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Olivia Paxton


Olivia Paxton

Mrs Paxton used to work for the Four Season Service for 15 years! She is our super experienced advisor on anything that has to do with hotels, apartments, room services, and cleaning all these objects. Any spots will be defeated with her experience.

Education: Chicago Uni Social Service Administrator (MD 2013)
Certification : IJCSA Certification Program (Qualified 2016)
Location: Illinois CH
Field: Cleaning


As a Four Season Hotel Manager, Olivia ensured that all the staff responsible for cleaning and maintaining the rooms worked properly. Thanks to her knowledge and an eye for perfection, the hotel she was working in always remained at the top level of service. And now Mrs. Paxton is generously sharing her experience with others, including Us while working on her book and printable materials of handy eco-friendly cleaning tips for every family.

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