Why Does My House Smell Like Gasoline But Have Electric?

Why Does My House Smell Like Gasoline But Have Electric?

Learn what may cause gasoline smell and how to fix it

If you have an all-electricity home, you might be wondering why your house smells like gasoline and where that gasoline smell comes from. To find the answer to this question, we recommend you read this article carefully. We will explain what might cause this scent in your home and how to tell if there is a gas leak in your home.

Also, you will learn how to find out what type of fuel it’s leaking from, and fix that problem with some simple steps. In particular, we will explain how to get rid of the gasoline smell in the house.

Like this, you will be able to keep your home safe and prevent any gasoline issues long before they occur. And of course, you will be aware of how to fix those problems should they happen.

My House Smells Like Gas But Have Electric. Why Is That?

There are a few harmless reasons why you can sense the smell of gasoline in your house. However, there might also be other, more dangerous causes! So we suggest you learn more about both so that you could figure out what exactly you are dealing with.

I Smell Gas In My House - What To Do If You Smell GasI Smell Gas In My House – What To Do If You Smell Gas

Let’s start with the less hazardous causes. In an all-electric home, the gasoline smell could be caused by something as simple as

  • a car parked too close to your house or apartment
  • clothing that carries the scent inside
  • animals that might bring the smell indoors

But if you are absolutely sure that it’s not your dog or your jacket that brought the smell indoors, you should consider other options. One of the most common reasons for the gasoline smell in an all-electric house is sewage leakage.

Causes of Gasoline Smell in Your Home


Gasoline can also leak from the appliances which will result in a gasoline smell, especially if the leakage is continuous. This kind of leakage is often due to a faulty seal or gasket, which can allow the gas fumes to escape from the unit and spread around the house or apartment.

In addition, here are some other causes for the gasoline smells in your home that you should keep in mind:

  1. electric leaks
  2. clogged vents
  3. gas leaking into the house of water pipes

This is why, if you have an all-electric home that smells of gasoline, it is very important to figure out at once what exactly is causing the smell! Like that, it will take you less time and effort to fix the problem.

This smell can be hazardous not only because it may affect your health but also because it is often mistaken for other scents! This is why you should track down the source of the smell and take care of it as soon as possible! Below, we will provide you with a list of the most common gas smell causes.

My House Smells Like Gas But Have Electric. Why Is That

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My Whole House Smells Like Gasoline. What Is Going On?

If it smells like gasoline in your house or apartment, you should not panic first of all! Quite often, the reason is absolutely harmless. So we recommend you check everything around your house or apartment and make sure that it’s not your clothes or your pet that brought the smell from the street.

Also, if you live in an apartment, make sure that your neighbors don’t have gas leakage! You can easily find it out by calling them and asking.

And if you are absolutely sure that the smell of gas you sense in your home doesn’t come from your clothes, your neighbors, or your pet, you should take other factors into consideration.

My Whole House Smells Like Gasoline. What Is Going On

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Sulfur Might Be Causing Gas Smell

The sulfur smell is often the cause of a gas smell. The good news is that it’s not nearly as harmful as an actual leak. This smell is caused by bacteria and can easily be eliminated by disinfecting the area.

Dead Animals Might Be the Cause Of Gas Smells

As you know, gasoline has a recognizable smell that is similar to rotten eggs. This smell is typically caused by certain compounds that are released, but the same compounds are also emitted by dead animals!

So if you live in a house and you sense a gasoline-like smell indoors, it’s possible that you have a dead animal on your property. Dead rats and other rodents, as well as other small animals (e.g. squirrels), can often cause this smell.

Dead Animals Might Be the Cause Of Gas Smells

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Spillage of Gasoline In Your Garage

If you have spilled gasoline in your garage and you didn’t clean the floors properly, the smell can grow strong over time. If this is the case, check for gasoline stains on your clothes or a vehicle.

The smell of gasoline can come from clothing, car mats, cars themselves and even the garage! Of course, your very first foal is to clean those stains. If your clothes are stained with gasoline, use sunlight or a dryer to clean them, but avoid using water or soap. Also, clean out your garage properly, as well as all other things that might be the cause of gasoline odor to make sure that the smell is gone for good.

Finally, note that the gas smell might be coming from leakage in the gas tank. The smell could also be caused by a leak or clogged filters or vents in your car’s engine’s air intake system. In addition, remember that some cars emit exhaust gases that contain benzene, which can also result in gasoline odor around the area.

