Kate Holmsy


Kate Holmsy

Kate Holmsy has a 6-years experience of work in a fashion magazine since fashion and style are her greatest passions! She is known for always looking for the most recent and up-to-date trends and style ideas that she happily shares with others. Also, wellness is a new trend for her and we are proud that she shares all her knowledge and ideas with us.

Location: City of Peoria, Illinois
Specialization: Hair Care, Skin Care, Wellness Consultant
Education: Northwestern University in Illinois. Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism at
Expertise: Wellness and Beauty


Even her work experience is amazing! Miss Holmsy has been working as a freelance Fashion Journalist for ten years already, and besides, she keeps on consulting on fashion and style. With a special interest in hair dyes, wellness for everyone, hair style and hair care, as well as beauty routines, she is one of our most welcomed authors!

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