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How to Remove Paint From Grout?

Clean it up quickly and effectively with a few simple tips

Whenever you are up to some house renovation projects, you may decide to repaint something as well. In this case, most homeowners often face the same problem when paint gets onto the tiles. However, if it is relatively easy to remove it from there, removing paint from grout may be quite complicated.

This is why today we will share a few easy and handy methods of paint removal from grout with you. Like this, you will be able to keep your tile and grout clean after any painting project.

How to Remove Paint From Grout Lines?

There are several ways of removing paint from the tile grout. Which one to choose will hang upon what kind of paint you were using. Also, it matters whether the paint is still fresh or it has already dried. In addition, dealing with a very old paint might need a somewhat different approach, too.

For instance, for removing fresh paint you may need a clean cloth and some mineral spirit in case you are removing oil based paint. If this is a water based one, simple wiping will usually be enough to make your tile and grout clean again. Finally, for cleaning your tile from an old paint that has already dried you will have to opt for stronger products, such as rubbing alcohol or chemical solvents.

And now let’s see how each of these methods needs to be used, and in which situation you should make use of them.

How to Remove Paint From Grout Lines

How to Remove Fresh Paint From the Tile Grout?

When dealing with the fresh paint blot, do remember that time matters greatly! The sooner you clean up the paint the easier it will be to wash it away from the tile grout. See, when paint gets on tile, it just sits on its surface which means that cleaning it up is a relatively easy task.

But when paint gets onto the tile grout, the grout absorbs it. And this is why removing paint from grout is way more complicated. So if you accidentally spilled or splashed some paint onto the tile grout, wipe it up with a wet cloth as soon as you notice the mess!

To clean up a paint spill from the grout, work with quick wiping motions since they will prevent you from rubbing the paint deeper into the grout. And ensure that you are using special cleaning products for dealing with certain types of paint: mineral spirits for cleaning up an oil-based paint spill, and water-and-soap solution to deal with a water-based paint blot.

How to Remove Fresh Paint From the Tile Grout

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How to Remove Dried Paint From Grout?

Cleaning up fresh paint is always not a big deal. But what if it has already dried and hardened?! In this case, you will have to spend more of your elbow grease to make your tile and grout clean again!

How to Remove Dried Paint From Grout

No matter what type of paint was spilled onto the grout and tile, you will anyway have to start the cleaning process with the solvent and make use of a special paint removing liquid.

  • Rubbing alcohol is a more or less universal method. Simply dip the end of a clean cloth into it and blot the paint. Afterward, it can be rubbed delicately to lift it up.
  • When dealing with the latex paint, you will need a latex paint remover. Use it the same way as you would do with rubbing alcohol.
  • Mineral spirits are good for cleaning up oil-based paint stains. But even if they fail, you can always opt for acetone or any lacquer thinner!
How to remove oil paint from grout

In addition, always keep in mind that you need to test the cleaning product first if you are getting paint off the natural stone! Most commercial paint removers are rather harsh which means they can damage the stone surface.

Also, if your stain is really difficult and it doesn’t go away that easily, try to use a battery powered toothbrush on it! We are not joking! Simply dip it in the solvent that you are using and clean the paint spot with the brush instead of a cloth. There is no need to press it down, just move your brush side to side to lift the paint blot.

By the way, this trick will be especially effective on latex and oil-based paints if you are using a mineral spirit for their removal! However, do not use it when working with acetone or other harsh cleaners since they will dissolve the bristles of the brush!

How to Remove Dried Paint From Grout

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How to Get Rid Of Dried Paint On Tile?

Basically, cleaning paint off your tile is simpler than doing it with the grout. See, when paint gets onto the tile, it simply keeps on sitting on the surface. However, when it ends up on the grout, it will be absorbed.

However, it does not mean you can carelessly skip the cleaning stage if you accidentally spilled some paint onto your tile! This is why the key recommendation for everyone who is up to a painting project is to wipe all the paint spills and splatters as soon as they appear. But of course, one can’t spot all the paint drips which means you will have to clean up dry paint later anyway.

How To Get Paint Off Of Tiles In Less Than 2 MinutesHow To Get Paint Off Of Tiles In Less Than 2 Minutes

To do this successfully, start with scraping the dry paint off the tile with a blade razor. Act very carefully to not leave scratches, and move with short strokes holding the blade at a 45-angle degree. Once the dry paint is removed, wipe the spot with a wet cloth to clean it up.

In case your tile is too fragile and razor can not be used on it, feel free to stick to any commercial paint remover. As an alternative cleaning product, you can prep a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar, by the way. Just apply the cleaning liquid onto the paint blot and let it sit for a few minutes. Then gently scrape it away and wipe.

So this is how to remove paint from tile grout and how to clean it up from tile as well. With that in mind, keeping your living space clean and paint-free will be way simpler from now on!

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How to remove oil based paint from grout?

Use mineral spirits, acetone or lacquer thinner.

⭐ How to remove acrylic paint from grout?

Use a mix of water and vinegar blended in equal parts or a commercial solvent.

⭐ How to remove paint from grout without removing grout color?

Use rubbing alcohol by wiping the paint with a cloth.

How to remove paint from Tile and GroutHow to remove paint from Tile and Grout

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