Your Neighbors Might Have Gas Leakage Issues

As we already said, if you have an all-electricity home and no gas leaks, but you can still sense gasoline odor, the smell might be coming from your neighbors. The scent of gasoline is quite strong, so it can easily spread to other houses if they are close enough. Of course, if you live in an apartment, you will sense gas odor should your neighbors have any issues with gas!

It’s easy to check whether it is the cause. Simply call your neighbors or pay them a visit and ask whether everything is ok with their gas pipes and appliances. If this is the case, you should contact your local authorities for help. They will be able to tell you what to do and how to handle the situation.

Now you know what may cause a strong gas smell in your house or apartment and in what cases this odor can indicate really serious problems that must be solved at once! But even if you know what can lead to a gas smell in your home, it is also important to be aware of how to act to get rid of it quickly and safely.

Your Neighbors Might Have Gas Leakage Issues

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What to Do If Your House Smells Like Gasoline?

There are several ways of fixing gas odor in your home, depending on what caused the smell.

How quickly can you get rid of gasoline fumes in the house


We will explain what to do should you face one of the most common gas smell causes such as clothes with gasoline spill, a gasoline spill in your garage, or sulfur contamination.

What To Do If You Smell Gas? | Foster FuelsWhat To Do If You Smell Gas? | Foster Fuels

Clean Your Clothes With Gasoline Smell Properly

If the cause of the gas smell in your home is your clothes that have gasoline spilled on them, you need to clean them properly to eliminate the odor.

How to wash clothes that smell of gasoline


  • First of all, figure out which materials are stained with gasoline
  • Once you find it out, you can dry the clothing in sunlight for a few days
  • After drying, make sure to wash the clothes with soap and water to make them fully gas-free
Clean Your Clothes With Gasoline Smell Properly

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Clean Your Garage

If the source of the gas smell is your garage, you have to clean it out as soon as possible.

  • First of all, clean it thoroughly to eliminate the odor
  • Then, the garage should be left open for a while to let fresh air circulate in and remove the odor from the space

Also, it is vitally important to take all necessary precautions when dealing with gasoline, especially in your garage! Remember to wear protective gear and have proper ventilation while you are dealing with the odor!

Clean Sulfur Contaminated Places

As you already know, the smell of sulfur is as strong as the smell of gasoline. So if the cause of gas odor is a place that has been contaminated by this gas, make sure to maintain hygiene and keep things clean, including garbage disposal cans.

In some cases, repairing the sulfur leak will involve encircling the area with fencing, for example, when there is a sewage leak. So make sure to wear safety equipment during this process. It is also a good idea to have safety equipment on hand for any potential gas leaks or other hazardous materials in your home.

Clean Sulfur Contaminated Places

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Repair Any Sewage Leakage

If you have a sewage leakage, it may also lead to a gas smell in your home. In this case, it is important to take immediate action:

  • Encircle the contaminated area with fencing
  • Remove the top layer of polluted dirt
  • Apply hydrated lime coating on the leftover soil

Although the sewage smell will be removed, it is recommended that items are thrown away after use. This can help remove harmful contaminants from your house and property.

At this point, we would like to note that there are different smells that can be associated with gas spills. This is why it’s important for homeowners to be able to identify which one they are dealing with.

That’s because not all of them are safe. Sulfur gas smells, for example, can lead to a range of health problems, while carbon dioxides don’t have any specific scent. Nevertheless, both of these pollutants can cause a gas-like smell in your house.

So keep in mind that dealing with sewage issues, sinks, and waste outlets in time will help you remove the smell from your home and property. In addition, you might want to call for a professional cleaning service or simply mix water and bleach together to eliminate the gas smell from the property.

So, now you know what may cause gas smell to appear and spread in your home, and what to do should this happen. From now on, you will be able to figure out what makes that odor linger and what steps should be taken in order to get rid of the heavy odor that can be quite dangerous for your health!

Repair Any Sewage Leakage

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What things smell like gasoline?

A few things can smell like gas. Sulfur has the same smell, as well as dead animals.

⭐Is gasoline smell in garage dangerous?

It depends on its source, but usually the smell itself is not dangerous. It can only cause headache if you inhale too much. Speaking of gas fumes, they do pose a risk for explosions and fires inside your garage!

⭐How soon can I get rid of gasoline fumes in the house?

It depends on whether you’re talking about a spill or just fumes. For items that contain smells only, airing them outdoors will take 24-hours. An item that has directly absorbed gasoline may need longer.

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