recommend applying these paints on white surfaces mostly and use thicker layers for getting brighter results.

The period of time that this paint will be glowing will be achieved after the paint is charged by daylight or by the UV light. There are such paints, however, that are meant for the usage indoors and outdoors, or both.

The length of glowing time when the paint is used outside will also vary depending on the quality of the paint, time of UV exposure, and thickness of the paint coat.

How Long Does Glow In the Dark Paint Last Outside

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How Long Does Craft Glow In the Dark Paint Last?

The craft paints are produced for the bright and long glow. Compared to the phosphorescent paints, they do not glow in the dark. Craft paints are not for body decoration either.

If you need additional colors to make the palette more varied, they can give you a more impressive look and help your dreams come true.

Their bright, vibrant colors improve visibility and work well for many purposes, not only for the rooms decoration and application on buildings.

How Long Does Craft Glow In the Dark Paint Last

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How Long Does the Glow In Dark Paint For Cars Last?

As we stated above when answering the “how long does glow in the dark paint last?” question, you may read the instructions regarding the outdoor usage and application on different surfaces in the manufacturer’s guide.

Follow the recommendations for the long term usage and better glowing work of your paint.

If you plan using the glowing paint for your car, you should understand that magical stars or pictures will be visible in the darkness only. Pay attention to the paint application process and follow all the prescribed instructions.

The mutual day and night effect for the painting can be achieved if you mix visible-in-the-light and glowing-in-the-dark paints.

How Long Does the Glow In Dark Paint For Cars Last

Credits: TanyaLovus, via

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How Long Does Glow In the Dark Paint Last On Glass?

Modern glow in the dark paints work good on glass, as well as on other surfaces. What is more important is the applying procedure and the accuracy of following the correct charging steps.

If you do it properly, the paint will make you happy for 12 hours in the dark and you will watch it work for even a longer period of time.

As for the application on glass, it can be any glass surface, for example, the furniture, glass on the walls, any utensils and house decor elements (e.g. mirrors, etc.). You may create a lovely present for your friends and close people with this awesome effect on the objects.

If you decide to make a fairy jar for the cozy room, don’t forget to tell the new owner how long the glow in the dark paint lasts in a fairy jar.

The blend of glowing phosphors and fluorescent pigments can be used for different visual effects. Start from planning where the painted object will be used and consider the time of the glowing effect you might need.

How Long Does Glow In the Dark Paint Last On Glass

Credits: anyaLovus, via

After doing that, you may choose the most suitable materials for the effect you need.

Pay attention to how long outdoor glow in the dark paint lasts as well, especially if you’re planning to use it outside of the house.

Think about the amount of paint you need and the size of the objects to work with. The width of surfaces and the picture you are going to make itself will guide you to the required volumes of paints.

To have the desirable effect, you should read about the artificial light sources for charging your painting.

Find out how long the glow in the dark paint glow lasts if charged under the LED-UV light.

How Long Does Glow In the Dark Paint Last On Glass (2)

Credits: Rateland, via

Can you use incandescent or fluorescent UV light?

The paints can change the colors when they dry. To deal with this situation, you may want to test the paint and even check the glow color to avoid surprises. Pay attention to the type of paint base as well. It can be water, oil, or solvent.

In case of any toxic elements being present, be careful and get ready by preparing the safety precautions. Water-based paints are more versatile and can be used on most surfaces though.

If you decorate the children’s clothing, there is a non-toxic glow in the dark fabric paint that can be used.

This type of paint is safe for children. Sometimes, glow paints and pens for art can help with your decorative ideas as well.

How Long Does Glow In the Dark Paint Last On Glass (3)

Credits: TanyaLovus, via

Finally, we would remind you to pay attention to instructions from the producer.

Here you may get all the necessary information about different types of paints, their ingredients, safety procedures, charging sources, etc.

The detailed information will help with preparation and workflow itself. You will be notified how long the glow in the dark paint lasts on wood and other surfaces, as well as what can damage or save the effect of glowing.

We hope that you will enjoy the popular glowing paint decorating for the objects, cars, homes, and other ideas.

Master the long-term or temporary effects for your goals. Be creative and use the imagination, or look for the ideas in the social nets, websites and Internet. The best places for inspiration can be Instagram, Pinterest and professional artist portfolios.

You will get the choice of decisions and great advice! You can even show your results later and share your particular experience of how long the glow in the dark acrylic paint lasts, or what tips should be followed.

Make your home shine and glow in its unique way at night and maybe even surprise the guests with distant planets views, castles, mountains, etc. during daytime too!

Relax among your favorite landscapes or get inspiration from the creative works around.

Add magic to the inner spaces and outside of the buildings.

Or maybe, you will make it your new hobby and develop something more? The choice is only yours!

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Glow in the dark paint fairy jar. How long does it last?

The paint will be effective with the proper charging to make the glowing effect. 10 year for a fairy jar can progress to really more. Add visible light in daylight for the brighter effect if you wish.

⭐ How long does something spayed with rustoleum glow in the dark paint last?

Rust-Oleum Glow In The Dark Spray Paint is a custom, luminous paint that provides a green glow effect on interior and exterior surfaces. Fast drying, functional spray paint is charged by natural or artificial light with a glow effect that lasts up to 4-8 hours after being activated.

⭐ How long does tulip glow in the dark paint last?

Tulip claims that their paint will glow for five hours. However, remember to follow the charging procedures for the painted items.

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