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How to Wash a Mexican Blanket

Washing tips for keeping it clean and save the color

If you have ever been to Mexico, you definitely saw these handmade woven cotton blankets in the local souvenir shops. Brightly colored, soft, and comfortable, they can be used as bedding or even a sort of shawl!

However, when it comes to maintaining them, most owners ask the same question: how to wash a thick cotton mexican blanket in a washing machine so that it doesn’t lose its shape and colors?

Today you will learn a few easy tricks that will help you to solve this problem once and for all!

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How to Wash a Mexican Cotton Blanket

Mexican blankets are rather sturdy, however, they still need some special care when being laundered in order not to damage the material and the item itself. So if you are wondering how to wash a woven cotton mexican blanket safely, grab our simple guide.

  • Wash it in cold water
  • Always launder it separately from other clothes and things
  • Use standard washing liquid
  • Dry it

Everything as usual, you may say, but if you take a closer look, you may notice certain nuances and specific features.

The reason is simple yet not quite obvious for everyone. Mexican blankets are traditionally made of a variety of different materials which makes it somewhat tricky to wash them. You can’t just toss it into a washing barrel and set the random laundering regime. If you do so, the item may come out pretty damaged!

This is why, when you are going to wash your Mexican blanket next time, make sure you follow all the steps precisely as described.

Wash It Cold

Mexican blankets must always be washed in cold water. Or at least set your washing machine to a delicate cycle. SInce these items are hand-woven or loomed with the use of distinct types of threads throughout, laundering them in hot or even warm water will most likely result in uneven shrinkage!

How to Wash a Mexican Cotton Blanket

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Detergent Matters

Actually, it always does, but when you wash your Mexican blanket, the washing product that is being used is especially crucial.

It’s fine if you use standard laundry detergent. But remember that it is better to be fragrant since cotton tends to capture odors that can be pretty hard to get rid of. However, if you don’t like scented ones, feel free to add a bit of Borax or OxiClean instead.

Also, take into consideration that fabric softeners are a huge NO when it comes to washing Mexican blankets! And of course, if you (or your family members) have sensitive skin, consider using a special washing product for such an occasion.

Wash It Solo

Yes, Mexican blankets do not like “company” when being washed unless you need to launder several of them at the same time. In this case, it is fine if you load your washing machine with up to four pieces per one cycle.

What is the reason for such a demand? See, these blankets will most likely bleed in the first few washes, so it is better to ensure you will not ruin other clothes by accident.

Wash It Solo

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Dry It

Drying is the same important when we take care of our Mexican cotton blanket. Even though most washing machines have a drying option, we recommend you use an old-fashioned method and hang-dry your Mexican blanket.

You can, however, use a drying rack or even dry it on a flat surface. But in the latter case, make sure you flip it every so often to make the blanket dry thoroughly.

But in general, a few hours of hanging in the sun will make the item dry evenly and safely without damaging the fabric and affecting its bright colors. It is also recommended to re-shape the blanket before drying so that it retains its shape.

Post-Wash Tips For Your Mexican Cotton Blanket

Even though these blankets are pretty sturdy, it doesn’t mean they are completely unpretentious. Washing them correctly is not all, you also need to be aware of how to maintain it afterward to keep in a proper state.

So after you launder your cotton blanket according to the washing rules, consider finishing the care procedures correctly.

  • Do not dry these blankets in a tumble dryer even on a low heat. It may shrink the item unevenly and you will not be able to restore its shape afterward. Besides, such drying will make the blanket feel coarse and lumpy.
  • Once it is dry, fluff or beat it lightly. It will help to bring back its softness since after being washed, the item may feel somewhat stiff.
  • Re-shape your Mexican cotton blanket after each wash.
  • If you dry it flat, not hung, consider flipping the blanket regularly to make sure it is dried evenly throughout.

Like this, your blanket will remain soft, colorful, and will retain its shape after being laundered longer.

Post Wash Tips For Your Mexican Cotton Blanket

Credits: Tom Govanlock, via

How to Wash a Mexican Wool Blanket

All right, now you know what actions to take to launder your Mexican cotton blanket correctly to not ruin the material of the item. But these blankets can also be made of wool, and that is when quite many of us get stumbled.

How to wash a heavy wool mexican blanket so that it does not lose its shape and remains the same soft after being laundered?

Well, to do everything right, you will have to follow a few simple steps.

How to Wash a Mexican Wool Blanket

  1. Check out whether your blanket can be machine-washed at all.
  2. If it is allowed to launder it, soak the blanket in a washing machine in cold water for fifteen minutes with a wool-safe detergent.
  3. Then wash it using a gentle cycle for two minutes.
  4. Afterward, switch it to the rinse cycle.
  5. After it is rinsed, dry your blanket outside avoiding direct sunlight since it may cause them to fade or turn coarse!

As you can see, nothing complicated, but with these simple tips, your wool Mexican blanket will surely serve you longer.

How to Wash a Mexican Wool Blanket

Credits: evergreenpics, via

How to Make It Soft Again

Sometimes, if we do something wrong while washing our Mexican blankets, both wool and cotton, it can result in them getting coarse and stiff. However, it does not mean the item is ruined and must be discarded!

Fortunately, it is possible to return the softness to such blankets, and it is quite a simple thing to do. One of the options available is to fluff your blanket after each wash. Yes, it must be done manually which means you will have to spend some time on that, but the owners of Mexican blankets say it works so…why not?

Another alternative is to make use of a fabric conditioner appropriate for the material your blanket is made of. You simply need to prepare some water with the necessary amount of product dissolved in it, and push your blanket in this solution up and down. When the whole item is soaked with the conditioner, give it a good rinse.

So now you are completely informed about the different care nuances regarding your Mexican blanket. We told you how to wash it if it is made of cotton, and how to take care of a wool woven one as well. You also got suggestions on what kind of detergent to use and learned a few handy tips about drying the item.

In addition, you now have information about after-wash treatment and care for your blanket. Thanks to it, having this traditional Mexican piece of bedding always soft, pleasant to the touch and the same brightly colored as on the purchase day will be very simple for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Why can’t Mexican blankets be dried in a dryer?

Because the heat will tighten the strands and the blanket will shrink unevenly.

⭐ Can Mexican blankets be washed with fabric softener?

It’s not recommended so you’d better fluff it up instead.

⭐ What are Mexican blankets made of?

Mostly they are made of a cotton blend or wool, but their replicas can also be synthetic.

⭐ Why are these blankets used for yoga so often?

It’s because they provide extra cushioning.

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